Here’s What We Never Hillary Voters Should Be Doing

My daughter has hit that phase. Parents, you know the one—where screams and sippee cups launched across the room have replaced your sweet baby who once just stared up at you and cooed from the bassinet.

It’s testing time.

 She’s trying to figure out just exactly where her limits are—and just how far she can push us both until we give up and give in. Naturally, I love my daughter. I’d do anything for my daughter. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to support her little temper tantrums or applaud when she continues to do something after I’ve clearly told her “no.”

Instead, I’m going to do exactly two things:

1) Be an instructive corrector. In other words, I’m not just going to tell her when she’s doing something wrong—I’m also going to show her what she should be doing instead. And why.

2) I’m going to hold my ground. In other words, I’m not going to excuse any bad behavior away just because she happens to be my kid.




I was thinking about this recurring scenario as I watched Donald Trump pull another less than conservative move (right after I announced I’d be voting for him to stop Hillary Clinton). In this latest announcement, Trump plans to have the federal government, as Emily Peck of the Huffington Post writes in this piece, “guarantee up to six weeks of paid maternity leave to new mothers.”

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One thought on “Here’s What We Never Hillary Voters Should Be Doing

  1. I’m right there with you about not rewarding bad behavior. However, even your attention, provoked by the thrown cup, acts as a reward, a reinforcement. Sometimes walking out of the room works better than any correction involving engagement. That can apply to voting as well.

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