Sequestration: Solved. (No Flu Shot Confiscations Required!)

On the eve of the Armageddon, (Sequestration, for the rest of you) the President continues to run around the country and spread a misleading and wholly untruthful message by land, air, and You Tube. . .and I got to thinking about the billions we spend in any given year on complete and utter frivolities. Downright stupidity, you might say. The way that the president talks, you’d think we run such a tight ship that $85 billion dollars, a mere fraction of a percentage of the federal budget, would break the bank. According to our dear leader, $85 billion dollars in cuts will prevent Junior from getting his flu shot, Grandma from getting her medical care, and Joe Police Officer from getting his paycheck. Are you telling me that in a federal government that spends nearly $11 billion dollars a day, there’s not a single thing outside of the aforementioned sob stories that we could cut to comply with the $85 billion mandated by the law the president signed in 2011?

Actually, we could do even better than $85 billion; $40.4 billion to be precise. Here’s a Kodak moment for you: in FY 2010 alone, $125.4 billion was doled out in “improper payments.” You know, pension payments to dead federal workers; entitlement overpayments, etc. Baddabing, baddaboom. . . an $85 billion dollr problem solved. Naturally, of course, overpayments or improper payments are hardly the end of the story. We spend billions each year on complete and utter silliness, and thanks to the efforts of Senator Tom Coburn, I bring you a list of said silliness. (Please click here for the full booklet with explanations of each item.)

This is a snapshot from 2011 alone, totaling 6.9 billion dollars. Assuming similar levels of spending for each year of Obama’s first term, that’s $27.6 billion dollars. And we haven’t even mentioned his $4 million dollar Christmas vacations to the Land of Aloha, or the multi-trillion dollar debacle that is Obamacare; or the $1.4 billion dollar price tag for Keeping Up with the Obamas. . . I’d better stop, or I’ll literally run out of space.

Let’s take a peek at our trusty list, shall we? (Note: You might want to step away every ten items or so to avoid mental meltdown. You’ve been warned. )

