Dear Daughter: Here’s Why I Didn’t March For You

Dear daughter of mine,

You are so young and precious and innocent. You pass your days amidst sippy cups and Cheerios; amidst Minnie Mouse and your beloved dolls and toy kitchen.

But someday—sooner than I’d like—you’re going to grow up. And you’re probably going to hear a lot about something that’s happening right now.

You’ll learn about the unprecedented election of President Donald Trump, and you’ll learn about the thousands and thousands of women who came out to march all over the country in protest.

They were very loud. Some screamed; others gave speeches. Many carried big signs; others locked arms together. Some even wore “funny” outfits.

What were they upset about? I’ll tell you, sweet one.

They’re mad because we women don’t make as much money as men. They’re mad because we women don’t have full rights over our bodies. They’re mad because we women have to pay extra taxes for things that Mommy will tell you about later, while men don’t pay taxes for other things Mommy will tell you about later. They’re mad because men are abusive to us women; because men harass us. They’re mad because people don’t care about our smarts. They’re mad because we don’t all get paid maternity leave.

They’re mad because you and I, dear daughter of mine, are second class citizens.

And you might wonder why Mommy didn’t go and march for you. You might wonder why there are no Facebook pictures of us two out there together, like so many of your future counterparts’ mommies posted.

That’s why I’m writing you this letter.

Baby bird, I didn’t march for you because I didn’t need to. I didn’t march for you because you were blessed enough to have been born into a country and an era where you already enjoy all the freedoms and rights (that yes, other guys and gals fought for years ago) that men do; you live in a country where you can vote; in a country where you can fly to outer space, run major companies, run for president, and even run the first successful female-led presidential campaign in history; in a country where you can live a full life as a mom and a professional—or whatever you choose.

I’m writing this letter to tell you that what some people are yelling very loudly today (and will continue to yell very loudly for years to come) are lies.

Terrible, horrible, no good very bad lies.

It’s a lie that because of sexism, women don’t make as much money as men. First, let Mommy explain what “wage discrimination” is. It’s when a fully capable, trained and talented woman makes less than her fully capable, trained and talented male coworker in the EXACT same position under the EXACT same conditions. But that is demonstrably NOT what’s happening in this country. What’s happening? Well, for starters, women tend to choose careers that don’t pay as much, which affects the median income everyone’s talking about. Women also choose (and that’s an important word, honey) to do things like take a few years off of work to stay at home with their kids, and so when they go back to their jobs—their counterparts probably got a few raises in the meantime. Men also tend to work longer hours and are more likely to push for a raise.

It’s a lie that because of sexism, we don’t have full rights over our bodies. You are technically (we’ll chat about what you’re allowed to do later) able to do whatever you please with your body. No one’s stopping you, or any other woman. But these ladies think that being a woman gives us gals the right to decide what happens to other people’s bodies—bodies that are biologically, genetically, and scientifically separate bodies even though they’re growing inside of us when we’re pregnant.

It’s a lie because of sexism, women have to pay a special tax for products that we biologically must use. There is no special, bespoke tax for these products. On a state by state basis, they’re lumped in with a ton of other products that the government taxes.  And it’s certainly not because they’re for girls. It’s also a lie, honey, that because of sexism, men pay no taxes for things that they use exclusively.

It’s a lie that because of sexism, we women are the only ones who have to worry about harassment and abuse. Yes, some women do get harassed. (Someday I’ll tell you about how Mommy walked to work every day in Mexico to cat-calls of “ayyyyy güerita.”) Yes, some women do get abused. But so do men. You don’t know this yet, but today boys make up half of those who are sexually exploited commercially in the United States.  You don’t know this yet, but today, “a man is the victim of domestic abuse every 37.8 seconds in America.”  You don’t know this yet, but today, “in the 71 percent of nonreciprocal [meaning, where violence is inflicted by only one side] partner violence instances, the instigator was the woman.”

It’s a lie that because of sexism, people don’t care about our smarts. In fact, for the past 50 years, women have led the pack in education. Today, “women today get the majority of college degrees in America. It doesn’t matter what kind — associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral — women beat men in all the categories.” Pretty impressive in a society that “doesn’t care” about their smarts, if you ask me.

It’s a lie that because of sexism, there aren’t more female leaders. Yes, there was a time when women were soley relegated to the roles of homemaker or secretary or assistant, but that’s just not the case today.  Just ask Meg Whitman (CEO of Hewlett-Packard), or Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube), or Ginni Rometty (CEO of IBM), to name a few. Remember what Mommy told you about women choosing other careers? That’s part of it. Not all women are choosing careers that lead to leadership. Want to be a leader? Pick that path. No one’s stopping you.

It’s a lie that because of sexism, we don’t all get paid maternity leave. It’s simple economics, honey. Maternity leave is expensive. Believe me, I know—I paid for part of mine when I had you. It has nothing to do with suppressing women. But that cost has to go somewhere—which is why not every company can offer it. (And it shouldn’t necessarily be the taxpayer’s responsibility to pay for it, either.) There are things you can do, though. Like working hard and landing a job at companies like Netflix or Amazon or Spotify, which have privately decided to give their employees well over the paid average.

Finally, it’s a lie that any of our human rights as women are going away just because someone whose politics these ladies don’t agree with suddenly became president.

No honey, I didn’t march for you. Let me tell you what I WILL do for you.

I’ll teach you money isn’t everything. But I’ll also teach you that if it’s important to you to make a lot of money, that you’ll need to work hard and choose the right career.

I’ll teach you about amazing women like Marie Curie or Madame C.J. Walker and the incredible lives they led—and I’ll also teach you about bad women, like Margaret Sanger, who told women the lie that they can kill their own babies, and who believed that not all races are equal.

I’ll teach you to respect your body. It’s a beautiful creation—and I’ll teach you not to cheapen it by dressing like it means nothing.

I’ll teach you that vulgarity doesn’t make you stronger; it cheapens you.

I’ll teach you that raunchiness doesn’t make you impressive; it makes you look like a piece of meat.

I’ll teach you that we are biologically and physically and emotionally different from men, but that doesn’t mean we’re less. It means we’re special. And you should celebrate that.

I’ll teach you that you should always be kind and honorable—even though there are people (even our leaders) who might not always say the nicest things.

I’ll teach you how to disagree strongly and firmly—but honorably.

Most of all, I’ll teach you to be a woman of noble character, like the one in like Proverbs 31—an amazing, hardworking wife, mother and businesswoman who rejoices in all of her roles.

No honey, I didn’t march for you. But thank goodness, I don’t have to.

Mary Ramirez is a full-time writer, creator of (a political commentary blog), and contributor to The Chris Salcedo Show (TheBlaze Radio Network, M-F, 3-5. ET). She can be reached at:; or on Twitter: @AFutureFree

2,348 thoughts on “Dear Daughter: Here’s Why I Didn’t March For You

    • But very wrong. I have made considerably less than the man who replaced me with the same credentials at the same job. This is happening all over. We may have our health care taken away from us. We are being legislated to not have control over our own bodies. We are asked to turn a blind eye when others are discriminated against. It isn’t just for women, its for all minorities.

      • Agree completely. This article was insulting and hurtful to me. Glad other people have similar opinions.

      • ya cuz I equals all? you just proved the article correct… you ladies are so fucked up in the head in this country its irrational. oh btw the gender wage is an out right lie. deal with it. btw buy my dinner? you pick me up? get on your knee? you buy the ring? you can assume I know better about our kids or your sexist? You will give me choices I will refuse you to even entertain.. get it hypocrite. Its pretty easy- women in the US are the most entitled and pampered bunch of children in the modern world period. Hardly a victim and most often a liar and a kidnapper.,

      • Stem fields, currently some of the best paid fields, show a 2 to 1 preference for hiring females over EQUALLY qualified males. Military has quotas for women that have to be promoted many of which for lower requirements than men in the same field. And if a company could really get away with paying women less for the SAME QUALITY work they would hire only women. Business is not the church, where only men can be in power, business is about money.

        Legislated to not have control of your body how? Abortion? Let me tell you something about that a woman can get an abortion without the father’s knowledge let alone consent. There is no way for the father to get out of parenthood. Even if he wants nothing to do with the child the mother can come after him for support. (Sperm donors can be sued for child support, a woman can rape a man get pregnant and still come after him for child support) A woman can opt out of parenthood, but a man cannot. Whats wrong with making it equal? Either both can or neither can.
        “Well if he didn’t want to be a father he should have kept it in his pants”
        A: “if she didn’t want to be a mother she should have kept her legs closed.”

        Women have destroyed the meaning of the word rape to mean everything from actual rape to just having a man look at a woman in public without permission.

        Women can get a man fired from work for ACCUSING him of sexual harassment because it is automatically assumed a man is at fault. False accusations have happened often enough and are continuing to happen because women have this power and don’t fade consequences because they are women. Why is that? When did we stop believing in innocent until proven guilty? Are women magically infallible? Bunch of hypocrites looking for power.
        If you cannot use facts to argue a point at least use sense.

        Women protesting at conventions for men’s health because men already have it so good… How is that not discrimination against men.

        Colleges with designated “safe places” where men are not allowed. But if there was a men’s only equivalent there would, as has in the past been, huge explosions over the exclusion of females. More hypocrisy.

        Equality means no special treatment for specific groups it means all are equal.

      • I am a 52 year old women who just replaced her 32 year old male counterpart! That’s right. Don’t blame the world for what you could be doing, just get out and do it! Find something else stop blaming!!!!

      • We fought and win the equal pay for equal work fight in the early 1970’s. I was a part of that movement. If you are still being discriminated against, speak up. It is in he law. As far as having rights taken away, of which “right” do to speak? Having mandatory health care? Do you understand the meaning of MANDATORY? Then you speak of controlling your own body, if you are speaking of abortion, are you not destroying the child’s rights in the process? Then you speak of “others” that are being discriminated against. Who? The illegals? Since when should they have rights in the USA? I won’t give my opinion on marchers. You must absolutely do what your morals dictate. All I ask is that you examine those very closely.

    • Pop your bubble…

      Marc Belisle

      Everyone is missing what is happening here.

      Trump’s Muslim ban getting slapped down by courts, the media condemning it, protesters coming out, politicians from both parties finally starting to speak up about it, all tee up something.

      Now, with Steve Bannon on the NSC, and the DNI and Chair of the Joint Chiefs sidelined, the ONLY thing that needs to happen is for a big terrorist attack by a Muslim refugee, especially a green card holder. No previous president would ever have done this, but we’ve gone through the looking glass. That attack would give Trump and Bannon rhetorical space to say that not only are Muslims the problem, but also, politicians from both parties are a problem, the media is a problem, protesters are a problem, and the courts and judges are a problem. They’ve already prepared all of this. Kellyanne Conway was on TV this morning saying that the ruling of the “Obama appointee judge” doesn’t affect the executive order, because the order is “preventing not detaining” and it’s only a small percentage of people affected. They’re TRYING to cause a Constitutional crisis and tee up the idea that national security, and executive law enforcement, trumps EVERY other consideration. Almost every Latin American country that copied our constitution fell to dictatorship because of that argument that national security trumps court rulings at some point in the last hundred years.

      And since Trump’s national security establishment has been hollowed out by purges and hiring freezes, and since the Constitution forbids military deployment within the US, Trump can say that government law enforcement isn’t working, we need to contract out to private law enforcement.

      Erik Prince, the former CEO of Blackwater, the private army that occupied Iraq, is reportedly “advising Trump from the shadows.” His sister is Betsy DeVos, one of Trump’s biggest donors. There is already a mercenary army waiting in the wings.

      Russia won this election for Trump for a reason, and we are failing to appreciate the gravity of it. We are so much closer to zero hour than anyone in Washington seems to realize. Trump is already in violation of the emoluments clause. He MUST be impeached before it’s too late.

      • Get a life, nelle. Yeah, it is surprising. Imagine, how crazy that he read it on the same day it was posted and commented then and yet no woman commented until several days after it was posted. You would think that one of the first comments of praise OR criticism would come from a woman but no women commented until the article was posted for 3 days. But, you know, lets come down on a man because he commented a complement on the article first. The sad part is that it took 3 days for a single woman to respond in any way here.

        Jacob Avery, good for you putting yourself out there.

    • It was a lovely letter but it didn’t take into account how many different reasons families were on those streets marching. You talk much of sexism. There were over 600 partner groups involved. Groups like the SEIU that looks out for all workers from hotel staff, factory workers, and up. Alliance for Justice, Alliance for Nurses for Healthy Enviroment,Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness, DC Lawyers for Youth, many groups to help out lower income families, and certainly many groups for all of the unique cultural backgrounds women have in this wonderfule country. I could write on and on about the positive and uplifiting reasons people were there but it would be a novel. You can find the list at I am unsure why you single yourself and your daughter out as a “second class citizen”. What does that mean? You somehow struggle more that the rest of us? I know people living in New Your City that live like rats in apts. so small 3 units will share a wash tub as their shower, I know people living in the midwest living in mansions. In fact usually my experience.. i think we all struggle. I mucked stall for years to help pay for my college. Grants ans local universities, We all struggle. That march covered so much and was so filled with women supporting women from all walks of life. It quite simply, was beautiful. I’ll bet you have made up your mind about who I am, but I happened to have spent the entire previous month on that site designing and preparing for 45’s Inuguration.

    • Some women accept the station in life to be second class citizens. That is their right to choose. I would never accept that station in life and I would never teach my child to.!

    • OMG, thank you so much for marching for me Judy. I can sleep more soundly knowing that my rights as a woman are now protected again because of the men and women who marched around in those stupid pink hats and listened to hysterical celebrities give inane speeches. You know what I get paid that exact amount of pay as my male counterpart given he has the same level of education as me. I also chose not to kill my two children while in my womb because they were conceived of love and economical concern for my situation. I didn’t use abortion as birth control because I knew better not to put myself in a tough decision about choice.

      • You get paid the same as your counterpart due to new federal legislation put into place under Obamas administration. You’re welcome, but don’t get used to it cause there’s no telling what legistion trump will overturn. Open your privledged eyes.

      • Lilly bedwetter. Why don’t you have faith in women? I bet Cynthia is perfectly capable of making equal pay based on her qualities and merit. Real women don’t need the government’s help.

      • You may have not aborted your kids ( neither did I) tell that to the thousands of Women who get raped by these so called men who impregnated them and now must carry her rapist baby and be constantly reminded of the hell he put her through (that reminder never really goes away ever no matter how hard they try to forget it’s always there because of judgemental people like yourself demonize Women to the point they are afraid to tell anyone because said rapist threatened death if she opened her mouth… But people like you who don’t care about anyone but yourselves. You can sit behind a keyboard and pass judgment onto others Monday through Saturday and Sunday morning want to act like a good God fearing Christian…. I hope one day you tell your children how their 45th President raped and sexually assaulted Women and a 13 year old child and your honest enough to tell your child that you are ok with rape, I hope they see how big of a bully he was along with his supporters, I hope you tell them that you weren’t a racist but you supported racism so that makes you no better than Trump, how you voted someone in who’s White Privilege signed for pipes to be laid in S. Dakota and once again in history the White man stole and damaged the Native Americans land, tell your children the truth that you voted for a man who was hell bent on keeping Hispanics and Muslims out of this supposedly diverse and culturally excepting Country and you voted for and helped pay for a wall that kept loving, hard working parents from their kids and spouses because you didn’t want them here for lack of a piece of paper, tell your children that you excepted how the President elect used racial slurs against the Black people in this Country and explain how Trump gave his supporters the platform to spew their hate and racism to all those of color, those who wern’t White. Tell them all the above because that IS the TRUTH.. Hopefully when you tell the truth to your children they won’t grow up to be just like YOU.

      • Lilly- Actually there was a law passed in 1963 (Equal Pay Act) to prevent men and women with the same job and the same education from getting different wages based on their gender. It has been regulated by the EEOC before Obama was even in office. Not sure where your idea came from that Obama created a law to protect wages for women 🤔

      • I also get paid the exact same as my equal male counterparts, as a member of the military we get paid based on a pay chart determied by our rank and time in service Not our gender.

      • Aren’t you lucky that your children were made with love. This is not always the case. Abortion does not apply to just living cells. Celebrities screaming obscenities, like our elected celebrity president. People marched for more than just women, which by the way was left out. People marched for love, not hate. People marched because the women who did are called bitches, baby killers, pussies who won’t get in line. No sir, people marched because we have to. Why is it so hard to understand the reason that people have rights today is because of marches before this one? I wonder what the view of those pposed of the civil rights or women’s suffrage march said after.

      • Obama passed a law called the Lilly Ledbetter law that corrected a flaw in the equal pay statutes that allowed employers to keep paying women less then men. Look t up for yourself. Also regarding taking care of Children after they are born, Congress voted this past week to eliminate the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIPS) that allows the children of poor families to get Medicaid until they are 18. Now if you have kids and cannot afford Health insurance your children will get no medical care except forgoing to the emergency room and the Taxpayers will pay 10 times the cost of care than a Doctor’s office. Do not pretend that you care about making sure children are born but don’t care if they die after they are born. All you really care about is forcing other women to suffer for having sex. What you really are for is forced birth, you are NOT pro life. All of you so called “superior” women that do not need any help supporting yourself or your kids may just be surprised one day when your meal ticket leaves you for a newer model.

      • IMO anyone who finds negativity or cannot see the point of this letter and how it empowers people is one who is always looking for someone else to blame. You are so right Cynthia, WE make choices and others should not be forced to pay for them but before this mentality will work, people must find value in TRUE love such as that between a mother and child and then spread THAT kind of love, not this hatred spewed by women such as Madonna, Ashley Judd, etc. It would be wonderful if ALL women only conceived and gave birth to those children they could afford and were willing to give all their love, common sense and wisdom to, those they will teach to be accountable for their choices.

      • Maybe you should quit listening to the teabaggers. I don’t need to listen to celebrities to have a fucking opinion.

      • Lilly Ledbetter, Where I word men, women, black, white or whatever working under the same classification of work were paid equally long before Obama con America to gain access to the White House. You muddy the water.

      • Lilly ledbetter
        I’m not sure about you but I got paid the same as my male equal partner long before Obama even thought of running for president. He had nothing to do with it. You need to learn your history.

      • Well congratulations on your choice to have your children, but somewhere right now a woman may be told if she was to continue with her pregnancy she may die and maybe that said woman has a child at home that would be without a mother. Or maybe a little girl was molested and became pregnant by her drunk uncle and should she continue to have this baby, or maybe she should have the right to terminate the pregnancy as soon as she found out, before the embryo becomes a fetus, under proper medical care. It’s not always as simple as some slut using abortion as birth control!!!!! Just for the record, I’m not pro abortion, I’m pro choice because it’s none of my business! If you choose abortion as a form of birth control, you are sick, but rarely that’s the case!

      • I don’t believe she was referring to the recent march, she was talking about the women that marched for our right to vote, go to war, work for equal pay……. Maybe you should re-read the letter.

