2016: Understanding the Enigma

Last night, my family and I went to see Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016,” a movie that I believe portrays better than anything else has the enigma that is Barack Obama. As the author of “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” aptly notes, no one definition that has been thrown around has succeeded in explaining the oddly different approach that is uniquely Barack Obama’s. Some have called him a Socialist. Others a Communist. Others, a radical community organizer fueled by racial rage. Still others claim he is a Muslim. Do any of these really describe the president in his entirety?

Fiscally, he certainly would appear to be a collectivist, which would make the Socialism and Communism arguments viable. But does this explain his stance towards our allies around the world, such as Great Britain and Israel? Socially, he would appear to be well-aligned with the radical community organizing world (as clearly noted by his relationship with activists such as Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, and many others), but does this explain why a millionaire himself would push for the burden of taxation to be made even heavier on America’s most successful? In regards to his faith, while claiming he is a Muslim may help some in understanding his hazy religious background, does it explain why for 20 years he sat in the pews of a church whose pastor used its pulpit to spew “God DAMN America?”

These words or definitions may partially help in trying to understand this president, but not entirely.

Enter Dinesh D’Souza, who suggests that beyond all these attempts to define the man is an overarching theme of “anti-colonialism.”

Anti-colonialism, in brief sum, is the idea that Western societies (primarily Europe and the United States) have rampaged the Third World (primarily, Africa, Asia, and South America) and for that they must pay. They must be devalued and demoted to a place at or below the status of the nations they colonized, in payment for the sins of colonization.

Barack Obama Sr., a man who Stanley Ann Dunham (Barack Obama Jr.’s mother) put high upon a pedestal for her young song, was a radical, anti-Western, womanizing (he had several wives and twice as many kids) drunkard whose goal in life was to push all facets of British ways out of Kenya and see the West punished for its colonization of the same.

To be sure, (and without going into the vast history of it) colonization was not always pretty. It was not always fair. It was not always kind. I am not here today to defend nor decry the colonization efforts of Great Britain or others. I will say, however, that unlike the thirteen fledgling colonies who waged a revolution against  Great Britain, won their freedom, and carried on with its principles of a free society, countries like Kenya and others were also successful in pushing their colonizer out yet have spent years wallowing in the cesspool of corruption and communism. They, along with so many others like them, replaced one oppressor with another, only this time they happened to speak the same language.

I have, however, digressed.

The point of the movie was to simply highlight one phrase of the many President Barack Obama has spoken. “Dreams FROM my Father” (emphasis mine) is the title of Barack Obama’s autobiography. Note “FROM,” not “OF.” D’Souza maintains that the policies, practices, and overall approaches of this President that seem so unnervingly un-American make sense when juxtaposed with the idea that this man is simply carrying out what his father was unable to accomplish.

Consider for a moment what 2016 points out:

-Obama administration returns the bust of Winston Churchill to Great Britain.

-Obama administration in support of the return of the Falklands from Great Britain to Argentina. 

-Obama administration has blocked domestic oil drilling wherever it could (i.e. the Gulf, Keystone, etc.) yet has supported the efforts of Brazil, Colombia and Mexico in their drilling efforts. 

-Obama administration supported the removal of longtime pro-west ally in Egypt in favor of a government run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

-Obama administration refused to support the pro-freedom, anti-government protests in Iran

-Obama administration signed a treaty with Russia to reduce our nuclear arsenal from 5,000 warheads to 1,500 while allowing the increase of arsenal on Russia’s side and ignoring the growing threat from a near-nuclear Iran.

-Obama administration has taken the side of the Palestinians time and again in its stance regarding Israel. 

-Obama administration has accumulated more debt than presidents George Washington to William Jefferson Clinton COMBINED, rendering us more and more indebted to the world, and weakening our ability to defend ourselves and our way of life.

What do all of these things have in common?

Punish the “colonizer;” elevate the “colonized.” It all makes sense.

With this in consideration, I must say a few words to the disgruntled Ron Paul supporters at the RNC convention in Tampa. They’ve fought a good fight. They’ve hustled like I’ve never seen anybody hustle. They, however, have lost, and yet they somehow refuse to accept it. Many claim that they will sit this election out, simply because their guy didn’t get it. Many claim that they’ll sit this one out because Mitt Romney is “no different” than Barack Obama.

