They’re Only Young Once

Dear Readers

Those of you who have been following my work recently know I’ve been on maternity leave for the birth of my second child, a precious son.

In just 12 days, I have to return to work and put my sweet baby in daycare with his big sister. Those days will fly like the wind, just as these last 10 weeks have gone by in a flash. I’ve decided I’m going to savor every single moment of this special time with my son, so I’ll be taking a break from writing and from my appearances on The Chris Salcedo Show until then.

To all those mamas like me who have to kiss their babies goodbye way too soon—I see you. To all those mamas who get to stay home with their kids and dream of a day off to just be an adult—I see you too.

Either way you slice it, being a parent is hard. REALLY hard.

But it’s the best thing in the entire world.

Until March 15th,


2 thoughts on “They’re Only Young Once

  1. I love that you have your priorities straight, for your life, and that you also ‘allow’ others to set their priorities for their lives too.

    When my children were young, back in the dark ages, every woman ‘should’ have had a desire for a career. Any woman who didn’t was odd, and if they stayed home with the kids, they were “just” stay-at-home Moms, or “just” housewives.

    I had to work with my first two babies. After twelve years of working, I stayed home with my other two. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! So many times I heard myself say that it was so much easier when I was working, and it was a thankless job.

    Of course, there were many days that made me forget those days. One particular day, my 7th grade son (one who had gone to daycare when I worked), came home from school. I was in the kitchen, and he came in and said to me “Mom, I’m so glad that you are home when I come home from school. All my friends go home to empty houses.” THAT moment made it worth everything! Of all my kids, he was the one I least expected to feel that way.

    We may never know how our children feel about things. Or…. there may be one time in your child’s life where they will do something that let’s you know what you do is important to them. They are the ones who count.

    Keep up the great job you are doing, Mary. We can wait.


  2. You’re absolutely right, Mary!
    Enjoy your precious time, as it truly never comes back.

    I loved the testimony from fellow reader Dawna. I’ll share a bit of my perspective as a guy.

    I work long hours with a long commuting time, and had a very short paternity leave (though I feel blessed for having had one at all, as I know many countries don’t allow any). It pains me to leave the house while my daughter is still asleep, and to come back to enjoy maybe a short hour or so with her before her bedtime, while also being very tired from work and mass transit.

    One thing is certain, though: no matter how tired, stressed, beat, or overwhelmed I feel when I come home from work, as soon as my daughter greets me by yelling “Daddy!!” and jumping into my arms, it all goes away for a few minutes. And during those precious seconds, I truly am the happiest and most satisfied human being alive.

    We can wait as long as we have to.

    Best wishes,

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