      • Yes! Yes Cynthia Rogers! Thank you. Thank you for being a woman. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for being your own person. Thank you for standing up, to tell it like it is. Thank you for being a realist. But, most of all, thank you for being an American!

      • Lilly- Back in 1970 after graduating school to become an X-ray technician, a fellow student (who later became my husband) & I both got our first jobs making the same exact salary doing the same exact job. Just an FYI.

      • Cynthia, you are blessed to have 2 children and the economic well being to raise them. You were lucky enough to be able to make that choice. Why do you assume other women will be irresponsible when given that same choice? Will you step up to raise that child after its born? Why do you wish pain and suffering upon a mother forced to give birth to a child when she knows it will die from an untreatable malformation? Or what will you do to save a child born to an addicted mother? Or a rape victim who was completely unprepared for a child? If you are unwilling or unable to protect all of these children, then don’t tell other women you know better than they do how to live their life. The world is much more complicated than your life. Abortion is one of the most difficult decisions facing any women, often a choice made to save her own life to be alive for her other children, so don’t make that decision any harder.

      • Well said Cynthia. I got paid the same as the males on my job also. We were all treated equal. I wouldn’t have had an abortion either but in some cases I do understand why a woman would. And no I don’t need to march. If I do it will have to be for a good reason. Something that would really help Senior Citizens and the future Seniors.

      • Good for you, but what about those who don’t make the exact same? Shouldn’t there be law enforced saying no employer is able to discrimate based on the fact that you are a women? That’s great you chose not to abort your children, were they products of incest / rape? No? Wow you kept a wanted, healthy pregnancy. Let’s all pat you on the back and call you the Virgin Mary. Good for you. Sadly not all pregnancies are wanted, would you rather a fetus be removed or have anothe child in the system? Would you rather a women terminate her pregnancy KNOWING THEIR CHILD WILL DIE UPON ARRIVAL? Or keep the fetus and then have to go through the trauma of birth only to have to bury their child, never seeing their chest rise with breath? Just because that was your choice doesn’t mean other women should have the choice to do what they feel is right. Certainly it does not mean that our government should dictate what happens to a woman’s body.

      • I am just reading through these comments and wondering why no one seems to understand the importance of Lilly Ledbetter. All women do owe her a “thank you.” The equal pay legislation that was put into effect during the Obama administration was done so do to her many years of working the same job as men and making less. It took many years of determination on her part to change this for all women and was too late to make any difference to her. I don’t get disrespecting a person lie Lilly. I salute you and all you have done to even the playing field for all women. Thank you, Lilly.

      • All great movements began with resistance and protest. The Women’s March was no different. Those who minimize it’s impact are in denial. The above article is inane in it’s naiveté and white privilege.

      • Lilly, what a load of bunk. I get paid as much or more than my male counterparts. Way before Obama. No one “gave” me that. I earned it. I worked hard, negotiated well, and made choices that enabled that.

      • Good for you I’m happy you live in a country where you are taken care of. But not all women are. Many have 0 rights from birth! Don’t forget that we do not choose the lives we are born into. You need some perspective. 🙂

      • I’m responding to this Bre person, so I’m sorry if someone else gets the notification that I responded to them, but anyways. Ma’am you seriously need to calm down. He’s our president and you need to deal with it. Stop telling other people how to raise their child. I think this post is honestly beautiful and points out a lot of key and important things. In my opinion (and this is my opinion so I’m sorry if you don’t agree with it) but I think protesting is going to do abouslety nothing. So for her to say she won’t march I think is completely fine. Also, if I got rapped and got pregnant I would keep the child so I could raise the child and teach them not to rape, and how to protect themselves from it. Once you’re raped that memory will never go away. Killing a child is not going to stop the memory and make everything better. I’m sorry you don’t like our president I’m not much of a fan of him either. But you need to deal with it, you hate him that much please move. I’m not saying that what he did to sexually assault those women is right because it’s not and I am disgusted by it. But no amount of protesting can change the fact that he is our president. Protesting will not get any law as passed, or remove any laws. But getting back to the abortion topic, if a women gets raped, or gets pregnant for that matter, I believe she should keep the baby. The child deserves a shot at life and the child is our future. why kill the child? What good does that do? And to all the people who have got abortions I’m not shaming you either that’s your choice I would just like to say I think it’s wrong and you basically are killing someone. I’m sorry to bother you, and I understand that you have an opinion I just felt I should share mine, so I hope you have a nice day.

      • Please try not to forget that you would be very unlikely to be able to obtain a decent education or be employed at all (or have the right to your own wages/money/possessions) if not for the efforts of women and men who were during their own time, described as hysterical.

      • Privilege is when you do not THINK something is NOT a problem, because it is NOT a problem to YOU personally. You are privileged. As for the abortion stuff at least you know you would HAVE the choice if needed.

    • Yes, with many in vagina suits/hats and screaming obscenities. It made them look horribly unintelligent and like a joke that no one took seriously. As a woman, I was embarrassed for them. I am FULLY strong and capable of being whatever I want to be and working hard to get there. I also don’t need to kill children to assert that I am a woman with rights. This march was more of an embarrassment than anything. It didn’t change things. People like Rosa Parks changed things for women. She was HONORABLE, strong, passionate and many times didn’t say a word to make her point. This is a woman with class and dignity. A woman that was a world changer. The women acting the way they did in costumes, hats, screaming obscenities and trashing the streets with litter, did not.

      • Hey, who said we trashed the streets, except outside Trump’s property. Who said we shouted obscenities; I didn’t hear any. Who said we wore funny costumes. I didn’t see a one.

      • Those few women who thought it would be funny or draw attention to their cause by wearing those “suits” are not representative of the many real women that marched. I have seen through my own work experience and my daughters that we are not getting equal pay. My daughter is by far more qualified than the man she replaced, she has as much time in the facility as he had and she has a higher degree in their related field and was paid 20% less then ha was when she took over. Why? Because she was a women and they thought she would not fight it. Sad for them she did and won!!! As for the abortion, when you stand up for the child outside the womb I will march with you for repeal! Until they stop the cries of “no more SNAP or Medicaid or WIC to help the small children then I feel that you really don’t care about the child just about your right to govern their bodies.

      • N. Roberts,
        Maybe your daughter made less because she just assumed the position and her male counterpart that she replaced had held the position for many years and earned raises to have that pay. See when you start off a new position regardless of how long you r been at said place you start off at the bottom work hard and EARN your pay. You don’t start off making as much as others who’s been at the same position for many years. Stop crying and blaming crap on others and get out and earn what you deserve.

      • Well, dear Kendra, I was there. The vagina suits were very few and far between, I never saw one. I also did not hear obscenities, and the women I went with and the women I saw were surprisingly normal women like you see at the grocery store and church, many were “older” as in the baby boomer women who fought for all these rights you now feel you’re are entitled to and will never lose. Pray God you are right, but just in case you missed the Trump/Breibart agenda, I went for you, to put them on notice, that women are not going back to the kitchen. I love my kitchen and I cook for 10 children a day, but I want those children to have the right to education, careers, health care, and dreams, I will not let Conservative right-wingers tell them they only have value if they are white males. By the way, did you read the Breitbart article about women not being happy since the invention of the washing machine and birth control? Interesting perspective. I marched for you, and your children, no need to thank me.

      • Rosa Parks was a secretary for the NAACP. This didn’t mean she too notes. Rather, this incredibly dangerous job required her to drive into places like Texas to interview the families of men who had been lynched and women who had been raped in the name of bigotry, to decide which cases were most likely to change the course of the law of the NAACP filed lawsuits. So–a black women,driving–already dangerous–going to homes where the Klan was actively harassing people, interviewing them in detail–so staying long enough to be noticed–driving home and writing up analytical reports to send to Thurgood Marshall et all in New York City. That she was not allowed to speak at the million man march is a symbol of the double burden she faced as an African-American and as a woman.

      • Kendra – You do realize the silly hats and costumes were to highlight the absurdity and appalling character of the man just elected as Pres or should I say Pussy-graber-in-chief? The March, however, was much more than a few “extremists.” Had you bothered to come out and observe in person you would have seen thousands and ultimately millions of everyday folk like myself, my husband and our daughter marching for a cause much greater than ourselves – human rights, civil liberties and for those less fortunate. It was a peaceful, empowering experience. Go ahead and criticize all you like, but you may have witnessed the largest worldwide protest in the history of mankind. I think the joke is on you.

      • NRoberts, If that’s true about your daughter then you should have taught her to negotiate better. If she took the same job, with the same qualifications for less pay, then that’s her own fault. No one forces you to work somewhere. Men and women differ in the sense that men will have more of an aggressive approach when negotiating wages. Women just don’t utilize the skill as much. That’s why you see more men in distribution and sales (the field I’m in) because men don’t shy away from the sometimes awkwardness of bartering and negotiation.

      • Actually Rosa Parks would have been (and undoubtedly was) treated by many privileged people as a criminal for questioning the conservative laws. How dare she step out of her place as a black woman? Hindsight is 20/20.

      • HA you think having “class” and “dignity” means keeping her mouth shut. If you remember back the story of Rose Parks and what courageous thing she did that day…she RESISTED, she VOICED her thoughts. When she was asked to move she said “NO”. She resisted peacefully. EXACTLY what the women’s march participants did.

        its everybody else fault that you take what you get and not stand up for yourself. I am reading stories where women stood up and got equal pay, but they stood behind their work and stood up to their employer and not marching in the streets making fools of themselves
        why is everything wrong is always someone other than the person in mirrors fault.

      • I am not privileged. Far from it. But I work my ass off and don’t take sh*t from anyone. I have no college education because I couldn’t afford it and I didn’t qualify for assistance due to my race (yes, that’s what I was told). I still managed to work myself up the chain and into the upper-middle class with smarts, skill and dignity. So knock off the judgemental attitude and stop making excuses simply because you have not earned what you believe you are “entitled” to as a female. If you want something then get up off your ass and go get it! That’s what REAL women do! That’s what N Roberts’ daughter did and it worked. Good for her!

      • Agree with the response above me. Single mom, started out at $12 an hour as a bookkeeper. Worked my way up to Corporate Controller while taking care of a little one and earning my MBA through loans that will take me years to pay off. If you don’t like your circumstances get up off your butt and work to change get them. There is nothing about the current system that will prevent you from doing so. No more excuses.

      • Well said, privilege may not be felt by those who have it, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

      • Pretty much. I also think women should be entitled to not be sexually assaulted, raped, and abused…I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

      • These women that marched are the same ones who would have marched for you in the 1920s while you sat at home, because your husband’s vote cancels yours out, right? If you don’t feel like a second class citizen in this country, I feel sorry for you, because you’re too used to men telling you how to think and feel, you don’t even notice it. Some of us don’t want to be raped, discriminated against or told by men what we can do with our bodies. No one likes abortion. I have never had one. I have 6 kids and probably wouldn’t ever have one, but I would NEVER tell a woman what to do with her body. I am married, but I would never tell a woman she needs to be or slut shame her if she had children without a husband. I am not on welfare or WIC, but I don’t shame women who need help to support their children. It is ridiculous how we attack each other. Why do you think our government is controlled by men when women make up 55% of the population? Because men have been telling you what your place is for hundreds of years. Those women might have seemed crazy to you, but so did the suffragettes in the 1920s.

      • Why do you always jump to the conclusion that someone is “privileged” when they don’t believe exactly the same things you do? If it’s not “privileged”, it’s “bigoted, racist, sexist, islamophobic, etc. etc”. So tired of this attitude. Instead of engaging in any meaningful dialogue about the subject after hearing someone’s heartfelt statement, you just spit out a name.

      • And your response, Michelle, is the typical response to any woman who holds a view different than yours. You simply throw out a demeaning comment and walk away. Real courage doesnt diminish other women.

      • She says she’s not privileged but she is. She’s also been brainwashed by a book full of fairytales. She also has too much time on her hands to write this non sense article. She didn’t have time to March… Or parent

      • “Exactly. This is a typical privileged response to the women’s march.” What, is she supposed to be grateful because women marched for her, even though she disagreed, and didn’t ask them to? Is she supposed to feel indebted, a sense of overwhelming support and gratitude because many women took upon themselves- that is made a conscious choice of their own free will- to march for what they believed in and assign her as an ally simply because of her being a woman? Isn’t that being sexist, since you assume that all women should feel and behave exactly as you do?

        Since when do other women get to decide things for other women without consulting them? When does your sex allow you make decisions for other people of the same sex as you? When did she lose the right to disagree or dissent with you as a female or another female for that matter simply because she is Female and you are too?

        That’s the context of the word “privileged” when it’s used to refer to women who spoke out against this march. That They were women and that they were expected to just shut up, sit down, and be humbly thankful for having a decision made for them. How ironic. How tyrannical. How typical of so called “progressives” in this country.

        I’m not sure what your definition of diversity is, but I was taught that Diversity included opposition. In this case Diversity means the welcoming the right to dissent, and respecting that right to dissent. Clearly that’s something Progressive women, like you and a few more who have written against her, have forgotten- even when it comes to their “sisters”.

        Diversity for progressives is forced assimilation. Progressives force you to walk, talk, and think like they do they leave no room for dissent or choice. That is Fascism and Totalitarian Authoritarianism is it’s purest form. Have you even read “A Brave New World” or even “1984” and then actually , critically, listened to the rhetoric of these so called Progressives? The answer is “no” because you threw out a line like “privileged” which is full of prejudicial bias.. You actually think that because she is a Woman she should agree and automatically be “thankful and appreciative” of this march. You left her no room to dissent and have that dissent respected which is contrary to the supposed Ideal of the March.

        Women’s right’s includes the right to disagree with other women, and to have that right of dissent respected by other women, not to blindly accept a creed or rationale they may not agree with because other women are espousing it. When you can embrace that Ideal then you’ll know what true diversity is, until thing you’re just another “Brown Shirt” in the making..

    • I can honestly say that NOBE of the women that marched represented ANY part of me as a Christian woman, wife, mother of 8 daughters, healthcare professional, and decent productive member of society! Why they did do for me was confirm that I’m embarrassed to know that those people even think that they’re real women.

    • Mommy didn’t march for you honey, because if something doesn’t impact mommy, she doesn’t care about it. Mommy is too self involved. She tries to cover up her selfishness by denying these things happen to anyone else, because they are not in her social circle. Mommy even tries to act like she is a Christian while she says hateful and judgemental things about people she doesn’t know. But don’t worry sweet Angel, a lot of people did march for you.

    • The women of today who marched, and all the women in history who have fought for our rights (which changed laws in women’s favor) marched for you and your daughter. YOU ARE WELCOME!

    • You didn’t march for anyone but yourself, and the next time you all march just say your marching for abortions and be done with it . And you ” nasty women” speak for yourselves cause your not speaking for me. A bunch of TRASH.

    • Yes Little Bird, and thank God you are white, middle class, have parents that will pay for your education and your health care regardless of your age, and you will never be impregnated by a rapist or have a life threatening pregnancy. Thank God for these gifts because over half of the world’s women do not celebrate your privileges.

    • The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world! If men are so horrible what went wrong after all woman raised them Did we not teach them right?

    • I am thankful for the millons of women around the world that marched and for the ones that continue to do so. It troubles me the way people manipulate the words to make a situation look “normal” when it is not….There is even a term to justify it, “alternative facts”. The fact is that we have a very unstable, unfit president that can not differentiate the importance of his actions and its consequences. The reality is that everything that the people before us fought and died for, to ensure that ALL OF US live in a civilized and compassionate society, is been challenged by this president. We The people march for the rights that YOU, our beloved sons and daughters, were born in, and for the future of the ones yet to be born. Learn history, be informed and Make Your Own Desicions. This is your right too. Peace, Love and Compassion FOR ALL HUMAN KIND. March On!!!

      • This was beautifully written…. I’m a mother of grown boys but I have a 5 year old granddaughter that I would like to know these truths when she grows up…. You have an extremely Blessed Daughter to have a Mother with a Strong Mind and Amazing Common Sense

      • It was beautifully written, and a breath of Fresh air. Thank You!!! I do not a little one (my daughter is 19) but I will make sure she reads this as well, I know she will appreciate it, as do I.

      • I loved this too. I taught for 25 yrs and the men in my dept with the same degree and education and longevity as me got the same paycheck as I did. We were paid on a scale that took into consideration education and longevity. If a man made more than me, it is because he has taught longer than I and he was on a different column of the pay scale. I don’t need to run around with vaginas on my head to realize how special my body is. It was created that way for a reason. My body does incredible things that a man’s body cannot. Unfortunately I was never able to use my body to produce children, but that is not Donald Trumps fault. That was the luck of the draw. Had I been able to have my children from my own body, the 7 children I adopted, as a single woman, would not be here today, thriving and happy.

    • I just sent it to my teenage sons as well! ❤ You can’t rationalize with irrational people. Ignore the negativity momma(To Mary! 🙂). We are only temporary citizens here… God is sovereign, even over this season of insanity! ❤

      • Yes, because all of those thousands of people are irrational for not beleieving the same exact thing as you. Geez, do you people hear yourselves? Probably not because if you ever said this stuff outloud you’d be shocked at how ridiculous it sounds.
        You are just a regular human person too! If the judgement and glory is for god, get off your high horse don’t comment on others and their beliefs. Which means you need to delete this post because a judgement is all that it is.

    • Great. Then they can have a messed up view on women, just like you seem to. Thanks for raising more mysoginists! Just what we need.

  1. For all of the Daughters and Granddaughters, I marched for you because this mommy voted for an evil man for president of the United States. This man mommy voted for has admittedly grabbed women by their private parts without their permission, this man walked into the dressing rooms of young girls and women while they were in various stages of undress without their permission, and has said very naughty things about these girls; this man is wanting to send your friend’s mommy and daddy back to the country that they came from because they wanted to bring you here to America for a better way of life. This man that mommy and daddy voted for wants to make people pay more money so he can be more rich than he already is and he is using the office of the president to line his own pockets while taking away healthcare from that little girls and boys like the ones in your class that don’t have very much money, and that their mommy and daddy look for help with insurance from the Children’s Health Insurance Program that this man your mommy and daddy voted for took away. So now your friend cannot afford to go to the doctors when he or she gets sick. Or when their mommy and daddy who so bravely fought for our country have been denied the benefits that help them now that that have to live with the anguish of having to fight in a brutal war. This evil man took away so much from so many, this man who has everything would rather see people thrown out into the streets then lend them a hand. So children like you will now have to do without because of this mean, nasty-mouthed and disrespectful man is creating a country of hate based on countless lies and abuse of power and privilege. But you know what, Sweetheart? There were millions of mommies and daddies who did march for you and your mommy because even those she may see things differently than I, I still have her back, and I will always have her back whether she appreciates it or not. So don’t you fear, little one. We’ll make it a America a better place once again, a nation where we can once again know if you work hard enough, do well in school, and eat all of your vegetables, we will be the land of the free where hope may once again be a reality – without this mean nasty man. Yes, we can. And we will do it just for you ❤

    • I love your response! ❤
      HOW THE HELL DOES THIS ‘WOMAN’ think she got these rights?
      Such a sad commentary. So happy she has lived this life where she has not been sexually assaulted at work, or raped by her father or his friends, or beaten up by her husband for merely looking in the same direction of another man, or kept home to ‘serve’ her husband, or made to be ‘assistant’ to the boss and not the boss, because you couldn’t work a few days due to staying home and taking care of your sick children, or being charged more for healthcare because you might have kids someday… I could go on and on!!
      May you always be protected in your ivory tower.