  1. Politicians Partying on the Taxpayer Dime – (Presidential Election Campaign Fund) $35.38 Million
  2. Saving Mango Sales in Pakistan– 30 million
  3. Poor Planning Hobbles Air Force Green Energy Effort – (Department of
    Defense) $14 Million
  4. Subsidy Program for Small Airports Fails to Help Most Recipients
    Achieve Sustainable Air Service – (Federal Aviation Administration)
    $6 Million
  5. Paying for Pancakes – (D.C) $765,828
  6. The Super-Bridge to Nowhere – (AK) $15.3 Million
  7. Dead Federal Employees Continue to Get Benefits Checks – (U.S. Office of Personnel Management) $120 Million
  8. Extreme Home Makeover: Federal Highway Funds to Transform  Abandoned “Rock House” into Visitors Center – (OK) $529,689
  9. Video Game Preservation – (NY) $113,277
  10. Millions In Foreign Aid to… China? – (Department of State & U.S. Agency for International Development) $17.80 Million
  11. Drug-Themed “Mellow Mushroom” Pizza Restaurant – (TX) $484,000
  12. Fruit Growers Receive Money for Celebrity Chef Show in Indonesia –(WA) $100,000
  13. Remake of “Sesame Street” for Pakistan – (U.S. Agency for International  Development) $10 Million
  14. American Museum of Magic – (MI) $147,138
  15. International Architecture Firm – (CA) $1 Million
  16. Documentary About How Rock and Roll Contributed to the Collapse of the Soviet Union – (CA) $550,000
  17. TVs and Gas Generators for Rural Vietnamese Villages – (PA) $702, 558
  18. The 2nd Annual Hawaii Chocolate Festival – (HI) $48,700
  19. Children, Prisoners, and Others Who Don’t Own Homes Awarded Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credits (Internal Revenue Service) – $1 Billion
  20. Stimulating Online Soap Operas – (Department of Commerce) $936,818
  21. Taxpayer Dollars Go to Promoting Christmas Trees – (MI) $75,000
  22. An International Art Exhibition – (Venice, Italy) $350,000
  23. Study Looks for Connections Between Cocaine and Risky Sex Habits of Quail – (KY) $175,587
  24. Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center – (WA) $2 Million
  25. Program Subsidizes Prosperous Industries – (Department of Agriculture) $200 Million
  26. Surveying Impact of Anti-HIV Videos for L.A. City Buses – (CA) $358,005
  27. Federal Funds Used to Buy iPads for Kindergarteners – (ME) $96,000
  28. $1 Million Ad Campaign Encourages Patients to Visit Government Health Agency’s Website and be More Involved in Their Own Medical Decisions – (Agency for Health Research and Quality) $1.06 Million
  29. Study: Political Candidates Should Adopt “Green” Positions – (CA) $200,000
  30. Federal Transportation Dollars Go to Shipwreck Sites and HorseDrawn Carriage Exhibits – (WI) $916,567
  31. An Eleven Day Veterans Affairs Conference in Arizona – (Department of Veterans Affairs) $221,540
  32. Boosting Alaskan Tourism with Podcasts about NSF Research Projects – (AK) $300,000
  33. Annual Rent for the Storage of Thousands of Pieces of Unused Furniture and Equipment – (Internal Revenue Service) $862,000
  34. Studying the Trustworthiness of Tweets– (MA) $492,005
  35. Failed Energy-Saving Project in Pakistan – (U.S. Agency for International Development) $12 Million
  36. Oregon Cheese Guild – $50,000
  37. Unnecessary Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative Overlaps Other Federal Housing Programs – (Housing and Urban Development) $168 Million
  38. Federal Funds Go Toward Encouraging Bed and Breakfasts to Sell Locally Grown Products – (NY) $73,824
  39. Grant for Museum on the History of Skiing –(NH) $86,014
  40. Wartime Contracting Waste and Fraud Costs Taxpayers Billions –(Iraq and Afghanistan) $4.38 billion
  41. U.S. Hops Industry Travels to China – (WA) $111,413
  42. Mummies in 3-D – (WI) $24,632
  43. Taxpayer Money Pays for “RapidGuppy” Cell Phone Game – (CA) $149,990
  44. Duplicative Program to Help Other Countries Manage Their Forests –(Department of Agriculture) $9.49 Million
  45. Federal Transportation Dollars to Make Las Vegas Highways Beautiful –(NV) $697,006
  46. Taxpayer Money to Study How College Students Use Mobile Devices for Social Networking – (IN) $764,825
  47. Marketing for Farms and Restaurants – (VT) $171,050
  48. Seminar in England Allows Teachers to Retrace Steps of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales – $136,555
  49. Weatherization Program Lets Taxpayer Funds Slip Through the Cracks – (Department of Energy) $231.3 Million
  50. Entrepreneurship Training… in Barbados? – (U.S. Agency for International Development) $1.35 Million
  51. Coast Guard Spends Taxpayer Dollars on Mardi Gras Float – (LA) $24,450
  52. Study Examines Political Websites and Campaign Strategies – (IL) $126,242
  53. Federal Dollars Pays to Renovate a Carriage House – (UT) $150,000
  54. Millions Of Federal Transportation Dollars Pay for Covered Bridge Preservation Program – (Department of Transportation) $8.3 Million
  55. Taxpayer Money Supports Wine Conference, Pavilion, and Education –(CO, SD, and OH) $62,000
  56. The Federal Government’s Own Version of “Farmville” to Combat Obesity, Teach Nutrition – (CA) $206,214
  57. Stimulus Funds for a Tree Census – (NV) $60,000
