No, Mr. President, We’re Not Racist. We Just Like the Rule of Law.

I’ve seen poverty abroad. I’ve seen four-year-olds running between stopped cars on an eight-lane avenue, begging for money. I’ve seen a mother with a baby strapped to her back, sitting in the hot sun selling gum for a few precious pesos a day. I’ve seen the shacks that pass for houses. I’ve seen Central American immigrants walking through the countryside (making their way to the U.S. border) with nothing but a thin rolled-up sleeping bag on their backs.

The long and short of it is that I can understand two things very well: First, I can technically “understand” why people break the law to come here illegally, and second, I can technically “understand” why the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Obama’s 2014 executive amnesty actions prompted such emotional reaction from illegal immigrants.

Here’s a quick rundown for those of you unaware of what the Supreme Court ruling on immigration means: In a 4-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruling allows a lower court ruling to stand. That lower court ruling was the result of 26 states suing to stop Obama’s extra-Congressional action on immigration and long story short, it “blocked the administration’s unilateral policy of refusing to pursue the deportation of millions of illegal aliens” while case moved upwards to the Supreme Court. So basically, President Obama doesn’t exactly get his way … for now. Though rule of law’s never been much of an impediment anyway, so we’ll see.

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