      • I am not against the March, but I did not March. I understand the importance of what it was about though. I am not 100% educated on everything that is going on, so please educate me. I respect what you have done and I know that there are a lot of injustices in the world.

        I was not aware there was a possibility that women could lose their right to vote. How would this be possible?

        I feel afraid to post this, in fear of it being taken the wrong way, and I will be ridiculed by you and the other people who did march. Neither side is without fault. I’ve seen attacks by both sides. If you want our daughters to speak out, we all have to lead by example. You want women to be able to speak out without being ridiculed, but reply to this woman’s own thoughts that she put out to the world, and you call her privileged and that she lives in an ivory tower. Lead by example.

        Fear of not being raped or killed: we need to have a better trust with our police departments. Rape and murder will not stop because we hope it will. But we need a better relationship with the people who are there to protect us.

        Clothing: we have all judged someone based off of the clothing they wore. Men and women the same. This is a personal thing, and not something that can be stopped by any government regulations, or women’s marches. If so, please explain as I may have not gotten the meaning you were wanting to portray.

        Makeup- the statement you made sounds like it is an issue with self worth. if that is the case, what does that have to do with looking pretty for your man. Unless he made the woman feel less worthy, it has nothing to do with him. it comes down to the companies that sell the make up and market it to make it seem that you need this product to be the best person.

      • Jan, you are right. Any privilege they/we have today was because somebody marched. People/women died for the right to vote. Women who get raped are still blamed, even though they are the victims. And our geographical place of birth does not give us the right to condemn others.

      • All American citizens should and most likely will always have a right to vote, no one on earth can speak their mind without ridicule… because there will always be someone who has a difference of opinion. Us women who believe killing an unborn baby is murder and that women should not have a choice to be able to do that, face ridicule from those like you all the time. A woman or man for that matter will never be able to walk down a dark alley without fear of being raped or murdered dear. Our world is full of sin and that will never end until the Lord comes back… also you should always avoid dark alleys… common sense. Also, a woman of dignity and morality should always dress with class and cover her body. To keep men from lusting, but also to be reapectful of herself. Although, no matter what a woman wears, a man will still lust after her because man ( and woman) are human and without a close relationship with Christ, and constant leaning on Him, we will fail and let sexual immorality win. A woman can wear whatever she wants by the way, many of you women who marched looked absolutely ridiculous in your obscene outfits as you yelled and screamed foul things. But still, you were able to wear them. Also, if you are so against Men, why do you want to look pretty for them? All it is going to do is make them lust after you! Hahaha. Just curious. 🙄🙄 I’m so over it.

      • Do you really think marching is going to ensure any of those things? People going off on things that have been going on since the beginning of time…….. And things that haven’t even happened ????? And You can vote and say and wear what you want – hearing and seeing some of the vulgarity out of the “ladies” that marched was evidence of that ! Got a news flash for you buttercup – some of those women made Trump sound like a saint. That was a total embarrassment to women and to our country.
        Don’t know where you’ve been but we’re being charged more for healthcare and health insurance than ever. We don’t know what’s being proposed but there’s a possibility it could be better than what we have now !!! This “oh, poor me” attitude is getting old, and nobody owes you a freaking thing. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

      • You say you marched so women won’t lose the right to say what’s on her mind without fear of ridicule, yet that’s what you are all doing to her for her simply stating her mind.

      • I have to wonder if the real Lily Ledbetter has responded here and if so, do people responding know who she is? I have to think that they do not based on their responses. I marched as well and was proud to. We were marching for more than just reproductive rights and equal pay. I received some criticism – from men and women – for doing so. I saw the fat meme folks were sharing.My sister and her friend marched with me. My sister let folks know that sharing the fat meme only made them look small. She was a hospice nurse for a long time and said none of her patients cared that she carried extra weight. And that her husband of 32+ years didn’t care about the size of her butt but he sure cared that she was by his side when he passed away. I was told I should have just volunteered and that would have done more for people. I let folks know that I can multi-task and can march to protest our rights and I can volunteer to help people, which I do. I wish I could have protested today regarding the immigration ban but ready for the next one.

      • Actually, you sound like you are on your high horse Jan. The march was a joke with women marching around in Vagina costumes…REALLY??! Madonna dropping the F*** bomb every other word. Not many people I know live the privileged life. They worked their butts off to get ahead. You marching didn’t ensure crap…sorry to burst your bubble. Going to college and earning a degree to better myself ensures me a better future. Learning to protect myself by attending handgun classes and a gun permit ensures that I am able to protect myself. So please stop being a man’s just getting old. The real march was the March for life….You not killing those little babies, which 50% are women is the real story. These men, women, and children did not’ wear vagina costumes or threaten to blow up the White House or scream at men…and blame them for everything they don’t have. Pull on your big girl panties and work for it …instead of blaming others. I pray for all men & women….even you.

      • Thank you for fighting to ensure that our rights will not be infringed upon ever again!!

        I’ve had this same go about over and over.

        “Why are the marching ? They have rights ”

        Me: ” they are ensuring that no one ever takes our rights away”.

      • No. You did not March for women like us. Women like us are not privileged. We just aren’t so easily offended. We don’t blame an entire country for the wrongs of individual men. I’ve been assaulted. I’ve been raped. Do you honestly believe that your March will stop that? These things are already illegal. You can’t force a mindset into the entirety of America. Monsters exist. Protect yourself. Carry pepper spray. A gun, if you’re comfortable with it and of a good mind set to do so. The marches do nothing but confirm the stupidity and irrelevance of the cause. The hats. The costumes. The vulgar words. The “nasty woman” speeches. They’re shameful and an embarrassment to a lot of women. It isn’t just me. You ignore our opinion on this matter the same way you ignore the facts. The same way that the majority of us ignore this entire movement.
        You want change and yet no plausible proposal FOR change has been presented. What do you all ACTUALLY want to be done to solve all your terrible problems. There is already an equality act for men and women. And it IS enforced IF you fight it when it is violated. Rape has never been legal. Assault has never been legal. Words are just words. Ignore them. I do it. Every. Day. And no one forces you to wear make up. Maybe you need to choose less crappy men. I wear make up for me. I love it. I love feeling pretty. And I earned the money I used to buy it all by myself at my crappy job that I don’t complain about because I put myself there. I can work wherever I want. Including military. Ya know, they’re calling a mandatory female draft? Which means any and all women could be forced into service. Just like the men. That’s equality right there. Just what ya’ll want. But see, in the military, you’re opinions mean NOTHING. Literally NOTHING. Granted, no draft has been used since the 70’s. but still. There’s a possibility our daughters could BE FORCED to participate in WAR.

        So no. You do not represent women like me and Mary. You are not fighting for us. That’s ALL you.

      • Are you serious??? What would you have the govt do to prevent the scenarios you listed. There will always be stupid people. And you didn’t march for my right to vote. Nice try though.

      • Well said Jan! And to all the women who attempted to ridicule the women’s march and stated. ” We marched our asses to the polls and voted for Trump” It’s because of the kind of women who marched in the women’s march that they even have the right to march their asses to the polls and vote. This is just another attempt to pit women against each other, the old divide and conquer. Stick together ladies! If you want to see something get done just tell a strong women it’s impossible and she will prove you wrong every time.

      • If these were all the things you all marched for then why were you wearing vagina hats, and carrying posters for abortions, you guys looked really stupid and please don’t ever march for my rights you all just make women look bad.

      • Hi Jan,
        Anyone who speaks their mind runs the risk of being ridiculed. Some fear it, some don’t. Free speech goes both ways. People here have the right to speak their minds as well as the right to ridicule others for doing so. So how then do you expect any president to keep this from happening?!? Bad things can happen to men and women when “walking down a dark street.” It would be great if there were no criminals in the world but there are no matter who the president is and which party is in control. Are you being told what clothing you are allowed to wear? I’m not aware that the US has a dress code for men or women, unless you are referring to public nudity being illegal or school’s having dress codes. Also, please fill me in about the women being forced to “spend large amounts of money to wear makeup.” Your post is the best example of alternative facts I’ve seen today but I am truly sorry if the world you describe in your post is your reality.
        Lastly, I know it is easy to disregard the comments of anyone who doesn’t think women in the US are oppressed by saying that the people making them live in an ivory tower. It is easy to assume that anyone disagreeing with you must have voted for the other party’s candidate (and that therefore automatically makes them wrong in their thinking). It is also easy to assume that any woman who agrees with Mary’s essay must not have ever been the victim of sexual or domestic abuse. I can’t speak for everyone but I can at least tell you that all of these assumptions you made about the author – and now probably make about me – are completely wrong in my case.
        Also, just because Mary has a different view than yours doesn’t make her any less a woman. She’s a woman, not a ‘woman’! Just like you. Just like me. I’ve heard a lot this week about sisterhood but true sisterhood is about love and respect for ALL sisters, not just the ones who share the same beliefs.

      • So you’re marching for an irrational fear of losing something that by laws of the land can’t be taken from you. You have fallen for the left wing media’s campaign to spread irrational fear into susceptible people just to stir up mass hysteria. Congratulations, you took the bait hook line and sinker. As for things President Trump did in the past, are blameless of any wrongdoing in your life? Even in the Bible God used men of of ill repute to move accomplish his perfect plan. This President needs to be given a chancef to prove he has the country’s best interests in mind. He’s already done more to ensure our safety than Obama did in 8 yrs. So take your irrational fears of “what may” happen and put that energy to doing some positive to make this country what is best for all. Marching with a pussy on your head just proves yo uhh have no rational thought.

      • Thank you Jan. I am thankful for those who marched for me, my mother, daughters, and granddaughters. May our future generations benefit from assertive “nasty” women who let the world know our culture must change.

      • what world do you live in because majority of what you stated in your comment is the not the responsibility of the government? Sentencing your rapist father relies on the government, but the government didn’t permit him to rape you. When did Donald Trump or any presidential candidate say they wanted to take the right to vote away from women?


        1. He never said he was going to take women’s right to vote.
        2. no one said women can not speak their minds.
        3. You need to learn self defense, I have never felt safe with ANY president walking down a dark alley, it’s not a political thing it is an evil thing.
        4. You ARE able to choose any clothing you want,
        5. If you are spending “Large Amounts of Money” on makeup so you can look “pretty for your man”, You are dating/married to the WRONG man.

        It’s all about our Freedom of Choice, which we have. Screaming and threatening and running around in stupid costumes, belittle your “cause”.

      • Yes, yes, and yes, Jan! I’m hoping this author’s daughter gets away from mommie dearest as soon as she can and discovers for herself what a sheltered and pampered life mommie lives. And that she discovers for herself that there’s a big old diverse, engaged, and intelligent world of women out there whose lives and experiences contradict all of mommie’s deepest held beliefs.

      • All of the things you are referring to are more an issue of social pressure or someone breaking the law. Is there a law that your daughter has to wear make up that I am not aware of?? Or cannot speak her mind? Talk about entitled. Have you ever stepped foot in a country where women cannot actually speak their mind? Or vote? Or can get raped without a law being broken? These are the women you should have been marching for!! You marched so your daughter wouldn’t get raped in a dark alley?? What magical march was this?? Last I checked there was a difference between rights and the perfect world. Our rights were won by proud women marching and acting like they deserved to be treated equal to men. Not be screaming, throwing fits in the streets and wearing vaginas on their heads. It was embarrassing.

      • I’m sorry but you do not know her life story, you have no clue what she has or has not been through, so stop assuming you do…..It only makes you into an ass.

    • Don’t you ever say Obama did shit for our military lady. The military is worse than it has been in years because of him and so is the Healthcare for them. Yall can go back and forth about your stupid women’s March but when you use the military to try and prove your point, DONT GO THERE!

      • Army veteran here:

        I am furious as to the turnout of this women’s march. I am angry because I feel an amazing opportunity was wasted. I am angry because one of the largest movements in history’s response was a tweet on social media, BECAUSE of the women who skewed the message with their “costumes”, hate and vulgarity. I’m angry because now, further attempts wont be taken seriously. I am angry because a celebrity who is idolized around the world, who could have made a serious impact, had the opportunity to give a version of a MLK speech, instead choice to make dumbass comments about how she dreams of blowing up the White House. I have every right to be angry at the way this march played out. I fought for this country, I bled for this country, my brothers and sisters died for this country. It brings me to tears that the rest of the world laughs at us, our own president won’t take us seriously because of the actions taken during this march. Yea trump is watching, and fucking laughing behind his ugly ass gold curtains.

        So yea I’m pissed. I am seriously disappointed. Am I done fighting? No. But I will not participate in these movements while they continue to look like a circus. And please, do not give me the “it’s okay I will march for you” crap. I don’t want any association if you think the actions of those individuals who chose to be inappropriate, were just. I will continue to break down walls in my own way, without hate, without vulgarity, but by using the proper channels and presenting myself as a strong woman with integrity and vigilance.

        And the women who choose to follow the same path, the ones who did march with dignity and the respect they deserve, I commend you. You will be the ones to shatter that glass ceiling. I am sorry that the ones who chose to be inappropriate overshadowed you this time. We cannot let that happen again.

      • Actually in 2015 the House Appropriations Subcommittee voted to remove $1.4 billion in veteran’s services from Obama’s 2016 proposed budget. The Republicans also voted against Bernie Sanders’ Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act in 2014 after attaching unrelated amendments to the bill. But sure…keep telling yourself it was all Obama. Or maybe stop being a useless lazy person and do some research.

      • In 2004, W Bush used veterans to Swiftboat John Kerry then turned around and cut the living crap out of the funding for VA hospitals after he was re-elected.

      • Tell that to all of the men and women who were finally able to add their loved ones to their page 2 (Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data) in 2013. Prior to 2013, same-sex couples were not recognized on the page 2. This meant that the service member could not designate their loved one for important benefits. The page 2 is the military’s official document that is used to determine person(s) to be notified in case of emergency or death, person(s) to receive the death gratuity, person(s) to receive unpaid pay and allowances including money accrued during missing or captured status, unused leave, travel, per diem, transportation of family members, transportation of household goods, etc.
        The Obama administration supported the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which is what led to this change. So for some people in our military, Obama certainly did do shit.

    • YES!!!! Best response on here! I don’t understand how some people don’t get it. Isn’t it blatantly obvious what a horrible man he is?! I don’t even understand how that needs explaining. Hopefully people will come to their senses but I wish that would have happened before November.

      • Actually Kara, I think we have come to our senses and that is why we voted the way we did. This is not nor ever was a nation of free handouts, it is a place where every American has the right to work hard to better their lives. As far as our President, have you googled Bill Clinton lately or are you assuming that just because he is a democrat that he is above doing anything “nasty”. And while you are at it, Google his wife who was the defense attorney for a rapist. Boy are you in for a shock! You could actually go back further than Clinton, but the point remains that Pres. Trump “said” something 10 years ago and is being castigated for it. Have you never said something that was wrong, or bad, or incorrect? I agree with you that I don’t even understand how any of this needs explaining, because the facts are out there, and maybe you should use your due diligence to find out the whole truth before you start sharing your bias and ignorance. As I see it, Pres. Trump has made some mistakes (haven’t we all), and is doing a pretty good job for 1 week in office. So far he has opened up new jobs for thousands of people, has removed the funding for sanctuary cities (those were STUPID regulations), his executive orders are transparent (he actually explains what they are for, not like our previous president), and the stock market is up considerably which indicates that there is generally a feeling of hope for the future of this country for the first time in 8 years. My suggestion to you is that you and others like you in the Millenial Group not be sheeple, but actually find out what is factual and true and go with that. And before you jump to the conclusion that I am running you down or some such, I am merely explaining that there are ALWAYS 2 sides to everything. And, maybe you should find out the facts before you go off in a tirade (I learned that the hard way). I’m not saying you have to like him, but he (like everyone) deserves a chance.

      • Can someone please explain to me how WOMEN teachers are being charged with sex crimes with students and are getting less of a punishment for it than MALE teachers who are also being charged with sex crimes? Also, in both situations, the students are claiming consent. (I do not claim, in any case it is right, I’m just curious where the equal rights arguement falls here)

      • If you think he is so horrible please state how you think Hillary was any better. She set a really bad example for girls and women in general by accepting her husband running around on her with multiple women. Is that the example you want to show your daughters and sons? That it’s ok for your spouse or partner to run around on you with multiple women? It is really alarming to me that women who claim to be for equal rights for women think this behavior by her is acceptable and want to vote for her.

      • DITTO! Trump is like a nasty cult, you can speak the truths yet he hasn’t said anything but, it’s gonna be great, hugeeeee, or fantastic ….he hasn’t said how, what, where, or when it’s just going to be huge! The man is a want a be con artist and he preys on the weak, meek, and ignorant! You will not hear his hearings on rapes etc. Because. He has already dissolved the ethics committee , blocked the cameras and the newspapers from Congress! If that isn’t a sign of guilt just in time for his hearings to start. I have been following this worthless garbage Trump for years. I suggest all of you go back thirty years and start reading the truths!
        We are marching because, we don’t want another HITLER and that’s exactly what this man is, and he’s showing his true colors!!

      • Deluded aren’t you. Suck it up butter cup…we suffered and languished for 8 years under Obama. People are fed up and taking back our country. We were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. I for one was fed up being called a racist anytime I voiced my opinion contrary to the idiots who are now rioting and protesting like petulant children because they didn’t get their way. Too freaking bad! Our turn to turn this country around. This was our one last chance to make things right. We are not racists because we do not agree and we are not bigots for trying to keep our country safe. We have what a lot of you people lack…its called common sense. It is sad when people that do not get their way have to resort to name calling. Buck up and grow up butter cup…if you didn’t like the elections, you are really going to be hating life. But that’s too freaking bad!! We want our country back…Obama can keep his change!! We are going back to being the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

      • so is it about him personally? or womens rights? cause I heard several yelling how it was never about him personally, but womens rights. I guess I am confused?

      • Still pushing this repeatedly debunked lie, Carolyn? Hillary Clinton was appointed to defend a rapist. Do you not understand that people who commit crimes, no matter how heinous, are awarded the right to an attorney. I’ve never said I was going to grab anyone by the genitals so…yeah….I’d say that makes me a better person than Trump. I’ve also never cheated on my spouse. I guess you must be really pro-life and love the thought of those refugee children being killed in a war zone. Man, you are a piece of work. Brainwashed by fake news and a terrible human to bet. I would hate to be your child.

