A Residency in Review – 4 Ways Barack Obama Disgraced the Presidency (And Endangered Us All)

“But he’s done; he’s leaving!” some might say, “Why dredge up old news?”

Well, for starters, because he’s not leaving. Unlike his predecessors who (usually) left the capital city and gracefully settled into the annals of history, he’s sticking around Washington D.C. (Yes, yes, I know he’s still got a kid in school.) Politically, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As the aforementioned Bill Whalen put it, his farewell speech “wasn’t so much ‘farewell’ as ‘to be continued’.”

Forgotten Warriors: A Family’s Post-War Struggle

UPDATE: Catch my conversation with TheBlaze’s Chris Salcedo about this hero HERE: https://soundcloud.com/chrissalcedo/salcedo-storm-the-agent-orange-for-this-generations-fighting-heroes-with-mary-ramirez Writer’s Note: This story was recently shared with me—and I asked if I could share this story with you all in the hopes that it would continue to raise awareness about the plight of so many veterans struggling with the Department of Veterans…

Black on Blue: The Numbers (10/7/16)

Remember a few days back, when I posted the reality of black deaths by cops? Here’s a refresher in case you missed it. The percentages are virtually the same as the sampling 2 weeks ago, and they paint a similar message: the media and social justice narrative on Blue on Black deaths is simply false.…