Rigging and reality: How much do we need to worry?

I recently read an article about the most creative ways people have cheated on tests. They ranged from the utterly amazing, like this:

“In Spanish class we hid an actual exchange student from Mexico in the supply closet, gave her a copy of the test, and she whispered the answers to the people sitting in the back row next to the closet. My teacher had no idea.”

To the incredibly complex, like this:

“A classmate of mine carefully removed the label from a Coke bottle and scanned it as an image file, opened up Photoshop and replaced the ingredients paragraph with notes from the test and reprinted it on glossy paper. After careful cutting and gluing it back onto the bottle, it looked exactly like an inconspicuous bottle of Coke that he just kept on his desktop during the exam.”

I kept thinking about this as I saw article after article telling us what insanity it is for Donald Trump to claim that the elections could be rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

(Full disclosure: it’s not the campaign strategy I would have brought up a couple weeks out from D-Day. But be that as it may … here we are.)

What amazes me about these articles is the utter unwillingness to address even the possibility that politicians (especially ones like Clinton, who amazingly evaded indictment for crimes that other people have gone to jail for) could maybe, just maybe—play dirty.

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