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  1. I understand you are working with FFC In their project o#Take the Senate in 2014. Minnesota is one of the ‘Key states’. This E- mail ia to applaud you and encourage you

  2. Please ask my daughter to join you as a volunteer. She is a practicing Catholic who needs to do her part to save the nation we love for Lukas and Thomas. (

      • I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! That ferguson piece was DEAD TO RIGHTS ON!… Stop pointing the finger out war and turn it around. starts there. Excuse after excuse is all I hear. Those two race war starting scabs…Sharpton and Jackson….TWANA BRAWLEY… all I gotta say…. Where were the apologies from these two douchenozzles when she lied about the whole thing…I hate feeling racist but I’m so tired of being tired. Stop the excuses and get jobs go to school do something with your life.

  3. Hi Mary

    I just read your piece on the Ferguson shooting. One of the best I have yet read. Your insight and ability speak for themselves.

    As a Canadian Police Officer, I am all too familiar with the current politically correct trends and attitudes towards police and frankly, it wears me down. The vast majority of officers are, in my opinion, good people, trying to do a very difficult job.

    What occurred in Ferguson is indeed a tradgedy, but what has occurred since, is a travesty. The odd lone voice of sanity like yours is much appreciated.

    Stay the course.

    All the best

    • Nic,

      I’m so glad that you reached out. Thank you for your service– for standing the thin blue line against the evil that threatens us in this world. You are so, so right when you say that what happened in Ferguson was a tragedy, but what has continued to go on is a travesty. Very well put, my friend.

      Please keep in touch– and God bless!


  4. Please post your Mr. Granderson article here ? ? Please, oh please. My cousin has thrown the ignorant “The Blaze is” flag. And I need a different source. Thanks for typing and reflecting.

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