      • Carolyn, I am just asking; is adultery multiple times just “mistakes?” I am just wondering because everyone does point to Bill Clinton for this but no one seems to care that Trump has cheated on each wife with the next one. That is certainly more than just saying something disrespectful about women. In fact I remember the first time I thought he hated women, it is when he berated Carly Fiorina for her looks. It was disgusting; and it wasn’t 10 years ago and she is also a Republican. It was at the beginning of his campaign and left me feeling low and sad. I remember when I was a child, looking up to the president, no matter the party lines and thinking they were a respectful, decent human being. I do not feel that with President Trump. I do not name call him; nor do I disrespect him in any manner; but I also do not look up to him or look to him to show me an example of how a Christian man should behave. I also do not agree on the policies he is laying out and plans on laying out. I wish I could say America First. But honestly, I would rather say People First; Empathy First; Humanity First.

      • I don’t agree that he’s “horrible” but put your personal opinions about his personality aside. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe people didn’t vote for him because they thought he was a nice, approachable, pushover? It’s obvious that he won the election because people wanted ACTUAL change. I don’t care if he’s brash and not politically correct – I didn’t vote for him to be my friend, or my child’s role model, I voted for him to fix this broken country.

      • I totally agree with Carolyn White, if you lie to yourself enough times about PRESIDENT TRUMP (I love the sound of that) you will believe anything! Obama almost destroyed this country but people prayed and God answered! After 8 long miserably years were finally great again!!!!

    • You’ve repeated a lie before you even got to t the third sentence of your diatribe. Donald Trump didn’t “admittedly” grab any woman’s “private pasts” without their permission. What part of “and they let you” did you not understand? I know it may be a shock to you that there are women out there who let men grab their “private parts”- did you march for them, too?

      • “Letting” someone do something after they have already done it without asking (his own words)…is not consent!

      • That was locker room talk. The actress he was referring to already said nothing happened. He also publicly appologized. Which one of you libturds is perfect? All of the sexual assault charges were debunked and dropped. Set up by the dnc. Timing wasnt a bit odd? Dont be lemmings. You are so unforgiving to Trump yet you give Hillary a free pass on how she treated those women after Bill raped them or how she defended a child rapist. She has no soul. Give the man a chance. We gave Obama one. Didnt cry riot and protest. Grow up and move on.

      • Yes! They want to twist what was said to push their own agenda. He never said he grabbed anyone without their permission.

      • I caught that too! He admitted nothing of the sort and anyone who took that talk seriously is a moron. Billy B knew it was bullshit when he heard it why do u think he laughed so hard. Good lord ladies cover your v Jay Jays Donald’s in “power”..or just walk around in giant replicas of them you keep doing you. Vomit.

      • “They let you”

        Yeah, and when bullies took money from me in grammar school, I “let” them too; I was way too intimidated by their strength and power to resist. You know, the way that many victims of sexual assault “let” the rapist do what he wanted because they thought the consequences would be far worse if they actively resisted?

    • Please stop forwarding that lie “against their permission ” he said “and they let me” there are many women who would let a billionaire do whatever he wanted if he just asked. I’m not one of them but at least use truth to make your argument

      • He did not ask permission, “they let you” means that they did not stop him, which is not permission. Several victims have come forward with accounts that support this.

      • And that makes him a man of integrity? Maybe people would “let” him because being rich means you can buy your way out of anything. Look how many lawsuits he buys himself out of. But I guess all the women who said he groped them are liars, right? Man, you are naive. Here you have a guy bragging who could grope women’s genitals and then women say he has done things like that and you defend him. Maybe you’re raising a little future rapist of your own.

      • Isn’t one’s person sacrosanct? What would be your reaction if a man walked up to you and grabbed your crotch? Would you allow your children to do that? What would be your reaction should someone grab one of your children by their genitals? Do you think that if a woman dresses in sexy clothes she loses the right to have her body respected? I find it extremely frustrating that Republicans often tout less government, fewer regulations, but that attitude/agenda does not apply to women’s bodies, among MANY other problems I have with the current Republican agenda. As a liberal independent, and yes, I am a liberal independent, I find the idea of anyone dictating what I can and cannot do with my body, including having its sovereignty rejected, rejected.

    • ❤ and this is exactly why we marched! And why we will continue to do so. The OP's privilege is showing. It hasn't affected her so she doesn't see it…yet.

      • I’m 68 years old and I haven’t “seen it yet.” I grew up in the 60’s, have lived through some pretty bad presidents and am willing to give President Trump a chance to prove himself to do what he said he would do. I remember Obama promising “hope and change” I’m still waiting. He changed this country alright, but definitely NOT for the better. I have to laugh at some of you young woman who think you have it SO BAD in this country, wow!

      • Lilly I was paid the same as my counterpart as a cook before Obama ever even thought of going into politics most companies do pay the saME ONLY A FEW DID NOT AND THOSE ARE THE ONES HE WANTED TO TEACH A LESSON TO AND FAIRLY SO BUT DON;Tput it as all companies he did it for

      • Fran, You probably haven’t seen it because you’re above it/ not looking for it. It’s like being in a tiny lifeboat floating on the ocean. You might not be AS privileged as the folks floating in the yacht, but you’re a heck of a lot better off than the person wearing the cement shoes on the ocean floor.

    • I would love to see every single one of your claims proven through a factual reputable source. Then I will open my eyes to what you are saying. As far as I can tell without backed proof, you are rambling on about nonsense.

    • Umm, take away health care. Yes, everybody should have health care. I can agree on that. Obama did not make health care affordable. He raised the prices tremendously to give some people free healthcare. Maybe people should get off their lazy butts and stop reproducing when they can not afford to properly care for their family. Stop being raised to take hand outs and work for a living. I’m aware that many people need help, but so many people abuse the system. Why is it fair for people who bust their butts to make a good living to have to support everybody else?

      • So anyone who can’t find work is lazy and worthless and now we have a President who is supposedly going to bring jobs back. So all those people who voted for him are lazy and worthless? How’s that plan going to replace the ACA by the way? How will that make it more affordable and accessible to everyone? Oh wait, that’s right, you can’t answer that because they have nothing.

      • Without places like Planned Parent Hood, that provide affordabe and free contraceptive care, or the right to safe and legal abortion….. Do you really think the population is going to decrease?

      • You do know that statistically, most people on government assistance actually work right. There are a few whom abuse the system. But that number is minor compared to the honest hard working people that collect aid.

    • Wow. Where did it ever say that she voted for Trump? Talk about jumping to conclusions and basing an argument on unsubstantiated facts. I didn’t vote for a Trump, and i didn’t march’. For many of the reasons listed here. My mom wasn’t separated and widowed when I was three years old and we lived in a housing project for a time. I was the first in my family to attend college. I dropped out, returned later in life, got my degree, went on to law school, and repaid my law school loan on my own following my divorce. I was faced discrimination based on my gender while I was married, I got a job in the rural south despite the good ole boy culture, and my paynwss equal to that’s of the men I worked with who had equal education and experience. While Inhave never had children, that is not because of a choice to have an abortion, but through birth control that I paid for myself. I would never deny another woman the right to choose whether or not to give birth, though. That is an individual decision that she must determine.

    • Pump the brakes! Trump is not taking any of the presidency salary, he doesn’t need it. If you had been watching, reading, listening, you would know that. Yes, he did grab their private areas, but he was young. He apologized, no that doesn’t make it right. We’re all human, we make mistakes we regret. I’m sure you’ve made plenty. You’re bringing up military, but Killary let a bunch of them die! But you don’t care about that part, do you? She didn’t care about those men and women. Freedom isn’t free, freedom comes with a huge price tag. The price of life. Obama didn’t care about the many men and women serving our country. Obviously you don’t either. He said he didn’t care for foreigners coming here, if they do it LEGALLY! And I agree 100%. I pay my fair share of taxes, I can’t get health insurance because Obama had that jacked up right from the start. I can’t get Medicaid, food stamps, or any kind of government assistance, but those illegals sure can! 99% of them will take a dead persons SSN and use it. They take someone’s identity for their own. Is that fair? No! They use a fake ID and file for taxes they didn’t pay in! When the IRS catches on, they just simply get a new identity. I didn’t March because I do have as many rights as men. I choose the life I’m living. I work hard for everything I have, I don’t expect the government to take care of me, only lazy people think the government and world owe them something. That’s just selfish. If you want something, you work hard for it.
      You’re a big time Hilary supporter, did you know that she believes in late term abortions? Do you know how they do those? Those babies are innocent, and they should get to choose what happens to their own body too. But you don’t think that way, they feel pain like we do, maybe worse than we do. Because their nerve endings aren’t done developing. So please tell me why you think it’s ok to kill them?

      • Look at history. Other presidents did much more than grab at women. Some, while they were in office. Right Hillary?

      • Eduction, education, education. By law, he has to take a percentage of salary. You’re repeating everything you heard on Fox News.

      • He was young?! He joked about grabbing women’s genitals in his FIFTIES. Is that considered young now? Everything you’re saying is untrue and based on fake news. No wonder you haven’t succeeded in life. You’re a loser who wants to blame everyone else for your own inability to be good at anything but complaining….and then complaining that liberals complain. How pathetic.

      • “Yes, he did grab their private areas, but he was young.”
        -Sherburt on January 28, 2017 at 5:00 pm

        Trump is 70 years old, he made those particular statements in 2005. Here they are to refresh your memory.

        “I moved on her like a b**ch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married.”
        “I did try and f**k her. She was married.”
        “Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”
        “Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything.”
        -Donald Trump 2005

        He was a very young and naive 58 year old boy… Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Sorry, just had to reply to “Yes he did grab their private areas, but he was young.”

        Young? That was 2005. He was pushing 60. 6-0. SIXTY. YEARS. OLD.

        Ladies and gentlemen…a Trump supporter! 😂

      • Have you ever made the “mistake” of sexually assaulting someone?? What felony tripped you up in this life time that you had no consequences for afterwards? Please share.

      • You’re gross. You people defend that vile man as if he was your father. He was young? That’s an excuse for his behavior? First off NO that is not an excuse and 2nd he was not “young.” You’re starting to believe you’re own lies

    • Funny all of this is hypothetical because it hasn’t happened yet. Get off your soap box already. You want to see a change go be the change. Have you made a real difference in someone’s life today? This week? This month? If you can’t answer yes to those then don’t think marching with a vagina on your face is really going to get you anywhere.

    • Glynda, You marched and nobody cares! You are speaking of a future that doesn’t exist. No one has taken a thing from you! You can still murder your child if you want! My opinion counts as a woman too, don’t you think? I choose not to pay for your abortions. Pay for them yourself! Back in our Hippie days we saw to it you had a safe clean environment to have one, but girls paid for their choices themselves. Long before Obamacare when my husband lost his job I had better health care then with the insurance we paid for. Obamacare was horrible! I was forced to pay for insurance that I would have done better without. You don’t know what your talking about…. Few Doctors even accepted it. Nightmare! Do you not see the moral decline of this nation? Wake up! You talk about Trump going into dressing rooms. Right or wrong he owned those dressing rooms! You don’t care that men can come into your public restrooms with your daughters, just because they aren’t sure of their identity. Men have always entered dressing rooms of clubs! You have a choice not to work there! His agenda is towards making benifits better for the Vet! Right now understand previous admiration it’s not so good is it.must you really distort the truth! You really want men to come into this country illegally who hate women and little girls and rape and maime and murder them! We can’t have a better way of life with them taking over and that exactly what they are doing. Oh, you are so niavive! The gay community mays as well hide under a rock, because under sharia law. Gay=death! I will March for my sisters when in fact my privileges are being taken away! Fact, they have not! Fact, things are looking better! I for once have hope in America! God bless this Nation.

    • “This man is wanting to send your friend’s mommy and daddy back to the country that they came from because they wanted to bring you here to America for a better way of life.”

      What?!? That is a ridiculous thing to say. So Trump wanted to send them back because they wanted a better life for their kid? Nice way to put a spin on that subject. Listen, if you come here illegally then you have commited a crime. I have no problem with people coming to our country as long as they do so the legal way. If you came here illegally to birth your child here, then you put your child in danger and that is dumb. At the very least they should be forced to register for being here illegally and pay a fine, as well as go through the citizenship process the correct way I don’t expect any foreign country to circumvent their laws just for my sake. Trump is not Hitler, you can keep trying to say he is.. but he isn’t. Women are not second-class citizens. The system isn’t perfect, but women are far from second-class citizens..

      • “These people” as you’ve ignorantly stated did NOT come here illegally. They have green cards and visas. People do not come through JFK illegally. 🙄 Trump is very close to becoming Hitler, while Bannon pulls the strings. He is a self proclaimed Leninist. Who praises Darth Vader, Chaney among others. Please open your eyes and stop watching Fox News. It’s clear you’re incapable of empathy, you might want to at least try sympathy. Y’all are unbelievable.

    • I understand the fears of so many women, and men. Take a breath, people who voted for Trump. Think about what you’d be thinking if the only news you listened to came from MSNBC, CNN, or NPR. I’ve always listened to them, too. Still do. Those outlets have always leaned left. This year they went off the cliff. We saw the same thing in the primaries from many republican politicians. Nobody wanted a nonpolitician. They view him as a threat to they’re way of governing. Networks are used to political power because of their reach to thousands of people. They’re used to being able to destroy people if they so choose. They spent the entire election cycle engendering fear on both sides. It’s what they do. Only time will help heal our country. Time for President Trump and his administration to show that, men and women who are not career politicians, can and will work to better our country for everyone. These men and women understand that a strong country requires a strong middle class. A peaceful country requires opportunity for all people. Opportunity that includes the ability to afford things like homes and healthcare. They will have to prove through their actions that they are not racists or homophobic. That they’re not anti-immigrants. That they’re not callous about the plight of refugees. The left media has spread a lot of fear in an attempt to elect someone they they could still control. Only the actions of the Trump administration can help them prove those fears were fabricated.

      • He is a narcissistic sociopath. And his chief strategist is a Leninist. He is pulling all the strings and wants to destroy everything we stand for. He’s on the record saying this. They both are absolutely racist. If you cannot see the forest for the trees, there’s no hope for you. This is only going to work for the oligarchy. See Russia. This is where we’re headed. Good luck with that.

      • Well said. If Liberals could understand what you’re saying, it would save them a lot of unnecessary angst.

      • So are you arguing that it’s a good thing that we have Trump being hostile to members of the media? Threatening them and having Breitbart alt-right overlord Bannon telling them to shut up? They have already enacted policies to hurt immigrants and refugees. How could you possibly argue that they haven’t? They say this ban on people from seven countries is not about Islam and yet they say they’ll take Christians from these countries. You are truly the one with your head buried in the sand. Supporting racism and proudly proclaiming there’s no way you could possibly be racist.

    • Are you serious?? The man has not been in office for a month, and you’ve already accused him of doing these things. If you paid attention, he said that criminals who were here illegally are the ones who will be deported, and that he would not tear apart law abiding families. Yes, he made some poor choices in the past, but haven’t we all? Hillary was and is a criminal who has put our country at risk on more than one occasion, and when our men needed help in Benghazi, refused to send it. When it comes down to it, I will choose a hot head who needs to learn some manners, than a dishonest criminal any day of the week.

    • Ma’am….you did not march for me. And I voted for that nasty man. I want my children and grandchildren to feel safe in this country like I did. I want the police to be able to do their jobs and feel as if their lives matter. When I am pregnant, my body is not my own…I share it with another human being. Abortion is murder….(agree that there are extreme circumstances) As for health care…Obamacare made it so my children couldn’t afford health care. You don’t speak for me or my community…!! Not ever do you speak for me!

    • Love this! If I were physically able, I would have been marching along with you and thousands of other women who really see what is going on in this country. Thank you!

    • Glynda. Fantastic response to the “Phyliss Shafly’s” out there. They are the most misogynistic of the misogynists.

    • A lot of the points you made here are not even correct…? I would maybe do some research.

      Also, the fact that you stole this authors tune to voice your opinions was ill-thought and classless…

    • I read the first 3 lines of your comment and had to stop due to lie after lie you spewed. You did not March nor speak for me or mine…

    • CHIP was in place long before Trump or Obama. What about the hard working parents who pay such high deductibles now and their co-pays continues to rise so much that they cannot afford to use the health insurance for which they pay? What about the fact that the illegal immigrants broke the law to come here while others wait in line to come here ? And don’t you dare call me privileged because I’m a veteran who has earned two degrees, yet gets paid minimum wage while not receiving child support.

    • You do realize that Obamas net worth prior to being POTUS was 1.3 million dollars and that when he left it is now 12.2 million dollars,that seems like are 438% more than he went in with,so I wouldnt use the term of Trump lining his pockets,he needs zero dollars from his presidency,in fact he clearly stated he wouldnt take the salary,you should make better points.

    • You are so uninformed. PRESIDENT TRUMP is not the evil man you portray. He is for all women’s rights! What this man did or did not due years ago has nothing to do with how well he does his job now! He is doing all he can to protect all Americans.So you need to get informed of what he is doing to MAKE AMERICA GREAT! Leave all the campaign garbage behind! MOVE ON!
      If you liberals would stop condemning our President and make an effort to join with him to make things left in shambles by his predecessor better again he can accomplish more quicker .

    • I marched for my younger self, who was brought up to be a third class citizen. I March for the decades it took to unlearn those lessons. I March for my mother, my grandmother and all women who do not value their own voices. I March for my children, because I want them to have eyes that will see injustice. To hear silenced cries. To empathize with the less fortunate. I won’t teach them to hide or look away from adversity. I will arm them with humanity. That will be their strength.

    • Please don’t pretend to do my children any favors I will raise them to control their own emotions and wellbeing. I will counsel them to stay away from narrow minded people like you.

    • If you voted in the presidential election then you are a citizen and can’t be sent back to the country you came from. Couldn’t read any more of your post because you lost credibility right there. Thank goodness you have a husband that has never in his life grabbed or touched a woman on her vagina or behind without her permission. Thank goodness he never viewed or purchased the SI swimsuit edition or maxxim or cosmopolitan or playboy or penthouse magazine. Thank goodness your daughters can look up to a man that NEVER went to a gentlemens club or a bikini bar or a strip club. And thank goodness you can tell them that all through daddy’s life did he not view or partake or purchase anything pornographic. So thank goodness you and your husband can be up on your high horse and tell your children that never once in your life have you ever made a mistake or had to apologize or ask for forgiveness. Thank goodness you are perfect.

      There are some of us that voted for this man and just like the last man and the man before him, will support him because we the people spoke, voted him in and are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • (Glynda,) I absolutely love this. Thank you for hitting the key points! I also love that you mentioned you’ll have her back, even if she doesn’t appreciate it. ❤ Very well put!

    • The only reason you MIGHT not have had to march, is that many women fought, bled and died for all our rights. Shame on you for caring about you and yours ONLY.

    • Brainwashed twit on display. I bet hese negative types all so anxious to kill children didnt even read this article.

    • AMEN GLYNDA ALLISON. You give hope that even in darkness and a sea of seriously misguided morons, intelligence and grace will prevail.
      What a shockingly disturbing piece of writing, and what limited minds commenting from atop their horses. Wake up ladies and thank your lucky stars that women are standing up for your daughters. You should be ashamed of yourselves for not doing so personally, and I will be sure to tell every daughter who enters my classroom, when we cover the travesty that was this election and the events that followed, how little you did to protect them.