Really now.

Barack Obama has stood for and continues to stands for:

Nationalized healthcare, gutting of Medicare to the tune of 716 billion dollars, placing the burden of massive government spending on the shoulders of the most successful while nearly half of Americans pay no federal income tax, weakening our military in the face of growing threats in the Middle East and elsewhere, reducing our nuclear arsenal while allowing our enemies to increase theirs, limiting the Second Amendment, allowing our borders to deteriorate into chaos, pitting American against American in class warfare, removing the work requirement from welfare reform, choking domestic energy production, supporting a woman’s “right” to choose to end the life of her “unwanted” child. . . the list goes on. Of course, I couldn’t let this go by without mentioning the President’s order that ALL employers provide a woman with contraceptives regardless of the religious conviction. Obama’s olive branch? “Other non-profit organizations, like religiously affiliated hospitals and universities that employ or serve people regardless of their faiths may qualify for a one-year transition period to prepare for the new law.” Ah yes. . . these organizations may have a one-year transition period to leave their faith in the dust. Nice.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, stands for an end to this path towards a single payer health care system, the funding of Medicare for all future generations, strengthening our military and our defenses not to serve as a police force but as a symbol of Reagan’s tried-and-true philosophy of “Peace through Strength,” supporting the right to bear arms, securing our border once and for all, encouraging the quest for success of all Americans instead of demonizing wealth, promoting domestic drilling and other domestic energy sources, putting work back into welfare reform, supporting the protection of life at its earliest moment. . . and so on.

Ah yes. Identical, if you ask me.

Paul-ites, I’m with you in my doubts about whether or not Mitt Romney is as conservative as we’d like him to be. The selection of Paul Ryan helps to quell those fears. However, purely conservative or not, Mitt Romney is no Barack Obama. We’re out of time, people. It’s this election or never. . . we’re THAT deep in debt. As I heard a radio host point out today, (I summarize) “If you’re going to sit there and say that there’s no difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, you’re not in this to fix our country.”


5 thoughts on “2016: Understanding the Enigma

  1. Fantastic Mary! I have passed this on to many and also Fran Bevan of Eagle Forum. I hope she gets this into the hands of Phylis Shafly. Phylis loves to hear about young women like you. I had the blessing of hearing her speak a few weeks ago. Bruce was asked to give the invocation at the Pittsburgh Republican Dinner at the Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont just outside of Pittsburgh. Phylis is 89 now and was the speaker for the evening. It was great!!

    I go to the local Norwin Schoolboard meetings with Fran and Bruce. Bruce has been trying to work with them for a year now about the Islamic Indoctrination in our public school textbooks across the nation. So you can just imagine the wonderful reception we receive from the liberal board. They are unbelievable! They treat us like dirt. But that is no surprise because Jesus said they would. Right! Bruce is the chairman of the board of education for Act For America of Pittsburgh. He’s been doing an in depth study of Islam for about 4 years now.

    Looking forward to reading more of your writing.

    With Jesus Love, Beverly

    PS. I’m so proud of you!

    Kindly Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Bev!

      I am so humbled, and so honored that you would pass along my blog to those wonderful people. I am honored. Hopefully she will have a chance to read it!

      I had no idea you and Bruce were so involved as you discussed- how VERY cool! What a small world this is- just a few months ago I was granted an interview with Brigette Gabriel of ACT for America to be later converted into a chapter in the book I’m writing. She is an AMAZING individual, and a courageous woman of God. I am so thrilled to see that you guys are involved with her group- it is more important than EVER to educate our fellow Americans as to the dangers that radical Islam poses. So FEW see it. . . so MANY choose to turn a deaf ear. Worse still, some people choose to try and silence those who raise the alarm. As you said, we can only expect this and more when we speak the truth. John 16:33!

      It’s so good to hear from you guys again- how fun to get back in touch!!



  2. I hope people will pass along your blog article– to spread the word of who and what Barack Obama truly IS and where he is taking the USA!!!
    Love you!

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