  58. Duplicative Occupational Safety Program Lacks Long-term Strategic Planning – (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) $22.04 Million
  59. Creating a Smart Phone App for Picking Tennessee Farmers – (TN) $181,966
  60. Study: How Effective Are European Union Parliamentarians at Framing Legislative Debates? – (VA) $300,000
  61. Growing Massachusetts Video Game Industry – (MA) $100,000
  62. Duplicative Engine Program for F-35 Fighter – (Department of Defense) $207 Million
  63. Study on Jordanian Student Hookah Smoking – (VA) $55,382
  64. Taxpayer-Funded Snow Cones for Emergencies (and Promotions) –$6,279
  65. Farmers Market Advertising Campaign – (OK) $93,000
  66. “The Matter of Origins” Educational Dance – (MD) $300,000
  67. US Taxpayer Funds Survey of Well-Being in 120 Countries – (CA) $610,908
  68. Taxpayer Dollars Will Help Create “Farm Art D-Tour” – (WI) $50,000
  69. Duplicative Subsidy Program for High-Risk Research – (Technology Innovation Program) $44.9 Million
  70. New York Dance Troupe Gets Money for Trip to Indonesia – (NY) $30,000
  71. Analyzing the Spread of Political Info on the Web – (VA) $500,000
  72. Energy Program Repeatedly Slated for Termination Continues to get Funding (U.S. Department of Agriculture) $11.976 Million
  73. 50th Anniversary Commemoration  (in other countries!)– (U.S. Agency of International Development) $156,273
  74. Multi-Family Housing Revitalization Program: Program for Repairing Poor Families’ Houses Will Mainly Serve Property Developers – (Department of Agriculture) $14.97 Million
  75. Federal Grant Pays to Package Grass-fed Cow Butter – (NY) $55,660
  76. Taxpayer Money Helps Pay for International Film Festival – (CA) $50,000
  77. Chemistry Theater for Children – (WI) $499,993
  78. Duplicative Grant Programs Available For Retrofitting Or Replacing Diesel Engines Despite Declining Need For the Modifications –(Environmental Protection Agency) $49.9 Million
  79. Air Force Academy Builds “Stonehenge-like Worship Center” – (CO) $51,474
  80. Study to Tell India How to Improve its Local Government – (MA) $425,642
  81. Exhibit on the History of Rivers, Trails, Railroads, and Roads – (MO) $300,000
  82. Sixteen Professors to Attend 5-Week Seminar in Rome – $159,865
  83. Duplicative Rail Line Relocation Program Continues to Receive Taxpayer Money – (Department of Transportation) $10.5 Million
  84. U.S. Taxpayer Money Pays for European Student’s Leadership Skills –(Department of State) $306,000
  85. Study of Online Dating – (NY) $606,000
  86. The Treehouse Museum Spends Taxpayer Dollars to Teach the Art of Puppetry – (UT) $ 74,470
  87. Economic Development Program is Duplicative and Has Unclear Benefits – (Appalachian Regional Commission) $68 Million
  88. Does Tweeting and Friending Make You Happy? – (CA) $198,195
  89. Buruni Ballad– (Maldives) $25,000
  90. Botched Assistance for Families of Afghan War Victims – $15 Million
  91. Feces -Throwing Reveals Communication Skills in Chimps – (GA) $592,527
  92. Federally–funded Dragon Robots – (MA) $130,987
  93. Steamboat Interpretive Center – (LA) $5.18 Million
  94. Federal Grant to Study Women, Weaving and Wool in Iceland, AD 874-1800 – (RI) $338,998
  95. Federal Dollars Goes Toward Cowboy Poetry – (NV) $50,000
  96. Targeted sheep grazing study – (MT) $742,907
  97. Upgrades to Street Median in Shopping District – (DC) $83,000
  98. $1 Bills Literally Costing Taxpayers Millions – (U.S. Treasury Department) – $184 Million
  99. Website Redesign for Jonathan Bird’s Blue World – ( MA) $131,895)
  100. Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation – $499,000

6 thoughts on “Sequestration: Solved. (No Flu Shot Confiscations Required!)

  1. Being Italian, and without any ethnic bigotry, I think Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation – $499,000 should be cut first. Besides that, Columbus didn’t discover America first, the Muslims did.

    • And as a member of Generation Technology, I’ll gladly give up “Taxpayer Money to Study How College Students Use Mobile Devices for Social Networking – (IN) $764,825”. Sheesh 😉

      Ahhhh how could I forget the Muslim Discovery of America 😉

  2. I didn’t bother to add all those ridiculous items up, but I’m sure they would far outweigh the president’s current plan. I would never put myself in a position of relying on the government for subsidies to my business and yet my precious country is spending on things like this. Give me a break. No wonder all those in the arts. education and the environment are so high on Obama.

    • No kidding! He’s their sugar daddy! Unbelievable. That list of cuts adds up to nearly 7 billion; and if they simply addressed the improper payments situation they’d save over 100 billion a year. That’s far and beyond what sequestration will cut.

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!! I tried to read the list all in one sitting! My brain blew a gasket and I now have blood squirting out my eyeballs!!!! How STOOPID can our government be? >>sigh<<

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