    • Beautiful! Everyone needs the march. This article feels dedicated to the upper white class. As in, none of this will effect you, just put your coach bag on and go about your day. Don’t mind the dying refugees. No one else is, why should we? This is not my America. He is not my president. I stand with my country, not him. #resist

    • Thank you, well said. I marched for them too because the president should represent and be respectful to all people.

    • You did not march for me or my daughters. I have raised them to be self reliant, independent and know that to succeed they must work for it. I would also like to say that you are not a kind understanding person, you are a hypocrite by all rights. While making your case against President Trump you resort to name calling like a five year old. Based on what you have written I am assuming you are a Clinton fan and believed all the B.S. that she sprouted out during her campaign. But how can you stand behind a woman who remained with a man who HUMILIATED her in front of the world, a woman who has taken funds to from countries that degrade their women. A woman who has put her own agenda ahead of the American people. So do not say you marched for my daughters or myself. If we thought the march was something to be proud of we would have been there. Just to let you know I have your back and will continue to until the next election. Bless your Heart

    • Thank you!! I marched to retain the freedoms we have just as those march and fought before us. These rights that we have now are due to the sweat and tears of the women of the past. Never forget or downgrade their battles.

    • If you choose to work in a strip club then don’t get upset when someone treats you like your a vagina. And I don’t believe you where turned down for scholarships or student loans bc you don’t have to mark your ethnicity. Now if you are an illegal immigrant than damn right you shouldn’t get financial aid. Get a social security number start paying taxes and then I have no problem with immigrants make this the land of the free and home of the brave. You are brave by posting such a luscious comment bc hillary Clinton would never be my choice as a centre of American. I’m a smart girl and it took me 8 years to get a degree bc I worked my way through school and I had health insurance through my employer. Wanna know how old is was !!?? 19 ! I worked 40 hours a week, went to college, got married and was 7 months pregnant when I graduated! Yes I’m a woman and no I don’t come from a mild class family. My bank was that of determination and long hard hours. I also graduated with a 3.7 b.a. in history, associates degree in education and a minor in religion! I will teach my daughters proverbs 31 and what ever the choose to do, so it well and better than anyone else.

    • Dear daughters. Don’t be misled by women who lie. This post by Glynda is another reason there is so much confusion. The women you should be grateful to came before us and Obama had nothing to do with the benefits we women enjoy.

    • Sorry, but your shotgun approach, negates your supposed logic and competency! In the first half “..this man is wanting to send your friend’s mommy and daddy back to the country that they came from because they wanted to bring you here to America for a better way of life. …” IF you entered Mexico (or any other Country’s Sovereign territory) BY MEXICAN LAW, ANY MEXICAN CITIZEN can physically seize you and use any force to detain you until Police arrive to ARREST you, if they merely suspect you are illegally in the country. Do they escort you to the Border and shove you back across? OH NO! You get, for the FIRST offense, TWO YEARS in a Mexican Prison! (BTW, Mexico DOES NOT feed you, when you r in Prison! You better have or your family better have the MONEY to BUY your meals! (The MS-13 Type Gangs run the Prison interior, and sell the food! Will you bet it’s McDonald value meal priced?)
      In direct Contradiction to your above statement you tell this child:…”Or when their mommy and daddy who so bravely fought for our country have been denied the benefits that help them now that that have to live with the anguish of having to fight in a brutal war.” Madam! Illegal Aliens don’t fight our wars Brutal or not! I am a 1970’s U.S. Marine and I went through Boot Camp and I.T.R. with a Scottish National who enlisted for 4 years! Guess what, When he received his HONORABLE DISCHARGE, he ALSO RECEIVED the FULL CITIZENSHIP he EARNED! He CAN”T BE SENT BACK! Furthermore MADAM, Veterans were Blowing their brains out and DYING at HOME for THE ENTIRE EIGHT YEARS UNDER OBAMA! VA SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL! Please list for us WHICH UNCARING, INCOMPETENT piece of trash Bureaucrat, EVEN JUST ONE waste of Democratic flesh was prosecuted, let alone fired! Which VA Hospitals were fixed? Finally, If Every Veteran is a U.S. CITIZEN, then just who the He** were you saying the Evil Man wanted to “send back where they came from”? Our Veterans come from OUR COUNTRY!
      Yet in the later section you tell this child how “This evil man…”he is using the office of the president to line his own pockets while taking away healthcare from that little girls and boys like the ones in your class that don’t have very much money, and that their mommy and daddy look for help with insurance from the Children’s Health Insurance Program that this man your mommy and daddy voted for took away. So now your friend cannot afford to go to the doctors when he or she gets sick….” MADAM: I will not use common adjectives to declare the micro aspect of your minimalist intelligence quotient! I will say you need to be able to read and walk into ANY hospital EMERGENCY ROOM! They plastered with the Federally mandated signs declaring your RIGHT to medical care REGARDLESS of ability to pay!!! BOTH in English and SPANISH!
      Perhaps you can’t read English (or apparently Spanish) so perhaps you are an Illegal Alien from China, Yugoslavia, Romania, Latvia? You couldn’t be an illegal Alien from Ireland, England, Scotland or even Canada because they all can read American English for commerce purposes! Perhaps you can read, but restrict your reading solely and exclusively to Bovine Byproduct propaganda the SOCIALIST Democrat Party Members spoon feed you!
      May you find meaning for your life beyond terrifying children and being a Minion to the EVIL ONES!

    • Maybe Glynda should tell her about all the wonderful things Obama and Hillary did,and about the evil man that promoted violence in the streets,and destroyed property that others worked so hard to have….About the evil dishonest man and dishonest Sectretary of State that sold weapons to our enemies,and was allowed to launder money through a huge Foundation created to benefit themselves and our enemies….You should be ashamed for telling your child such disgusting things to begin with,but then I wouldn’t expect anything else from a hater.We all have an opinion,and Thank God ours is different.Be sure and tell her about the Art teacher that shot a water gun at a picture of the The President in the classroom and said she wanted him dead…That is a really good example for your little one….

    • So you marched because you hate the new president, not for women. Why didn’t you just say so?! Ohhh, you guys had to call it a “women’s march” so that wearing private parts out in public would make sense. I can see clearly now. Thank you.

    • Well said Mary. Thank you! These comments are all over the board, but I want to address the most outrageous and incompetent ones.

      Why are liberals always so bad at math? And facts? We have over 350 million people in this country. If we continue to allow more people to illegally flow into our porous southern border, that leaves less tax $ to pay the welfare programs for the legal, honest American citizens. Eventually the scale of MAKERs to TAKERs tips, and the entitlements will collapse. So give Trump a chance. He’s trying to fix a trillion $ deficit, so we all must tighten our belts in that effort. And stop comparing the US welfare system to other countries—not all of them have 350 million people to take care of!

      People are sure to start bitching on here about the temporary immigration policy for the 7 Middle East countries soon, so I’d like to address that as follows: After September 11, Secretaty of State Condoleezza Rice was asked in a Congressional hearing about a memo, from prior to the attacks, that stated “Al Queda intends to fly planes into buildings”. She was grilled about why no action was taken to stop this. I suspect you lefties would do the same to Trump. His actions suggest, the best defense is a good offense. I support that.

      For those of you not calling the women’s march what it really is, I will. You’re pissed off, because you wanted to have the first woman president. Your disagreement with President Trump has a lot less to do with Trump saying the word pussy or immigration, etc, than it does with the fact you just can’t understand why Hillary lost. I’ll explain it to you. In Hillary’s last government job, 4 people were brutally murdered. Then she lied about it. Then there’s the whole failure to protect government secrets, because she wanted her own server. When you do a shitty job in your last position, you don’t get a promotion. Nor do you deserve it, simply because of some twisted social justice seeking “we need a woman president” mentality. (Or maybe she lost because Madonnas promises of blow jobs to liberal voters weren’t “all that”). As far as superior moral high ground over Trump, Hillary didn’t have that either. She aided and abetted a serial womanizer for years. She’s forever clung to Bill Clinton in her quest for political power. Unfortunately, his charm didn’t transfer to her. And where were you “morality” feminists when she was discrediting the women Bill abused? Or when she defended a child rapist? Or when she kept Podesta on her staff despite all the damaging emails he sent while working on her campaign. Why didn’t you lefties cry foul when she was given the debate questions in advance of the debate?

      For the woman complaining about making less pay than a man in her department and you’ve been there for 10 years, why not quit and find the job and pay you think you deserve? For Godsake if you want to be “equal” and run with the big boys, then you need to grow some proverbial balls. If you think it’s too much trouble or too hard or too inconvenient to find another job, then that is likely what current employer sees in your current work behavior and you will never get what you believe you deserve in your current job either. I made the jump twice through my career for many of the reasons you people are bitching about. The first time was 1988 and I was young and working for a team of men that were all sexist 60-somethings. By 1989, I’d learned a lot and I turned in my resignation and took my experience with me. I was the better for it (pretty sure the sexist men are all dead now). Be a better judge of character! When I applied for other positions, I knew the signs of what I did NOT want in an employer and I rejected those job offers. My next company I held 4 advancing positions over 22 years. In year 17 I started a small business and worked both at the same time. Corp by day, small business at night. After 5 years, things were going well enough to quit the corporate job. How did I do it?—I tightened my belt….no cell phone, no eating out, simple meals, simple wardrobe, NO wasteful purchases (lest I mention no booze, drugs, cigarettes, tattoos and other stupid shit people spend their $ on). Smart living gets you what you want. Make sacrifices. IF YOU WANT EQUALITY–STOP SEGMENTING YOURSELF! Just get in there and do it and the boys wont know what hit ‘um.
      Good things don’t happen to you just because you run around the public square in a pussy hat! You need to get off your ass and work for what you want. Put your time to better use than marching with a bunch of washed up singers and actresses. I decided to do a 1 woman march that day doing something positive and actionable helping the elderly.

      For those of you commenting about rights of LGBTQ, get your facts straight. Trump has already said when asked about the gay marriage issue, “it’s already settled”. If you paid attention at all you would know that Peter Thiel, an openly gay man supported Trump at the Republican convention. Excellent speech by him, btw. So what LGBTQ rights do you perceive are in jeopardy exactly?

      For people bitching about paying for education. I worked my own way through college–no student loans. So it can be done, you just need to sacrifice. Your accomplishment will mean far more to you when you earn it yourself.

      And finally, abortion rights… for those of you who feel your right to choose is in jeopardy, get over yourself. Let’s leave rape, incest, and health of the mother out of this, because everyone agrees there. My state outlawed abortions after 20 weeks, which I support. 20 weeks people!! How long does it take for you to decide you don’t want a pregnancy?? I realize it’s a tough choice, but COME ON! I’m a person who had considerable trouble maintaining a pregnancy—you want to know pain, suffering, depression….consider the millions of women like me who suffer through miscarriages and infertility. There’s NO government entitlement program for that! If only our lives were so simple as a “right to choose”. That’s why I believe every woman should have the right to as many abortions as she can afford to pay for. If that’s you, I already contribute to your birth control through my sky high health insurance premiums. If you can’t get that right, handle the next expense yourself.

    • I read what u wrote fully, but unfortunately you’ve been misinformed. Donald Trump refused to even take a Presidents salary, yet u accuse him of using his office to “pad his pockets”. That’s funny because that’s exactly what Obama & his family did. $80 million of tax payers money to take their monthly vacations? Golf courses refusing to let Obama golf because they felt their were more pressing things for him to take care of. Let’s see, the health care u speak of that Obama enforced was not a choice. It was mandatory to buy insurance that wasn’t in the least affordable or they would get hundreds of dollars in fines. Hmmmm guess he needed more money for his vacations. Trumps not dumping the whole thing because he very well could. He is going to have it revamped tho so that it can actually be affordable for school teachers, police officers, fire fighters, & all the other people with jobs Obama detested. No we did march around acting like a bunch of entyutled toddlers dressed up like vaginas because let me tell ya something sister, I’m more then what got decided to put between my legs thank u very much. I’m a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a confidant, a defender of my loved ones, & many many many more things then a vangina. I was embarrassed & ashamed of halls actions & I can assure u I’m not the only one. What I saw was a bunch of crude, trashy, definitely unclassy fools whining like a bunch of little cry babies because who they voted for didn’t win. U want to speak about privileges? Its a privilege to be able to march, to rant & rave like lunatics, to have ur small children out there holding signs with the word FUCK on it & screaming pussy to the tops of yalls lungs. Its ur constitutional right of free speech. Our constitution allows u the privilege to get out there & act like y’all had lost halls ever loving mind. Funny how Obama was so set on revamping the constitution. I doubt freedom of speech would have been left in there when he was done. It would’ve been gone right along with our right to bear arms to defend our selves & our country. Y’all did all that screaming & yelling for nothing. No one will take u seriously because of the actions u chose to put forth. Ur little trashy march was an epic fail on so many levels that it boggles the mind. Let me give y’all a little advice. If u want to be taken seriously start acting like human beings that have a little sense to u instead of raving lunatics. & for all those women who had ur children out there holding those vulgar signs, CPS should knock on each & every one of yalls doors for a thorough home check. They might also need to order a psych eval be done as well.

    • I feel like you just repeated a segment of CNN. Watch a different news channel or even read. Dig to the truth of all of the lies you just talked about and you will find that they are lies.

      And for the record, I know of several people who could no longer afford insurance under Obamacare. They are the people you speak about who are having to make tough decisions for their children regarding medical care.

      Furthermore, if you voted for Clinton then you were going to allow a man back in the White House that not only was accused of all the things you listed above, but was fully charged and convicted. Maybe you weren’t alive went that went on, but Bill Clinton actually paid out settlements to several women before impeachment trials began. His wife, the one you probably voted for, was convicted of making threats to the women and blaming. So who is the real oppressor of women?

      One last thing, when has Trump ever said that if you weren’t born in this country you have to leave? For the millionth time he wants to stop ILLEGALS from coming in. ILLEGALS!! If you come in this country legally then more power to you. All of us Americans hope you do well and succeed. If you are an illegal then get out!

      Oh, what the heck, while I’m on a rant, if you want to call someone racist and a bigot why don’t you look into Hillary Clinto. After all, she calls Margeret Sanger a hero of the 20th century. In case you don’t know any facts other than the ones CNN tells you, Sanger started planned parenthood as a way of “exterminating black people” (in her own words). She also fought very hard for the sterilization of black people. She waned their race wiped out. So, here you have a man (Trump) who is fighting to stop abortion and a woman who calls the founding leader a hero. Who is the racist? Trump cares about saving those babies lives no matter their ethnicity.
      And don’t get me started on all of the KKK members Hilary has ties to.

    • Bien dicho… Well said, even when this Mami words made me mad to the core, I’m glad I scrolled down and saw your post because as a #Hispanic#black#femele makes me feel good people like you have my back and I will have yours. Gracias, Thank you.👣 walk the walk…

    • I love that you said you would always have her back regardless of having different views! That is how we are going to change the atrocious behavior of Mr. Trump. Kindness, perseverance and respect at the most basic level. The grassroots effort of citizens representing what America truly is will keep America great!

    • I literally can’t believe what I just read. Do you know what makes some women and men look ignorant? It’s not being informed on what is actually happening. Continue to watch all the news and internet feeds that talk bad about Trump for the ratings…that makes you smart and looks like you know everything! Better yet, go actually learn what is really going on. I find it humorous what some women are saying on this post. You are making Trump out to be some women hating monster!! We should march about the ignorant women who have NO idea what they are talking about. Just wait and see ladies and gents, I’ll be telling my two girls (who became my little girls the moment they were conceived) that I witnessed some great things and that we live in an amazing place where people who don’t even know us fought for our freedom, worked hard to have equal rights for all, and that’s why you’re kicking ass at college getting your Ph.D! It sure wasn’t because Obama did it, it was because YOU did it, and you were allowed to do it because all women have EQUAL rights.

    • President Trump is human being and like the rest of us has said and done things we wished we hadn’t. For his, he apologized.
      None of which was “evil” or even close to that.
      I get it that you are very angry but to label and slander is not honorable.

    • Wow! When did he do all that? He really has no good intentions? Are you that naive????He took all that stuff away from all those people, lined his pockets blah blah blah… wait, you didn’t say anything about oil yet! Don’t you hear yourself? It’s the same old garbage you say about EVERY SINGLE OPPOSING PRESIDENT! I am old enough to be incredibly sick of it and would think a few of you would be smart enough to figure it out yourselves. Perhaps you could realize people with opposing views are human too, not EVIL. Clinton did do worse things to woman by the way but I am sure you idolize him. And Hilary lied and protected him while demonizing the women… hmmm.

    • I support my friends both Male and female who did march and those who didn’t. I did feel compelled to reply to you specifically though because you have a clear emotional response to the things donal trump said (he didn’t actually grab anyone by their p****) yet I wonder if you voted for bill Clinton who most certainly took advantage of his authority and violated his position and a woman? Or if you were voting for Hillary who helped cover it up and then when she could no longer, made accusations about the character of the women her husband assaulted. I can’t fathom how one side is vehemetly disgusted by one side and hypocritically supports the other. Neigher Clinton or trump were my candidates.

    • Trump never said he did grab women. He said he could. Probably because some women will let men do anything when they smell money. You know its true. Bill Clinton DID srxually abusr eomen and the rape charges are probably true. He paid 850 k to make it go away. Do you really think wearing vagina costumes helped? I am really proud of all the women that marched in the pro life march.

      • More than a dozen women said Trump assaulted them. Or did you conveniently forget that? Let me guess: they are all liars, but Clinton’s assailants aren’t. Trump supporter logic.

    • You talk about sexual innuendos and him grabbing private parts…..I never heard that, only locker room banter. But was it OK for a President to abuse and degrade women while in the White House? Oh, yeah, Clinton was a liberal and that makes it ok. Nothing has changed, President Trump has not taken anything away, I don’t know where the “facts” you post are coming from. The media is doing a good of getting people to believe anything. Do research before you post..

    • Yes and let’s talk about the alternative! Hillary, one of the most corrupt and self serving people ever. Her husband was WAY worse than Trump against women but, that is somehow ok??? He sexually assaulted women and she STAYED with him and helped threaten them to keep their mouths shut, so tell me how she “RESPECTS” women! She doesn’t pay her staff equally. If the Democrats had a backbone they would NOT have allowed Hillary to manipulate and steamroll her way to the election. And then RIG her nomination with Bernie Sanders! Really?! This is who should have been President???? I don’t think so…. I read articles written by Muslim women who decided not to vote for her because she took money, fir her own personal gain, from countries that TRULY treat women worse than we will ever know. So although I do not agree or condone everything that Trump does or says, I just couldn’t imagine EVER having Hillary in the White House. Like I said, had the Democrats chosen a much better candidate, surely there were plenty, then that person probably would have won. There have been PLENTY of people in politics that I couldn’t stand but I would NEVER talk about blowing something up or wishing harm to anyone. These people have families outside of their job. But, so many trashy, classless idiots do and say terrible things. I am a strong woman raising daughters and I will teach them how to disagree or stand up for what they believe in WITH CLASS AND DIGNITY.

