Master of Disguise


The word can be taken to mean several things when used as a presidential campaign slogan. On one hand, it could mean that the president has experienced a few bumps, has learned from those bumps, and is pressing on. On the other, it could mean “go forward exactly as we’ve been going.” I’d tend to agree with the latter in the case of Barack Obama’s long awaited 2012 campaign slogan.

Obviously using “Hope & Change” 16 trillion dollars, 8.1 % unemployment, and double the number of people on food stamps later wasn’t going to fly, so the most “historical” president since, well, EVER, had to come up with a new slogan. The result of undoubtedly dozens of think-tank members in closed-door meetings pooling their intelligence to come up with a slogan that is nothing short of epic?


At first glance this honestly seems a little lackluster. “Lame,” if you will.  I mean, for one so self-absorbed you’d think this president and his posse could come up with a little better than that, now wouldn’t you?

As always with this presidency, never underestimate. In this case, what on the surface appears to be a rather lazily created, haphazard and frankly boring campaign slogan is historically just a smidge more than that. Ok, a LOT more. A few tasty morsels (the research and compilation of which I sadly cannot take credit):

Translation: “Forward to the victory of Communism!”

Translation: “Under Lenin’s Banner- Forward to Victory!”

















Translation: “FORWARD!”

Translation: “FORWARD!”

Gosh, that MUST be a coincidence. After all, it’s only been used OVER and OVER again throughout the history of communist and socialist regimes in efforts to insert a certain “positivity” into the propaganda of the movements.

Oh, but we can’t have people focusing on THAT, now can we? Heavens no. So, after a quick scrub-scrub of all radical, communist, socialist, etc. ties to the slogan “forward” from the Wikipedia entry, the President comes out (no pun intended, hehe) to unveil the results of his personal “evolution” on the topic of gay marriage. Remember, when a liberal changes his or her position, they’ve “evolved,” but when a republican changes his or her position, the left is quick to call them a flip-flopper. . .but who’s keeping track.

One has to stop and ponder- “Does he really think we’re that stupid?” Does he really think that by vocalizing his support of gay marriage, Americans will suddenly forget that gas now costs them triple or quadruple what it used to; that going to the grocery requires a few more winces as the debit card is swiped; that future plans have been halted or eradicated completely as a result of the worst economy since the Great Depression? Nice try.

Oh and by the way, it might help to know some of your base just a bit more, Mr. President. I can’t wait to see you explain your way out of this one to some of your Hispanic and African American supporters. While this happens to be one of your “flavor of the week” campaign strategies, quite a few in the aforementioned voting blocs happens to think it’s a big deal.  Keep blowing that smoke into mirrors, Mr. President. . . Romney’s poll numbers thank you.

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