Here’s What You Need To Know About The U.N. (And Why Trump’s Right To Cut Funding)

Let me ask you a few questions.

If I funded roughly 25% of the Democrat Party’s budget, would you think I was crazy? If Israel funded roughly 25% of Iran’s national budget, would you be scratching your head? If a pro-life Christian funded roughly 25% of Planned Parenthood’s budget, would your jaw be on the floor?

I’m guessing that’s a resounding “yes” to all of the above.

You don’t give money to something that doesn’t represent your values. Duh.

When I heard that  President Trump has asked for drastic cuts in how much the U.S. gives the United Nations, those weird hypotheticals ran through my head.


Because that’s exactly what we do every day with every dollar we give to the U.N.

Not surprisingly, some called Trump’s move “an unprecedented retreat” from “international operations that keep the peace, provide vaccines for children, monitor rogue nuclear weapons programs, and promote peace talks from Syria to Yemen.”

To quote TheBlaze’s Chris Salcedo on this issue, “if this is about keeping the peace, you’re doing it wrong.”

“Wrong” indeed. And sadly it’s not contained to poorly keeping the peace.

Just what exactly does the U.N. do, and is it worth the billions we taxpayers fork over? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The United States pays “more than 176 other member states combined for the U.N.’s regular budget.” As if that wasn’t enough, we also pay “more than 185 other member countries combined for the peacekeeping budget.” While we shell out billions, some countries fork over less than $30,000 USD a year.
  1. It’s a really crummy charitable organization. In fact, the U.N. landed in the bottom half of world agencies ranked in “Rhetoric versus Reality: The Best and Worst of Aid Agency Practices.” Why? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that U.N. employees make really good money given that they’re supposed to be in it for the benefit of the less fortunate, and it’s almost impossible to do anything about the poor practices which run rampant throughout the U.N. Not only is it not so good with the money, but the U.N.’s got a bit of a problem with sexually exploiting the people it’s supposed to be helping. Which brings us to #3 …
  1. It’s got a problem taking sexual violence seriously. Meet the “peacekeeper babies,” children born as a result of U.N. peacekeeping forces’ rape and sexual exploitation of the local girls. And even when these girls aren’t left with a child to care for in the midst of poverty and war, they are forever scarred by the abuse. Even though U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon called the growing allegations of rape and exploitation (which stretches across 10 countries) a “cancer in our system,” the U.N. has been extremely slow to act. And where it has taken measures to act, those measures have been grossly inadequate—like offering sexual misconduct training in English and French to an audience not necessarily fluent in either, or running radio ads about how victims should come forward, but then doing precious little for those who did.  Even more disappointing is the active “squelching” of those trying to expose this deep-seated problem.
  1. It’s got a pretty bizarre understanding of human rights. This shouldn’t be terribly surprising, given the above, but still. In 2001, the U.N. removed the United States from the U.N. Human Rights Council, and gave spots to positively exquisite specimens of dictatorship, like Sudan and Libya. Lest you need reminding, this commission was created in 1946 to “to weave the international legal fabric that protects our fundamental rights and freedoms.” Back on as a member (until 2019, anyway), the U.S. shares the table with gems like Cuba  (which routinely imprisons political dissidents), Saudi Arabia (where 150 people were beheaded in 2016 alone)  and Iraq (where being gay can get you thrown off a roof). Stellar choices, truly.
  1. It kind of (actually, really) can’t stand Israel. In a recent U.N. report, Israel—which has for years staved off the terrorists who have threatened its people—was deemed “guilty of apartheid” for defending its borders. And this report is hardly the first of its kind. In 2016 alone, the number of anti-Israel resolutions was “more than those focused on Syria, North Korea, Iran, and South Sudan combined.” The U.N. also funds UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees of the Near East, which “is a militantly anti-Israel organization that has embedded itself with Hamas terrorists.” And, bonus, “the group has been caught several times with rocket arsenals at its U.S.-funded schools.” Oh and by the way, the U.N. Security Council (another committee approximately as useful as its human rights cousin) voted unanimously in favor of the Obama administration’s frightening Iran nuclear deal. Yes, Iran— the world’s largest state sponsor of terror and outspoken advocate for the annihilation of Israel. Yeah, Israel’s the problem.


  1. It really can’t stand the United States. While murderous regimes sit on its human rights council (see #4), the U.N. has a real thing for curtailing our sovereign constitutional right to own guns. The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that the Obama administration finalized and submitted to the U.N. is, as the Washington Times’ Thomas Mason writes, a sneaky bureaucratic “end run around America’s domestic reluctance to adopt their [the U.N.’s] agenda towards guns.” By the way, the U.N. sees that reluctance as a “human rights abuse.” The U.N. has also slammed our businesses, saying that “most companies still struggle to understand the implications of the corporate responsibility to respect human rights.” And that’s not all: a U.N. official insinuated that the United States deserved the Boston Marathon Bombing. It also routinely downplays Islamic terror attacks on the United States and instead bolsters the idea that Islamophobia is the real problem—despite the fact that Muslims make up just 16% of all religious hate crime victims in this country.

We fund a quarter of the U.N.’s entire budget. One quarter. We are a major financial backer of an organization that routinely misuses its funds, ignores actual human rights violations, supports terrorists over the Middle East’s only democracy, and looks at us as a politically incorrect problem to be remedied.

But clean water! Vaccines! Education! Aid!


It doesn’t matter if the U.N. does a single good thing in the midst of this chaos if a single dollar goes to any of this swill.

You don’t give money to something that doesn’t represent your values. Period.

It’s not rocket science, people.

Mary Ramirez is a full-time writer, creator of (a political commentary blog), and contributor to The Chris Salcedo Show (TheBlaze Radio Network, M-F, 3-5. ET). She can be reached at:; or on Twitter: @AFutureFree

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