Terrorism: Redefined?

For those individuals living in a cave on September 11th, 2001, I would like to introduce a few groups that the U.S. State Department deems as “foreign terrorist organizations.” I thought that by doing so, it might help people understand the true meaning of the word “terrorism. There are 48 on the foreign list: We’ll start with a few big names:




No, I didn’t pick Islamic groups exclusively as some kind of religious intolerance. A great deal of the organizations on that list happen to be radical Islamic groups.  That’s just a fact. If you’ve got a problem with that, then take it up with the radical clerics around the world who continue to call for the killing of innocent people everywhere in the name of Allah. But I’ve digressed. As we are all well aware, these three groups intimidate with the threat of violence, and have routinely followed through on those threats. Bombings, hostages, murders, mutilations….the list goes on.

There are domestic acts of terror as well. According to the FBI, acts of domestic terror include such things as the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Unibomber, and the actions of the group “Weather Underground.” In protest of the Vietnam War, Weather Underground bombed the headquarters of the U.S. State Department.

A member of the group that you may recognize: Mr. William Ayers.

While the controversial relationship between Mr. Ayers and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s current resident  is an important topic (i.e. the fact that President Obama did not just “serve on a board with Ayers,” but rather that the President allegedly launched his political career in this man’s living room), the connection between “terrorism” and the White House that I wish to focus upon are the radical allegations this administration and those surrounding it have made regarding members of the so-called “extreme right;” that is, the Republicans and the Tea Party.

A quick review:

In an August 1st, 2011 meeting of Congressional Democrats:

“We have negotiated with terrorists”  (Rep. Mike Doyle)

“They have acted like terrorists” (Vice President Joe Biden)

In response to the proposed Ryan Plan:

“Republicans are holding the United States’ credit hostage to ram through their plan to end Medicare.” (Sen. Harry Reid via a spokesperson)

In the Daily News on July 29th, 2011:

“Refusing to raise the debt limit is a radical measure that is the policy equivalent of holding a gun to the head of the country’s economy and its full faith and credit.”

These comments have been more recently joined by Janeane Garofalo’s insidious rant in which she accused Conservatism, and “the Tea Party certainly” of being inherently racist. She went on to describe Conservative African-Americans such as Herman Cain along with female conservatives in the party as suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome,” which, for those who do not know, is a condition in which captives become sympathetic towards their captors. Thus, rendering the Tea Party and Conservatism in general as an enormous hostage-taking mechanism within society.

Not only, according to Joe Biden and other like-minded Democrats, did the Tea Party take the economy hostage during the budget talks, but according to Ms. Garofalo, Conservatism in general takes hostage the minds of people (specifically minorities) all across the nation.

You and so much of the left often claim to “defend” us woman and minorities, Ms. Garofalo, (I happen to be a woman married to a minority) but it sure seems like you just called us stupid! Apparently we don’t know what party we’re “supposed” to be in.

So, let me get this straight. According to our own Vice President, Democratic Congressmen and women, the media, and washed-up comedians such as the likes of Ms. Garofalo, Conservatives have been out in droves destroying property, threatening life and limb, taking captive the minds of minorities and women, and generally disrupting life as we know it? Or wait….. most of those were the actions of the union thugs led by the likes of Richard Trumka storming the capital of Wisconsin a few months back.

To the point, however: I’ve been to quite a few Conservative functions in the past two years. I even had a chance to argue directly with my then-representative, Tim Walz of Minnesota. That high school auditorium was packed with men and women of all ages, sizes, races, and political backgrounds, dead set against what is now Obamacare. Someone in the crowd filmed my exchange with Representative Walz and posted it online. (View here) “Booing” is about as “violent” as it gets in that room, yet the very next day, the town’s paper called the event “raucous.”  Be the judge yourself; read the article here.

I dare ANYONE out there in cyber-world to come and show me where any of the protests, demonstrations…call them what you may, put on by “Tea Party” groups or Conservatives in response to this administration’s actions have turned ugly, destructive, or violent. Show me specifically where people have called for the death of someone (they may have called for the resignation of someone!), or the harm of someone or something… show me where!

Ok, fine- there’s the elderly man who had his finger bitten off at a rally; the black man who was beaten at a town hall event, or the 14-year-old young woman who was called a “fu***ing brat” during her rally speech.

Oh wait– those were acts perpetrated by the American Left. The now-maimed man was 65-year-old conservative who, after being aggressively threatened several times, punched a MoveOn.org member in self-defense; the man then bit the man’s finger off.  The black man was a Tea Party member beaten up by SEIU thugs. The young lady was a Tea Party Conservative making a speech in the heat of the Wisconsin protests. Where was Joe Biden then?

Granted, YES, each side of anything has their “crazies.” I’m sure someone out there can find some isolated individual who calls himself or herself a “conservative” that has crossed that line of peaceful protest. That’s not what I’m talking about. The fact of the matter, is, as those who confronted President Obama on this very topic last week pointed out- it’s not the conservatives or “Tea Partiers” of the world out there committing acts of violence!

Here’s the thing. Warning of our economic downfall unless measures are taken to impede the free-fall is not terrorism. Refusing to vote to give our spend-happy president an even fatter checkbook after he flat-out lied about defaulting is not “holding the economy hostage.” Demanding that once and for all we return to fiscal sanity is not “holding a gun to the head of the economy.” The only violent rhetoric coming out of the talks in Washington was from the administration itself.

Vice President Biden could far more easily make the claim about the original “Tea Party” members, as they did in fact fill Boston harbor with the shipments of tea in protest to taxation without representation, than he can about today’s “Tea Party Patriots.” The Boston Harbor Tea Party actually destroyed property. Today’s Tea Party has destroyed nothing; except maybe Barack Obama’s chance for reelection.

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