10 Questions I’d Love To Ask Sean Hannity

Mr. Hannity,

You’ve long been one of my heroes. You’ve fought long and hard for the conservative movement in this country, hitting progressives wherever they surfaced and exposing the dangers of liberalism wherever you could. You’ve been a source of encouragement, of education, and of inspiration to millions of conservatives. You were among several whose work inspired me to get into this whole crazy business in the first place.

Which is why it pains me to write this piece. But if we have no courage to question even those we admire, we are nothing.

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One thought on “10 Questions I’d Love To Ask Sean Hannity

  1. I too have been a Sean Hannity follower for many years, but you have raised great questions. Sean consistently tells callers that he takes Trump at his word that he is conservative, the problem is there is more to being a conservative than your “word”. There is also a body of work that should accompany your word.

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