I’m Done Apologizing For Being White, And You Should Be Too

I'm done apologizing for being white.

I’ve often been told I have no right to write about race.

I’ve also been told that I pompously “think I have a right” to write about race just because I married a Mexican.

And you know what? Often I find myself second guessing nine-tenths of what I say because, undoubtedly I’ll say something that someone somewhere will scream about how I have no right to say for one simple fact:

I’m white.

Even as I sit here writing this, I’ve stopped and started at least a dozen times, thinking about the right way to put all this to mitigate the inevitable backlash.

But you know what? That’s actually the entire point.

We need to stop apologizing for being white.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Done Apologizing For Being White, And You Should Be Too

  1. I completely agree, we are all American despite our diffrence in race. As one people we need to end the difference in standards due to race. Otherwise we are being racist.

  2. People don’t like the truth, therefore, the “peddling” of the Northwestern course would definitely offend those specific people. If you really want to understand what’s going on (if you really care) may I suggest listening to Tim Wise (a white man) explain the truth of what his race of people have done and are doing today. Or Jane Elliott’s (who’s also white), “Blue-eyed Brown-eyed Experiment.

    Deep down people don’t really want to know the truth b/c it brings on the guilt that you speak of. But it’s not really about feeling guilty, it’s about admitting the God’s honest truth.

    The only way that WE CAN ALL bring this to a halt is to speak up and quit pretending that racism doesn’t exist. Trump, with all of his clownish rhetoric, has basically lured all the racists from under all of their rocks. It’s sad too, very sad. Actually, it’s pathetic!

    So, to those who truly want to understand and to those that pretend to want to understand, stop vomiting up nonsense and become educated. If not, just shut up and keep it pushing.

    “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” ~St. Augustine

    • mwill, I’m a middle aged white male, and according to everything I see on the news I’m the reason for all of the worlds problems. I think I’m a good person who treats all equally. My ancestors immigrated from Ireland to NYC in the early 1900s and where extremely discriminated against. They made great sacrifices and I’m very proud of them, They were humble and hard working and asked nothing other than what they could achieve. Everyone coming to America has had hardships, so none can claim that for their own. Why do I need to admit to ‘white guilt’ or ‘white privilege’? The truth is, mwill, individuals need to accept responsibility for themselves. if we institutionalize the concept of racism, then there will always be a reason for one group to fail. Lets finally cut the bullsh*t. Are you good enough to stand on your own character or do you still need a crutch? BTW I love the truth.

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