Five Things Millennials Need To Understand About Constitutional Conservatism

Five Things Millennials

Remember the first time you put the keys in the ignition after getting your license?

Oh sweet, sweet freedom.

 You no longer needed to rely on your parents to take you places (unless of course, you still needed their car).

Pretty soon, though, the license loses its luster, as you realize that there are still those blasted rules.

It’s the one, nearly universal modus operandi of most teens: “When the heck can I get the HECK out of Mom and Dad’s home??”

And it’s probably not because you didn’t love your parents, or didn’t like the food, or the bed you slept in, or the clothes they bought you.

It was because leaving home meant getting out from under Mom and Dad’s thumb.

It meant you were free to make your own decisions.

So let me ask you this: if you couldn’t stand being told what to do, where to go, and otherwise how to live under your parents’ authority—what makes you think having an all-powerful government to do the exact same thing on an infinitesimally bigger scale is any different?

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