    • Beautifully said, Glynda Allison! I’m teaching my twin daughters to steer clear of women and girls like this author. I’m teaching them that they will always encounter women such as these who have an innate lack of self worth but that their mommy marched in solidarity with women who don’t feel the need to kowtow to anachronistic patriarchal rules. Thank you!

    • Yeah right! Her mother didn’t march because her president’s behavior of grabbing women by the pussy is acceptable for her and her daughter, because her president’s behavior of mocking a disabled person is OK for her and her daughter, because her president’s behavior of stiffing his contractors, workers and drove them to bankruptcy is OK for her and her daughter, because her president’s behavior in choosing greater profits, more money over protecting the environment to provide her daughter with clean air and water is acceptable for her and her daughter, etc. Her mother didn’t march because she is a self-serving, privileged, short sighted, and coward woman, who didn’t see beyond her own comfort. Her mother’d better start to shape her as a nice piece of @$$ for sexual perverts/predators like her mother’s president. However, I do hope that the daughter will grow up to be a well rounded individual, professional who would come to appreciate all the marches by the women before her time to provide her with better opportunities and a clean environment for her own children.

    • Who are you talking about? Obama? Bush? Clinton? Clinton is a womanizer who has repeatedly publicly humiliated his wife by his actions, who had sex in the Oval office with a young intern, and repeatedly lied to the people and Congress. His wife supported his cover up and raged at the women he had affairs with while he was President, (and before, and after he left office). What did that show to women?
      Is he the mean, nasty man you are writing about here, because I think Clinton’s messages about the value of women has been out there for many years, and I never once heard CNN call him a liar.
      Clinton sold the people of the U. S. down the river by his passage of NAFTA. Who was it that denied veterans their benefits? Who was it that filled their own pockets with money that was not theirs?
      Don’t march for me, lady, educate yourself about the history of our country. There are many women who have succeeded without the excuses that you are putting out there, women who work hard for what they have, and would never expect the taxpayers to pay for their medical care, or their educations, because they worked for those things themselves. Protest all you want to, because you have that right in America, but don’t pat yourself on the back and believe that protesting takes the place of common sense, or morality, and working to take care of yourself and your family.

    • BRAVA, Glyda This article started out nice and than I became nauseous. This woman is ridiculous and Girls around the world are dumber from reading the stupid article. As I scroll down through the entire article as I read all of it I saw (the blaze radio) wow of course. Its women like this I call the real cry babies because it makes them so upset that people the majority of this country will never accept this tangerine president. They just can’t handle it, it really really upsets them and angers them to point that they choose to wine and create propaganda this woman should be ashamed of herself. I feel sorry for her daughter. Not lies, Ramirez however you probably lie to yourself everyday so I can see why you can’t tell the difference.

    • I love this! This article could have made me throw up. The only reason she can right all these mommy this and that is all the women before her marching, and rallying for women’s rights. Just because this mommy is privileged enough not to feel the sting of others realities doesn’t make it untrue for so many.
      The article does make the odd decent point I will give it that, but for the most part it screams religious holiness, and neglects every other woman.
      As a woman in a males industry who almost lost her job because of being a chick, who works with so many of these women’s husband’s. It would shatter you almighty souls to hear the words out of their mouths.
      I didn’t march, but not because I didn’t need to, but because I was busy with my baby girl.

  2. Wow, thank you so much for your beautiful words, Mary. I’m crying. I had to read it twice and will share, it was that good.

  3. Wow. Shocked at the way you’ve belittled all the women out there marching for you and your daughter and people all over the globe. We have a president right now that is threatening our democracy and collective rights. We marched on Saturday to stand up against all that the man represents- against the patriarchal mentality that powerful men can grab whatever they want, that they can choke the world to death with their quest for dirty oil, that they can recklessly cut fundings to science and art and human health services. We were standing up for the millions of women throughout history who never had a voice or got the chance to take to the streets in solidarity with eachother. We were standing up against a patriarchy that punishes women, LGBTQ, POC – anyone not like their own kind – with socially oppresive and divisive tactics. We must fight back– to show solidarity for something we can all agree on— EQUAL RIGHTS! For many of us (4 million!) whom you are so quick to toss aside here, the march was an incredibly powerful and reaffirming day/moment/human event. It’s a shame you can’t see it for what it truly was, or for how the spirit of it can and will benefit you and your daughter.

    I pray that you can see where we’re coming from. When you’re ready, we welcome you both to join us.

    • Dear whoever you are,
      You used the word “prayer” in your commentary. How insightful that you have such a misplaced sense of what prayer is and what it is used for. Our Creator, had He been at the “rally”, would have shed a tear for all of His created beings that have so flippantly cast Him aside for their own misguided, demeaning, and utterly disgusting self interests. First of all, not having conjugal visits would certainly avoid the need for killing a baby in the womb, saying NO – may help, if not, there are a variety of products that can be used to intervene in a potential for re-creation – BEFORE the fact – NOT after! Any pregnancy could culminate with the most brilliant human being ever birthed – perhaps one that has already been killed was sent here to rid us of Cancer and the shellfish “mother” aborted her or him. As to the other issues those repugnant “celebrities” were screaming about, our new President hasn’t yet strung up anybody on the yard arm so why sink the ship? If he does, there are plenty of folks that will intervene. A little purposeful, honest prayer would be good to help guide the new captain and his crew to put and keep our Country on a better course than the one we’ve been traveling for the last eight years. Yes, I lost my job because of our previous leader but instead of spending valuable time walking in the street and making myself look like the “trash” that was on YOUR march, I spent my time searching for and acquiring a new job so I could honor my obligations. Yes, I settled for a little less money – hard to replace what had been built up over 38 years – but soon was rewarded for the hard work invested and regained my stature in the market place. It’s called The American Way – stop whining and get to work – plenty of opportunities available besides wearing out the bottom of your designer sneakers. Here’s a novel idea – why don’t you spend some of that “marching time” helping the disabled or a wounded veteran who sacrificed his mind and body for your freedom. Oh, you sorry souls – we will all be praying for your enlightenment.

      • Which veterans were YOU helping on saturday? Also prayer belongs to the person and the lord, not for you to define. Jesus, the nice middle eastern activist would have marched at the front, if you believe the stories in the book. He defended the downtrodden not the system so what makes you think he’d act any differently today?

      • Saying “no”? Why is it on the woman? Guys are so, soooo pushy starting in teenage years. They whine & guilt trip & don’t want to use condoms, BC they don’t feel good…. Oh but its all the girl’s fault when she gets pregnant… Should ve been stronger & said no, no matter what. Its ok for men to take a drug that makes them hard & horny, BC they don’t seem to have any responsibilities towards getting a girl pregnant. It’s not ok, tho for women to have access to affordable(not free) birth control. Put it all on the woman, even tho men are in charge, signing the papers to keep them in charge, & keep women having to work harder for the same pay & respect. I work 2 jobs, I pay my bills. I don’t need handouts, but I have no problem handing to those less fortunate. It’s what Jesus would do, don’t you think? I, luckily have no children. I can’t imagine bringing more children into this divided, hate filled world today. I work w kids, & try to instill confidence, intelligent decision making, compassion. I hope they grow up to care about others, & make the world a better place.
        The majority of the marchers are employed people. They pay their bills. They pay their insurance. They believe in equal rights. It’s not all about you, it’s not all about me, it’s all about us. So many people these days are all about themselves. It seems that we are moving farther away from being “united”. It does nt matter who voted for who anymore. We have a new administration. However, that does not mean we have to sit back & take what ever happens. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

      • Your “creator” I’m assuming you mean God, or your parents, who actually created you, wouldn’t even be allowed in the country because of Trump. This whole article is BS! Most of you are too. You sound like a bunch of hens clucking to the same tune. Like you’re all brainwashed! For yours and your daughters sake, I hope noting terrible happens to you and you need, oh I don’t know, an abortion late term due to complications or your asked for sexual favors to get a raise at work. I hope your husbands don’t leave you for the hot new female employee his company hired because ya know, you have 3 kids at home and you’re starting to look a bit rusty. You anti march ladies live in a plush little bubble. Enjoy it. For it can all be taken away in a flash.

      • Do you think your version of God sheds a tear for the refugee children not permitted into this country for fear that they are terrorists? Does your version of God shed a tear for the immigrant families that may end up deported? Or does your version of God not care about brown people in general, even if they are Christian? Interesting that you raise up people who research cures for cancers. Are you aware that most scientists are not religious? I’m also curious how a good Christian like yourself deals with your version of God when you go around calling people trash and making them feel less worthy. I guess a fetus isn’t really of much value to you if it can grow up into a liberal. Then its life it utterly useless, vulgar and disgusting in your mind. I wonder at what age you begin to see them that way. Do you hold the same hate for children whose disgusting parents had “conjugal visits” and can’t find work? Are those children despicable and worthy of being homeless and starving? Because really that’s what you make it sound like. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this coming from a fake and hateful “Christian” like you. I guess if I believed in your version of God I’d tell that one to shove it.

      • Dear Diane,

        I’m thrilled to let you know that Our Creator did in fact take part in the march! I saw Him in the crowd at the Mobile, Alabama gathering. Unfortunately, He was wearing one of those stupid pussy hats. It really challenged my faith. Cool Guy though, surprisingly laid back. Turns out, He IS against human abortion. He didn’t mention anything about shellfish reproductive rights.

      • God Bless you. You wrote so eloquently what my heart and thousands of other women like us feel too. Thank you with all of my heart.

      • Jesus, being from the Middle East, wouldn’t have been allowed here to march in the first place 😂

    • “We were standing up for the millions of women throughout history who never had a voice or got the chance to stand in the streets in solidarity with eachother” what about the millions of babies throughout history who never had a voice or got the chance to do ANYTHING because they were taken that right away by their mother when they felt they had a choice to murder them? Just a thought….

    • I really wish you ladies would quit saying you marched for me, because you didn’t. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you did not march for all women. There women such as myself who would not to be associated with a mess such as this. Women running around dressed in vagina costumes, or writing on feminine products, or running around shirtless, and strapping profanity to little children’s back. This march that took place was a train wreck. There was no dignity in the way you represented women. Why don’t you think you have equal rights?

      1. You have the right to vote. There are women in the world who do not have the right to vote.
      2. You have the right protection from violent crime, there are still women in this world that if they are rapped for example. They are the one punished, or even quite possibly put to death.
      3. The simple right to drive a car, women in other countries don’t have.
      4. You do have the right to abort. In other countries women do not have that right, and the horrid truth some of those women is. They will carry a child to term and if that child is not a boy, that child could be killed.
      5. You have the right to walk proudly down the street dressed as you please, and for all the ladies out there who have husbands you can walk proudly beside your husband. In other countries women can’t do that. The only part of them that can be uncovered is there eyes, and they have to walk behind there husbands like humbled little dogs.
      6. How many of you were traded off to your spouse for a cow? I want honest answers here. None. There are women this happens to every day in other countries.

      Don’t say you marched for me because you didn’t. Here is suggestion, you want to march. Catch the next plane to one of these countries were a woman is no more than property and march. You wont do that because you wouldn’t make it back home alive. You know that as soon as you stepped off the plane you would be done.

      So you see you didn’t march for all women. You went out in the streets and had a tantrum.

      Finally.. I support your right to protest, and I support your right to assemble.

    • Thank you, propermountain. I’m a mom of 3 daughters who marched along side them, in remembrance for the way things were when I was young – and in determination that they will never be that way again. Those who call us names for marching, the young moms and dads, will never know what it was like to be a woman even 40 years ago. I thank Alice Paul and the suffragettes for my right to vote, I won’t waste it. I thank Rosa Parks for her bravery, I won’t take my ethnic privilege for granted. I thank Gloria Steinham and Robin Morgan for their ceaseless efforts to give your daughter her “equal rights” you speak so highly of. When I married, it was still legal in that state to for a Man to beat his wife. That was only 30 years ago. You have no understanding of our fear of losing the rights we fought so hard throughout history to give your daughter, because we have lived without those rights. It pains me that the young have not been educated on the truth, but on a bastardization so that it will fit a minority agenda. You cannot make the desire of some to stop all abortion a litmus test on every issue. Without a commitment to care of those already living on earth, many of the unborn are doomed to lives of poverty, neglect and pain. I didn’t have to agree with everything said, worn or carried that day to know it was the right thing to do. I marched proud, I marched long, and I will do it again.

    • We already have equal rights so that was not the reason for your march. Looking closer we can see the real and not so subtle reason. Those women used equal rights as a platform to spew their hateful and vulgar attack on President Trump.

    • Many belittled themselves by the way they acted.
      Nowhere does she state she voted for Trump not sure why these comments are so politically charged.
      I agree with it. Many didn’t march, because they don’t feel the same way as those who brought this march together do. I couldn’t march because I am pro life. How does a woman marching for justice provide such injustice to another woman? Many stand here on this form preaching hate toward our new POTUS. Hate against fellow human beings that like this letter. For what good? You provide your wisdom as truths all must agree to or you cut them down like they are worthless. Stop fronting as a fighter for all women and start realizing you are only a true fighter for women that feel the same way you do.
      Great letter to the author I commend you for putting this out. And I couldn’t agree more.

    • I love this!
      This article could have made me throw up. The only reason she can write all these mommy this and that is all the women before her marching, and rallying for women’s rights. Just because this mommy is privileged enough not to feel the sting of others realities doesn’t make it untrue for so many.
      The article does make the odd decent point I will give it that, but for the most part it screams religious holiness, and neglects every other woman.
      As a woman in a males industry who almost lost her job because of being a chick, who works with so many of these women’s husband’s. It would shatter you almighty souls to hear the words out of their mouths.
      I didn’t march, but not because I didn’t need to, but because I was busy with my baby girl.

  4. I have 6 daughters. Some of them are white. Some of them are black. One of them is transgender. I will march for them forever. I will be loud for them forever. I will fight, protest, resist, advocate, educate, learn, get political, speak up, speak out, and never, ever be silent in order to make others more comfortable. And guess what? The 7 of us will fight for your baby girl even if you won’t, and we will fight for you even though you don’t believe we need to.

    • Well said Libby, To the rest: Oh, sorry you’re offended by those of us who marched. I marched because I could see that women still are not treated as equals, in fact when you look at the Women’s movement of the 1960s, we have not made much progress, we were so hopeful then, when I was a college student. Some things have changed and improved, the laws tend to be supportive of women’s rights, but when someone, like Trump and his colleagues continue to treat women as playthings and adornments, rather than human beings, I feel degraded. When men are making decisions about our reproductive health, I feel degraded. Marriage should be a partnership, with shared decisions about our roles in the family, and what’s best for our children, not meek little women bowing to men’s dominion, (or meek guys bowing to a woman’s dominion) for that matter.

      • You shouldn’t decide if another human lives or died. The baby IS NOT YOUR BODY. It is a human being with the same right to life as you.

      • I marched because I can. I’m using a right while I can to keep it from disappearing. I marched for unity because I live in a divided country. I don’t want to write a letter to my daughter telling her I am sorry I didn’t stand up to protect the document my forefathers left for me. Blessings to this mom and her daughter. May freedom ring.

      • I believe “Marriage should be a partnership, with shared decisions about our roles in the family, and what’s best for our children, not meek little women bowing to men’s dominion, (or meek guys bowing to a woman’s dominion) for that matter” is very true. However, today’s feminists attack men. They are missing the key part of respect. Also, when things happen in the world that make you feel degraded, look at the media, musicians, Hollywood, even the current clothes we wear, they all portray women as sex objects much more than your average Joe or even politician. If you want respect, act respectful. We women aren’t. You don’t just get it because you ask. You earn it. I believe that we should have the right to an abortion, but today’s woman has lost the art of being a women. we’re not men. We should recognize this and celebrate the differences. I was very successful in business before I stayed home to have my kids. I was not ever treated like I was less because I was a female by men. Meanwhile, the females out there were cutthroat and viscous. I think they thought they couldn’t make it on their own, which is not true. You think we haven’t make much progress since the 60’s, it’s because not every woman wants to be in the workplace. I feel you and I are closer in belief than apart, and it’s nice to hear a woman say what you did. I just think that as women we need to own the change we want to happen.

    • That is because you are someone with a kind, selfless heart. I know your daughters will grow up to be amazing women, because they have an amazing mother! Thank you and God bless you.

    • I love this! This article could have made me throw up. The only reason she can write all these mommy this and that is all the women before her marching, and rallying for women’s rights. Just because this mommy is privileged enough not to feel the sting of others realities doesn’t make it untrue for so many.
      The article does make the odd decent point I will give it that, but for the most part it screams religious holiness, and neglects every other woman.
      As a woman in a males industry who almost lost her job because of being a chick, who works with so many of these women’s husband’s. It would shatter you almighty souls to hear the words out of their mouths.
      I didn’t march, but not because I didn’t need to, but because I was busy with my baby girl.

    • I was at the Commander in Chief’s Inaugural Ball – I had the honor of standing beside Kristen Beck, a former navy seal who is a Purple Heart recipient and transgender woman. She was there cheering President Trump on with me, as were many other men and women in uniform of all different races…there was unity among all of us…
      No fighting, no shouting, no marching, no anger…
      So why are you?

      • As a white woman, I totally agree. Many white women just don’t understand the privilege they are afforded simply because of the color of their skin. Wake up and see it! It’s nice to be able to put down the defenses and begin to understand the perspectives of marginalized people 🙂 It’s a transformative process, but one that I suggest you consider taking.

    • Shukura that’s because they will never truly understand how someone of color are discriminated or have racial slurs spewed at them, they came from family that taught them to hate and look down on others that are not the same color as them. White women don’t care because they have White privilege etched into their brains and they continue to teach that hate to their offspring and so on… I am White but I chose not to listen to those who tried to yeach me hate, I rose above that and became my own person. I’m so sick and tired of hearing privileged assholes run their mouths.

      • Wow….i may be white but I am not racist. I could care less or more what color, culture, country or religion you are. But you’ll think because I’m white then I must be racist. Hmmmm I think Trump is wrong to go against discrimination act and sign it about Muslims and other non- christians from our country. My fiance is Muslim and now he won’t come back to USA because he is being discriminated by a “good” so called Christian man. Who wasn’t even in office more than a week who who do that and this so called “wall” he’s going to have built and make Mexico pay for it or supposedly. Hmmmm I remember the wall that seperated east & west Germany. I remember how great it was to see that wall brought down. Now we’re gonna be govern that. Did I get transported back into timewhen that wall was erect, when millions of people were put into concentration camps and gas chambers. we fought against that kind of ruling. And people are calling me a sheeple….no the ones who are sheeples are the ones who are backing him. Oh and I need to add that my fiance isn’t on the 7 countries that are banned nor is it a country that he has hotels or any other interests or making money off of them.

      • If he’s not in the listed countries why would he be stopped.

        All you heard was Muslim ban, right? Didn’t bother to read anything more?

