10 Questions Donald Trump Supporters Need To Consider

I was watching a movie the other day.

“Anna and the King,” to be exact—and this time one scene stood out. It’s when Mr. Kincaid (a smarmy British businessman) comes to the palace to stop Siam from going to war with British Burma over unprovoked attacks:

“As you know, I do a lot of business with the Siamese, many of whom have ended up dead in recent months. Which, as I’ve discovered, is all part of some elaborate plot to make you think we British are the villains. Well, I happen to know we’re not. The acquisition of a particular little piece of information has cost me a small fortune, but the fact is, when all is said and done, I make more money with Mongkut on the throne. So, I think I’m about to become your best friend.”

Long story short, Mr. Kincaid isn’t there because he cares a wit about the Siamese people—he’s there because it’s in his best interest for Siam not to spiral into chaos.

Fair enough. And some people might say, “well, at the end of the day crisis is averted, so who cares how?”

Ok, but isn’t it logical to assume that Mr. Kincaid would’ve stayed silent if Siam wasn’t in the best interest of his pocketbook? After all, by his own admission, he’s in this for himself.

It’s a thought; keep it in mind.

This scene stood out to me because right now, the current Republican frontrunner for president happens to be an extremely controversial man with a confusing and often contradictory personal history—and also claims to be America’s best hope for survival.

And there are thousands upon thousands of people who believe he is.

I’ll cut to the chase. Donald Trump supporters, I think he’s a Mr. Kincaid. I think that while he’s raised important issues, his past speaks volumes about loyalties splattered all over the map. And he’s asking us to believe him THIS time?

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