Dear Never Trumpsters: Clinton’s coming for you, too

By Chris Salcedo and Mary Ramirez, for TheBlaze

I had just finished writing down a thought in a little notebook I carry with me everywhere: “What’s really at stake,” I wrote, thinking about the very real possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency. As I sat thinking about this for my weekly contribution to The Chris Salcedo Show, my phone rang—and it was Chris.

“I’ve got something rattling around in my head,” he said. “And I wanted to talk to you about it.”

As is nearly always the case, we were on the same page—despite the thousand mile distance between us and the fact that we’ve only had the opportunity to meet in person a total of two times. I write, he talks; it’s the purist expression of the First Amendment: the right of free speech. And with resurrected talk of the Fairness Doctrine (which, for those of you who don’t know, basically limits the First Amendment by regulating how we in the media and commentary world operate), and the weaponization of the IRS against conservatives—we know how critical it is that we use our pen and our microphone to get a message of truth out for as long as we can and to as many people as we can.

This week we decided to do something we haven’t before: pool our efforts in a joint piece. Why? Because we can’t emphasize this more decisively: it’s gut-check time.

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