      • Why do you assume that every white woman is racist and bathed in “white privilege”? I am a white woman, and I have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. A persons heart and actions are what I focus on. I do not believe that ANYONE is entitled to anything. We (as in “we the people”) are owed nothing. If one wants an education, then do what you need to in order to get it. Bust your butt in school, earn scholarships. If you cannot get a scholarship, many cannot, Work your way through college, lots of people do it. If you have a family to take care of, then take care of it. Yes, you might have to work 2 jobs, 7 days a week with horrible hours, but you do what you have to do. You (as in the general “you”, not you specifically) cannot continue to have multiple children and expect others to pay for them. Now, I am fully aware that life happens, and sometimes people need help. Jobs are lost, folks get injured or sick, and sometimes bad things just happen. That is what WIC, welfare, and programs like it are for. If you need that help in order to feed your family or to keep a roof over your head, by all means, get it, that’s what it’s there for. However, it should not become a way of life. Taking that help, while driving a new car, having the latest phone, and carrying the newest, most expensive handbags is simply wrong. Work your way out of it. YOUR family is YOUR responsibility, and that goes for EVERYONE. No one owes you anything because of your race, gender, or sexual orientation.
        Finally, simply because I am a white, middle class woman, and these are my opinions, does not make me a racist. It makes me a person who believes that everyone is equal, and equality means that all people are treated the same way and given the same opportunities as everyone else. If you expect to be given special treatment because of your race, gender, or sexual orientation, then what you want is not equality. You want special privilege, and isn’t that what you’re accusing me of?

      • What are you talking about? I hear racial slurs cause I’m white. Just because someone is a certain color doesn’t mean they’ve never felt anything. A lot of times people have been put through things also, so stop assuming everyone is the same. I hear so much hate from those who preach love and equality, but when I point it out, my view doesn’t matter cause I’m white. So stop saying that.

      • I am white and also what some would like to call privileged! Both my husband and I have worked very hard to get to the point we are at in life. My parents both grew up very poor and worked hard to become “upper middle class”. We were not taught hate, we were not taught to belittle anyone. We were taught if someone is hungry feed them, if they need help then help them. We were taught that your as good as the next. It’s about mentality and how hard you’re willing to work for what you want in life. I don’t judge anyone based on their color of their skin or sexual preferences.
        It’s so easy to blame people or make excuses for what you’re lacking in your life. It’s easy for people to assume that everyone was taught hate, fed from a siver spoon and lump them into privileged racist. It kind of seems you’re the one that’s a bit racist and judgemental.

      • There are about as many white women who are brought up with racist hate taught to them as there black women. It works. It’s ways.
        Not very white woman is brought up privileged. I grew up with a single mom working two jobs to support us. Fathers were not in the picture at all. We went on welfare a couple of times but my mom worked her butt off to get us off. We always lived in poor, run down neighbor hoods and always went to the “low class” schools. I ate beans and cornbread formmorw dinners than I could count because that’s all we could afford most of the time. Sound like a privileged life? I didn’t think so. But, I’m white so I must be a privileged racist.
        It’s your mentality that makes this country struggle with racism.

      • This is such crap. My boss is a black women who is freaking amazing. SHE chose her path, got out of the neighborhood, got an education and makes a ton of money and has a successful career surrounded with men who make the same or less than she does. So sick of people playing the crybaby role or the race card. I started working in HS – didn’t finish college but found a career I loved and have excelled at! Stop bitching and get up and do something for yourself!!! That march was NOT for me. It was embarrassing to me as a woman. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT IF YOU TRY PEOPLE! Great Article – I will be sharing it with my daughters when I get off WORK!

      • I’m glad you think there is so much privilege for white people Cause I only see it for the rich like HOLLYWOOD or POLITICIANS I was raised by a poor Grandmother there was no privilege n I & my husband worked hard for everything we have. I was not taught to hate nor did I spread hate to our children. I’m bi racial so get off of your BS about privilege for everyday people that have EARNED their life through HARD WORK.

      • Excellent article I whole heartedly agree with the content of your writings. As a father of 3 daughters all of who were embarrassed by the Women’s March and two serving in the military I thank you for hitting at the core at why you didn’t March. Your little girl is lucky to have such a confident, wise, loving lady for a mother!!!

      • Mary Ramirez, just remove yourself from society. Your essay is a perversion of the what is actually happening in this country today and your child would be better off in the hands of someone who won’t lie to her about reality and who won’t judge her by the way she dresses. You are a disgrace to your gender and your species.

  5. The women I marched with were good Christian women (including clergy). Most of us were old enough to remember the struggles women have been through over the years and are sad that such a misogynistic, racist, shallow, boorish, narcissistic individual received votes from so many misled individuals, that he was elected our president. This fear of what he and his appointees could do to this country led us to march. Our wish that our sons and daughters could experience a world where all people are treated fairly as humans no matter their race, gender, education, ethnicity, or how rich or poor they are.If you want to prevent abortions, education and access to birth control does much more than harsh laws.

      • With all due respect…

        And that was exactly why millions of men, women and children marched globally. They marched for healthcare, LGBTQ, the environment, domestic violence, respect for humanity on all levels, tolerance, etc., etc., and women’s rights!

        We don’t want to go back and “live in that same world”

      • I have read your letter and many of the replies and am dumbfounded as well as angry and sad. I marched. I am a white, college educated woman of privilege. I marched for my daughters, grandchildren, the poor, disenfranchised, refugees, people of color, LGBT and for equal rights for EVERYONE in America including people like you. Not sure where some of the respondents live or work but if they haven’t encountered sexism, unequal treatment, etc in the workplace or any place else, they are in a bubble. It is alive and thriving in our country. Women can aspire to be whatever they want in our country but will be confronted by 100 obstacles to 1 for a male. He will be strong, she will be a bitch. She will be deemed uncaring if she chooses a career over family, he will be a wonderful provider.
        If you and the women who mock those of us that marched took the time to see why we where there instead of criticizing, you would learn something to pass on to your child. We marched because we cared about not ourselves but OTHERS. We value the differences that make this country great and the rights of the people. We marched so that there would be no Muslim registry! No defunding of Planned Parenthood(Fed. funds NEVER pay for abortions which are only a minuscule portion of their services), We marched to protect the environment. We marched for the Native American Indians who are protecting their lands from the Dakota pipeline. We marched for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. We marched for Black Lives. I could go on but I’m sure since you didn’t take the time initially, you don’t care now.
        Sad that you and other women only see the “I” and not the “We” in the world. Compassion and empathy for others is what needs to be passed on to your children, not criticism of others who care!

      • How dare you, Mary, tell us “why we marched.”. Your entire piece might have been written by a man. The cognitive dissonance was absolutely stunning.

      • No, we don’t live in the same world. You are benefitting today from the blood, sweat and tears of all the women who marched for you in the past.
        Rights gained can be lost, especially when you out a man in the White House who thinks he was elected king.

      • Mary you don’t live in that world BEACUSE SHE MARCHED THEN AND SHE MARCHED AGAIN! Your daughters and their peers are systematically becoming more and more marginalized. No thanks to you and your drivel. Don’t worry tho Mary, soon you won’t have the right to free speech, to vote or to be in control of your own life, never mind your children’s. Shame on you, Darwin’!

    • Cant even get through this garbage. Yeah vote for clinton the elitist or trump a self made billionaire. omg he said mean things stfu. Better has been done in 8 days then the last 8 years. Cry some more

    • I think the people who are really mislead are the people who think the know President Trump. You know him by listening to our liberal news media which has sadly painted a picture of the man THEY want you to believe he is…they painted this picture by taking sound bites of what he said – totally out of context…He is not any of the things you all love to keep saying he is…Who he is – is a man who sacrificed everything to become our president in order to secure our country , our freedoms and our well being.

  6. This is incredibly ridiculous and inaccurate. Mommy didn’t march for you because she had to work in order to provide for you. Mommy would have loved to go and stand up for our rights. We are in a time of many uncertainties. A time when someone unqualified and unpredictable has become the leader of our nation. Mommy fears for our future, and will fight for the rights of all women, races, and classes. I will continue to advocate for healthcare for all and paid maternity leave if we are the only developed country without it why can’t we. We need to learn compassion as a society because what does it say about a society that won’t care for the poor and the sick. This letter that she wrote is exactly what the politicians and corporations want you to think. They want you to roll over and believe that its not possible. We are in a time where a sexist, racist man is president.

    • Its not the governments or tax payers job to prvide health care. Equal opportunity doesnt mean equal outcome. Get over yourself stop spreading hate.

    • I guess you didn’t hear Trump and his daughters plan for maternity leave and workplace daycare. Obama never mentioned it and it didnt happen during his 8 years.

    • Qualifications for the Office of President
      Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1
      No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

      This means that according to the law being that he is a natural born citizen and over the age of 35 that he according to the Constitution of the United States, qualified to fill the office.

  7. Ms. Ramirez it is my intention to share this with everyone, women and men. This “letter to your daughter” is incredibly moving. I am proud to be a woman.

  8. Every time you, your daughters, and grand-daughters go to the voting booth to choose your candidate – republican or democrat – you are doing so because of women who marched.

    Every time you, your daughters, and grand-daughters refill birth control so that you may plan and decide the best time to have children (or how many) – you are doing so because of women who marched.

    Every time you go to a job outside the home to provide for you or your family – you are doing so because of women who marched.

    Every time you open a checking account or credit card, buy property, or make an independent financial decision family – you are doing so because of women who marched.

    The things you have today are a product of protest, social unrest, activism, and resistance. Even the most anti-feminist 21st century woman still lives in the shadows of female activists who were willing to fight for generations they would never know. For those of you who feel the need to pray instead of joining the resistance, I ask that then please pray that women will continue to make their voices heard.

  9. Dear Mary: I am sorry that I didn’t see you at the March. I was there, with my teenaged son and daughter. It was an amazing day–peaceful, empowering, diverse, fantastic, and positive. For the first time since November 9th, I felt hopeful. I am sure that the 4 million people who marched had a variety of different reasons for marching, and you can reference the incredibly clear and articulate Unity Principles here:
    But I believe we were largely united in our opposition to Donald Trump…from the way he speaks about women, to the way he physically assaults women, to the way his administration plans to roll back basic women’s rights (i.e. reproductive health care, violence against women act). I marched on Saturday, and this week has brought fresh reasons to be fearful and wary of Donald Trump…particularly his open lies and his far-reaching executive orders. Yes, it is true that the United States trails the developed world in the percentage of women CEOs. Yes, we have far fewer women in public office than many Western nations. Yes, our maternity leave pales compared to much of Europe. These are all reasons to keep marching and fighting, and I am glad that you will join us in this fight. And hopefully, your daughter will soon as well. In sisterhood, Sara

    • Did you vote for Bill Clinton both times? You are just mad your candidate lost and are spewing nonsense. You think you are suppressed here, then go check out many many many other countries. We are free to do and choose what we want. We can choose to march in the military, a real march, to defend this country and our rights that we have been so graciously provided by the selfless men and women of this country. You choose everyday what you want to wear, eat, live, sleep etc. You choose where you want to work, who you will love, and how you want to live. You make choices for yourself everyday and my friend it’s not because YOU marched for me. It is because I marched for you and I fought for your rights and MENS rights in the United States Navy. I would just rather you just thank me and the many others that fought for you to go out in the streets and protest/riot because you want to choose to murder your unborn, you want to choose healthcare for free while many hardworking Americans are getting raped paying higher premiums. You need to check YOUR priveledge and realize who it was that really fought for you. March for them to get good medical care and better pay. Without them, you just might not be able to wear your pink hats and cry about taxes on your tampons. By the way You are welcome. Heather K. United States Navy veteran (who deployed to the gulf twice that really marched in a real organization extraordinaire)

      • Thank you for your service Heather! Finally a woman who knows what “marching orders” really are.

      • I am a USN vet, married to a USN retired and I really think you are off the mark here. If it weren’t for women like me you would never have been there. I was one the first 1500 females to be stationed on a ship. We fought for you to do what you have done, if not you would have been behind a desk pushing papers. That’s why women march. We march to get ahead, to fight, to get equal pay and yes, to have the right to say what happens to our bodies. When you have to pay full price for your birth control and a man gets his boner pills for free (because the insurance companies pay for erectile dysfunction) then talk to me. And when you take in the child you save from an abortion, you can have the one where the dad raped the daughter, then talk to me. Thank you for your service. I will thank my husband for his 3 tours in the Gulf as well!

      • Thank you for your service Heather and telling it like it is. I am thankful as Americans we have more rights than many others and thankful for people like you that defend our freedoms by making the ultimate sacrifices that you do.I am proud to be a woman and American and I don’t have to March to prove that.

      • Hummmm. You were on a ship…. I served over during the gulf war. TWICE. I’m sure you didn’t march to be able to be on a ship. I am sure you were just put there. I was not forced to be on the ships I was on. I wasn’t forced to go over and float during the gulf war. I wasn’t forced to be offered the opportunity to be ONE OF the FIRST FEMALES ON AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER… I, however, turned it down because I wanted to do another deployment to the gulf SO I CHOSE TO take a ship that was getting ready to leave on deployment back to the gulf.. keep your insinuations to yourself. …. My insurance pays for BC pills, and women take viagra too so yes it covers it too. Me, as a nurse, knows this. Plus my Dr offered it to me because my anxiety pills give me no libido. I chose to work through it though. Maybe you should march for better freaking healthcare or better regulations for insurance companies. You are pro-choice… Mrs Roberts? So the life of a baby out of rape doesn’t matter? That baby would be less than a person or human? A monster perhaps ??? 😡😡😡 It isn’t the baby’s fault or the mother’s that they were raped or conceived. You are a hypocrite. All lives matter. I would take that baby in a heartbeat since I was only afforded one child after trying for TEN YEARS. So IF/when you go through hell for ten years and you turn your nose up at an innocent baby just because of how they were conceived then you need to be aborted. How would you turn your head against that baby? That baby is a LIFE a human… she/he might be the next president of the United States. She/he may discover the cure for cancer or another disease. But because she was conceived out of rape, you feel that the child is less than a person so let’s just KILL/MURDER them. My whole family is a mix of cultures, colors etc. we are a family of generations upon generations of people that served in the military. My great aunt was a wave in the navy so dont give me YOU were the one that led the way for me. The woman of suffrage are the ones that paved our way…. not you pink hat, “vagina costume wearing” idiots, if that’s what you think then please let me just say no thank you. I choose to be “oppressed, unequal” just in the way you think we are….(because we actually aren’t).

      • thank you for your service heather .. i, too, am a navy veteran .. not just that, i pioneered the way for the women under the age of 21 to be able to enlist .. i turned 63 yesterday and i can tell you, a lot of women couldn’t do anything without parental consent .. i was born into a poor family, had to grow up under a hard name to overcome but i did it .. i was bullied, made fun of, but i never let that destroy me .. i moved from the village i was raised in and went to california to live with my uncle and his family .. he eventually wanted to send me back to louisiana because i was being treated terribly by his wife .. i knew i wasn’t going back there so i made the decision to join the navy .. went to do all my tests and was accepted except the papers my mother had to sign never came back .. i was ready to give up but my recruiter said, ‘let’s guinea pig’ with you .. so i was the first girl to be inducted into service under the age of 21 in los angeles county .. i was 19 years old at the time .. at least i was proactive doing something that actually resulted in change for women even if the ok did come from men .. i spent 12 years in the navy and never complained like a lot of the people did .. a lot of jobs were closed to us .. but an explosion of jobs were opened to women for being jet mechanics, whatever the man could do, so could we .. we were once relegated to kitchens, typewriters, nurses and supply .. thank those women of the 60’s and 70’s who paved the way for you .. they’re the ones who did the really hard legwork for you .. george bush, jr was cutting some of the veteran’s health benefits when he was in office and i was in the hospital at the time when he was doing the cutting .. just remember, as heather stated, the veteran men and women in the past, and the active duty men and women gave up a lot so you can go run your mouths .. these people you are quick to criticize and ignore, most of the time don’t have a covered shelter complete with beds to sleep in .. they’re in sleeping bags in the sand, they eat sand in everything, but get no respect .. these are your sons and daughters living in substandard conditions ..

      • You are awesome…sincerely! If those of you think you have no rights in the United States you should pack up and move to another country and see what rights you have there! Thank you Heather…many of them will never get this…sorry to say!

      • Thank you for all you (and other like you) have done for ALL people, Heather! You are the true heroes. ❤

      • Funny how you leave out how many times a Republican Congress voted against funding for veterans. You know, like this time just to name one:

        Out of curiosity, do you do anything to help children in poverty seeing as how this country has the highest rate of it out of all developed countries? Anything to help feed, clothe, house, educate the disadvantaged children? I guess it’s not worth it. They’re all just freeloaders who want healthcare. I guess according to you we should just let those kids die in the street. Or just their parents, maybe? And how about that high rate of sexual assault in the military? Should we be proud of that as well?

      • Thank you for you service, Heather. And for your words. I agree with you. I don’t serve in the military but I stand with my husband while he does.

      • Okay: Ivana Trump, Jill Harth, Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart McDowell, Karena Virginia, Mindy McGillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, Jessica Drake, Ninni Laaksonen, Summer Zervos, Cassandra Searles…

    • I would love to know why you compare the US to European countries? We aren’t European, we fought a war to stand alone as s country! Why in the world would we want to go back to some other countries standards?
      And if you really did your research about the accusations of Trump’s treatment of women they are all in the past and he never said that he just assaulted a woman, he said they let me! Yes some women become extremely star struck and allow men of wealth and power to use them sexually.
      Also while you’re at the research look at how Bill Clinton has used and abused women his whole life, the lack of respect he has shown and Hillary stood by his side. Oh wait a minute she was nasty and belittling also to the women who came forward during his Presidency and claimed he sexually abused them. The difference between those women and the ones who claim Trump abused them, the real abuse was proven and the man was impeached because of it. Clinton should be in prison but sadly he wasn’t removed from office.
      So don’t bother marching for my daughter, granddaughter or myself because we know how to act like a real woman.

    • You need a major fact check. How exactly does our President speak about women that offends you so? Or are you still speaking of a comment he made to Billy Bush years ago in a private conversation when he was a reality TV star? And when exactly has President Trump EVER assaulted a woman? You don’t have any facts to support your assumptions yet you are full of judgment . I feel so sorry for the women of our country who have nothing to protest for – yet for some reason – feel angry in their own lives – and so they want to protest something – anything . Where were all of these woman when Hillary was a presidential candidate? Why weren’t you protesting that such a woman whose own husband raped women, had an extramarital affair while in the White House and LIED to her and the people about it – stayed quite about all of this????
      I mean???? Really???

    • so trump is not qualified. So someone that has built an empire is elected over a woman who has done nothing but destroy and play the system her entire adult life. she should have been commander and chief after 8 years of the worse and most incompetent president in history whose only back ground was a neighborhood watch commander that we barely survived. Look all i know is my retirement has increase more in the past 2 months than it has in the past 6 years and that is just with an attitude change and no actions. We finally have someone in office that gets the real meaning that running a country is a business.
      Deal with and if you are working and saving and paying taxes, which i would guess you are not, then count your money as it grows and be happy you may have a chance now to retire with dignity some day.

      BTW Clinton was real gentleman and didn’t take advantage of any women and i bet you strongly supported that womanizing bastard.

  10. Mary, I have yo say thank you! You have found a way to beautifully put words to why so many of us were not involved in the marches! Definitely worth sharing!

  11. The world your mommy lives in does not exist. It’s a figment of her own delusional mind. A mind full of denial and ignorance. If your mommy knew what the men she works with take home in pay, she wouldn’t be happy. If your mommy got out sometimes and noticed that there are literally millions of other mommies around who can’t afford to “take a few years off” to spend with their children, perhaps she would be more understanding of why paid maternity leave is necessary. She would find out that it lowers employee turnover and keeps the best employees at their jobs which saves businesses money in the long term. If your mommy accepted the fact that not every woman believes the same things she does she’d understand that female autonomy means that NO ONE has the right to tell any woman what to do with her body, including your mommy. If your mommy wants to give you 20 brothers and sisters, she has the right to do that. If she doesn’t, she has the right to do that too. If your mommy wants you to grow up with all the rights and privileges men have she would educate herself about psychology, history, propaganda, manipulation and suppression. Your mommy believes if she doesn’t experience it, it doesn’t exist. Not exactly the stance of an enlightened or intelligent mind, or of a heart filled with compassion and empathy. The latter was something that Jesus Christ was filled with and expressly taught his followers how critical it is to their salvation. But I’m sure your mommy won’t go to hell for being so ignorant. Unless of course, she voted for Donald Trump.

    • ..Wow a bit crude I see no compassion or empthy from you, your comment was ignorant for saying someone would go to hell for voting for Trump, I didnt know people had only one choice for President, your choice, that shows real intelligence on your part, we have freedom to make choices even if they aren’t yours. I don’t think we will be sent to hell for making choices for president. Your ignorant for making remarks like that.

    • I also believe in paid maternity leave. But, I do NOT believe that it is the responsibility of the federal government to pay for it. The employer or maybe even the state government if they choose to. Not the FEDERAL government.

    • So, I’m going to hell because I’m a female that voted for President Donald Trump…hmmm… guess I have been reading the wrong Bible every night because the one that I read doesn’t say that at all! Maybe I should have picked up and read “your” Bible before I decided on who I voted for. However, the Bible I read does condemn the murder of the innocent…just saying.

    • I love this reply!
      This article could have made me throw up. The only reason she can write all these mommy this and that is all the women before her marching, and rallying for women’s rights. Just because this mommy is privileged enough not to feel the sting of others realities doesn’t make it untrue for so many.
      The article does make the odd decent point I will give it that, but for the most part it screams religious holiness, and neglects every other woman.
      As a woman in a males industry who almost lost her job because of being a chick, who works with so many of these women’s husband’s. It would shatter you almighty souls to hear the words out of their mouths.
      I didn’t march, but not because I didn’t need to, but because I was busy with my baby girl.

    • It’s clear this was a march against Trump – I just wonder why you all waited to do it? You want better healthcare and paid time off for maternity leave? Why now? Why not last year. Just call
      It what it really was “an anti-Trump” march and quit hiding behind issues that have been here for years.

  12. This article has made me more sad than any other article negatively speaking about the womens march. What a shame. So ignorant.

    If you really agree with this article…you totally missed the point of the march my friends.

    • Gee, I can’t imagine how I could have missed the point of hate filled females dressed up like their private parts, screaming about their private parts, who want … hmm yes. I totally missed the point. Sorry.

    • I can safely say many of us missed the point of the March. Because what most of you marched for as said many times, is to disrupt the order and agenda of the new president Donald Trump. We have a system in place here in our country called voting. He was the winner of the vote. Many who marched did not vote. Many were not legal citizens. I for one am so so tired of and disappointed in what many are teaching our youth, that if we don’t win, or get our way…We will protest! In the history of elections, never before have the losers stomped their feet and said he’s not MY PRESIDENT. WE DEAL with it, and give it a chance. I didn’t vote for Obama. But I gave him a long chance (8 yrs in fact) to do something good for our country. He had his own clear agenda and ended up leaving our country in worse shape than when he began! Being a president is a tough job, and these issues that our country is dealing with cannot be improved overnight. Instead of tearing him down, why don’t you try getting behind our current leader. Unify. Instead of dividing each other every chance there is. And if you aren’t happy with the results, find a candidate or step up and change the world your way. In 4 yrs the process will be up for grabs again. Choose wisely, but please stop pouting that life isn’t fair because you didn’t get your way. Life isn’t always fair, that’s life. But deal with it. And for all the people who voiced their threats of leaving the country if he became president, stop crying wolf. Back up what you say. Heck I`m positive many people would help you pack, and March you right on out of the United States of America. You have it pretty good right here where your at and you know it, or you’d be gone. If you didn’t vote, shame on you. Your voice doesn’t count. And please, one more thing you should know..I’m not racist, or privileged, or able to afford health insurance at all because I work hard, and don’t qualify for any assistance or programs. But I am so over my hard earned money and tax dollars paying for illegals to walk into this country and handed the very things that I myself am not able to also be given. That is wrong. And if you were as poor as me, you would finally get it. It’s a basic concept…a take care of our own, or you will be the one on the outside looking in. And please stop the race thing. Why does that always get thrown in on top of everything else? I’m truly curious? I pray our country can come together and calm this hysteria, or it will be the death of us all. All this hate has to stop.

  13. So, I’m keep seeing this 4million women marched number. Where is this coming from?? I heard there were a little over 400,000 in Washington…. don’t know for sure all the other marches added together. But 4 million seems quite the stretch…. hmmmm
    BTW, I really liked this.

    • Going only with the low estimates, the number for the USA is ~3.2 million + 250,000 more worldwide.
      High estimates push that up to 5.2 million for America + 360,000 more globally.
      London, UK accounts for 100k of that alone. New York has as many as Washington, Denver about 100k.
      60k in Atlanta, 20k in Houston, 70k in Portland, 25k in Des Moines, 250k+ in LA, 150k in San Fran – it adds up.

  14. So depressing youve sold out your sisters for the comfort of the patriarchy. I’m sure your daughter will really heed these words when she makes less, still real, in every industry, by every measure ive ever seen, or when she cant get rape crisis counseling because womens health has been gutted or when she isnt allowed to make decisions about her own body or when marital rape becomes okay again, dont think they wont try.

    Im sure she’ll well up with pride with your disinterest in the future of women in america as you read about the daily executive and legislative attacks on health and safety, you citing stats about assault on men as she grows up to realize almost every woman she knows has been attacked somewhere into adulthood.

    I just hope she meets a woman with self respect along the lines, early on.

      • So women who are sexually abused are just victims and worth nothing? Nice. I’ve been groped more times than I can count and I guess the only part of that that interests you is what I was wearing when that happened. If you reject feminism maybe you should shut up and go back to making sandwiches instead of having opinions, right?

  15. You shouldn’t tell your daughter these things because they are false. Please don’t raise the future generation of women with thoughts that sexism isn’t real. It will put us back a hundred years.

  16. Eloquently stated Mary. I was involved in the 30 million woman march this past November. And I managed to do so with dignity.

    I also was a strong supporter of the March for life that occurred yesterday. Not covered by the media, but just as large, if not larger than its dishusting counterpart a week ago. But then again, disgusting gets the ratings, the air time, the attention. The best thing about the inane march last weekend is that I have, in one place, the ability to teach my two girls and two boys how NOT to behave, what lies exist than so many are trying to shove down our throats. I can tell them exactly how not to embarrass and demean themselves. It’s downright valuable!

    Again, thank you for writing this. And for having to endure the vitriol and hate and nastiness that the “love trumps hate” gang spews.

    • you should have turned on your Tv or radio. Your march was covered, as well as the women’s rights march was. Don’t fall into “alternative fact” land.

    • It doesn’t get media coverage because its an annual event and it’s not really “news” anymore. There’s a lot going on out there this week- should we focus our attention on an annual march, or maybe pay attention to actual news that will affect our lives for the next 4-8 years?

      Also, to the author of this blog, I’m not cold, so people in Alaska don’t need sweaters. Glad you don’t need feminism or care that there are blatant inequalities between genders. Some people do, that’s why they marched. Maybe you can hold a march about how offended you are about it.

    • Heidi I agree with you. I had to wonder where all the self-respect these marchers talk about was when they flaunted their tiny little daughters with a neon sign saying “Fuck your Bullshit” and a father smiling as he walked with his tiny little daughter carrying a sign saying “Mr. Trump, please stay out of my panties.” It was disgusting to me. that some of you had so little respect for the age and innocence of your daughters that you would denigrate them, as you condemn others for doing so. Wear your stupid vagina hats, carry your vulgar signs yourself, but have the intelligence and self respect not to use your young daughters in this manner. In my estimation, these parents did to their children, in a sense, the things they are accusing others of doing. I am a woman, a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother of both males and females and would never would have used any in this manner.

  17. This is probably the most well thought out, respectful, statement that I’ve seen in quite a while. It was a pleasure to read something that was written without vitriol and hatred while very eloquently getting your point across. Thank you Ms. Ramirez.

    • Thank you, Lisa 🙂

      Unlike so many of the comments I’ve seen here, it’s always my intention to get my point across without resorting to the lowest common denominator.

    • “written without vitriol and hatred” – nice to see that not all Trump supporters write or speak like he does.
      Let’s hope he learns something in the next few years that he’s managed not at all in the past SEVENTY

  18. My point is you have those rights because women before you fought hard for them. They weren’t handed to us on a silver platter. You don’t have to march because many before you did so you could enjoy the life and family you now have. America is all about freedom to do what in your heart you believe to be true and just. No you didn’t march, but many did because they still want respect, (talking Donald Trump here) equality and justice for all people, and not just for women, but all people.

  19. You’re showing your privilege. This is a very self centered article. You go and do you, regardless of the rest of humanity.

  20. You are wrong about the gender wage gap. I am a white female engineer with a Master’s degree and 18 years of experience. I have male counterparts with less than a quarter of my experience who make the same or more as me. I have been passed over for promotions and opportunities that have gone to men less qualified than me. My work is far superior to theirs, yet they are viewed as the better candidate. DO NOT DELUDE YOURSELF IN THINKING WE ARE TREATED AS EQUALS!!! I’m so happy you have a privileged life where you are not exposed to the injustices of gender disparities, but stop lying to yourself that the millions of men and women who marched had nothing worth marching for!

  21. Thank you. I’ve been searching for words for my ten year old about why I didn’t feel the need to march or show support of those who did.

  22. Dear grandaughter;
    On a cold day in January many women marched in Washington D.C. Your great Aunt was one of them. Why didn’t Yaya march? Yaya was going to get treatment for her cancer. If I could have I would have! You see grandaughter, women still in this century do not have the rights men do. I look at the women before you that stood up for us, your great grandmother is a great example, she would not take a position she didn’t want just to get her foot in the door. She asked for, wanted and ultimately got the position she wanted, even though they said it was a man’s job! She was the first women to be the department manager of housewares for a dept. store!!! No other women had held that dept. until her!!!! I was so proud to be her daughter!! There was and is this thing called a “glass ceiling” that women need to break, and that, my dear sweet Eliza Mae is one of the reasons they marched.
    I hope that when you read this that the world has progressed to the point that what I have to say next is common place and not an issue anymore. They marched so that women can rule their own bodies. That if you want to you can say no I do not want to have this baby. There are reasons are circumstances that a woman should have the right to say NO! That reproductive rights are not up for debate. That you can get help from organizations that will help you with your decision, no matter what it is! That if you need help with a live saving test such as a mammogram, OB exam, or (god forbid) a test for a sexually transmitted disease, you can get the help you need! Maybe in your day people will understand that pro-choice does not mean anti-life. It means you are the ruler of your own body, not the government.
    These are the things that weigh heavy on my mind as I write this. I am afraid that in your future you may not have the option of being what I know you can be! You can be the princess you want to be right now! You can be the princess of business, you can be the princess of science, you can be the princess of the environment, and you can be the next president! That is why they marched!!!!
    If I can leave you nothing else, I want to leave you with this: you are more than any man will tell you you are! You are not less because you were born female! You are an exceptional female and do not let anyone, male or female, tell you otherwise!!
    You matter and have every right to be the person I know is in your heart!
    I hope that in your time women can choose if they work or not, and I hope that if it is the man who chooses he may stay at home as well. But in my time, that is not a choice. I only got 60 days off when I had my children, then straight back to work! I worked right alongside of my male counterparts, same hours, same days.
    When the time came, I could not choose to stay home or work. The cost of childcare overrode that. If I would have been paid the same as a man it would have been so much different. You see, I could not cover the expense and make a living. Thank God I had Pop-pop, at least one of us could work!
    This is the one and only time I will talk about or address this. Roe Vs Wade, abortion. This is the subject that tears at us. This is that divides us. No women goes in to get an abortion and is happy. The abortion comes because of rape, incest, neglect, uneducated, and yes, stupidity. NO women in her right mind wants an abortion, no women says this is a form of birth control. If this is repealed when you become of age I hope the back-alley doctors don’t kill more than they save!
    And on that note, if this happens, you will see that the people that have put an end to Roe Vs Wade are finding it in their hearts to take care of and love all these children they have “saved”!
    And if you see some women dressed in ridiculous outfits….. They were the “nutty” ones. Not representative of the whole!

    Love you to the moon and back, and all around the galaxy!
    P.S. I didn’t march, but wish I could have!!

  23. I find it hard to believe how fractured , bassakward, mean, horrible, bullying, venomous, hateful comments towards other women do anything for ‘US’ women. I have been abused by men, paid less for the same job, chose family not education, worked jobs not careers because I chose to focus on family. I have a higher IQ, research topics of discussion that affect this country. So you can stop thinking that it hasn’t affected me and I don’t have a clue what women go through elsewhere.
    Violence against men by women is real. Wage discrepancy among male peers is real. Men are sexualized as much as women. Pretty sure when there is abuse against women in this country it is happening to men. So where is the outcry? Because women would invalidate a man so fast his head would spin. Women are twice as vicious with words than men ever are. Women right now are acting entitled to this opinion that males are the oppressors and we do nothing wrong. Back the bus up ladies. In the March for your cause you have been far more destructive to your ’cause’ than men ever were. The vagina hats…. if I could unsee that I would.
    No I didn’t March. Neither will I. Ever. Not for my rights in this country. I have them. I will not march DEMANDING anything because I do have it. It isn’t handed to me on a gilded platter and it shouldn’t be. What gets handed to me I do not appreciate near as much as what I do on my own. So when I say stop, I mean it. Stop demanding what you have. Rise to those rights. YOU. Or do you want men to hand that to you? It is your responsibility to rise not men to lift you up. That is entitlement.
    The March was more about one man riling up public outcry than anything else. You paid so much attention to him, a man with casual disregard for you, who likely didnt even spend a moment even thinking about your march. You got defensive and marched around with vagina hats to show it. You might not feel that way when you stop a moment and realize how cruel, arrogant and hurtful you really are towards men and women who don’t believe men are the problem. Get a grip.

    I don’t need you to have my back- I’ve got it thank you.

    To the author- I saved what you wrote. It was perfect. Excellent way to raise your daughter.

    • I respect your right to be outraged at what you see as bitter women. However, I have seen that wage inequality is still there. My daughter took over for a man in a retirement home as the activities director and had to fight for the same pay. Mind you she had more qualifications and had been in the employ of said facility for just as long. This is not going away. The first woman was created from the rib of a man. She was not made from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be trampled on by him, but out of his side to be equal to him.
      I am a liberal women who thinks those costumes were disgusting!

      • I was talking about this the other day. My father taught me to ask for more money (when I was 20 and working, now 46). I was scared when I did it, but I got it. And, as upper middle management for a large company, I can tell you that they hire EVERYONE for as little as they can. It’s their job to be profitable. So we need to teach our kids of both genders how to negotiate and get more. I wish I could make that not be there, but greed is real. Use it against them.

    • I’d love to hear your statistics on how many women have started wars, how we are murderers more than men and more. I’ll wait…..

  24. Mary, I support your decision not to march. But like other women on this comment feed, I found a lot wrong with your arguments. I took the time to address these individually below.

    On wage discrimination: Mary, you state “women tend to choose careers that don’t pay as much, which affects the median income everyone’s talking about.” Why is it that women’s fields are paid less? Careers that are women dominated are paid less. Teachers made more money when it was a male dominated field. As it became a more women-centric career, wages too fell.
    You state, “Women also choose (and that’s an important word, honey) to do things like take a few years off of work to stay at home with their kids, and so when they go back to their jobs—their counterparts probably got a few raises in the meantime.” Staying at home with kids is important. But often moms stay at home not because they want to but because they have to. BECAUSE of wage discrimination, and social roles (which you Mary didn’t go into so I won’t either) mom’s are the ones that have to leave or lessen their time in the work force, because it makes more economical sense. This has long lasting negative impacts on mothers and therefore children too.

    You state “It’s a lie that because of sexism, we don’t have full rights over our bodies. You are technically…able to do whatever you please with your body. No one’s stopping you, or any other woman.” Actually people are stopping you, by taking away your ACCESS to women’s healthcare and counseling to make the appropriate choice for YOU. Instead lawmakers and lobbyists think they are better able than women to make the choices that affect women, despite a Supreme Court ruling that women legally have options available to them.

    You state “It’s a lie because of sexism, women have to pay a special tax for products that we biologically must use. There is no special, bespoke tax for these products.” When in actuality, 42% of the time items marketed to women (from shampoo to blue jeans) cost more. Why is it that 40 US states do not place necessities for women like tampons into tax-free categories, when other hygiene products are?

    You state “It’s a lie that because of sexism, we women are the only ones who have to worry about harassment and abuse… Yes, some women do get abused. But so do men… You don’t know this yet, but today, “a man is the victim of domestic abuse every 37.8 seconds in America.” Mary you fail to mention that your daughter has somewhere between a 20-33% chance of being sexually assaulted. That many of the men who are abused are gay, and that yes women marchers were marching for them too (and straight men, and women, and gender fluid people) because everyone should have access too a safe and loving home.

    You state “It’s a lie that because of sexism, people don’t care about our smarts. In fact, for the past 50 years, women have led the pack in education.” However, despite the fact the women are more likely to have a college education, they are less likely to run a company, which takes us to our next point…

    You state “It’s a lie that because of sexism, there aren’t more female leaders. Yes, there was a time when women were solely relegated to the roles of homemaker or secretary or assistant, but that’s just not the case today. Just ask Meg Whitman (CEO of Hewlett-Packard), or Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube), or Ginni Rometty (CEO of IBM), to name a few.” I’d love to ask Meg Whitman what it’s like, what it’s like to be one of 21 women that are the CEO of a fortune 500 company. That’s 4.2% of CEOs Mary. Please don’t say this has to do with ability. It’s been shown that having more women in leadership leads to a more profitable company.

    You state that “It’s a lie that because of sexism, we don’t all get paid maternity leave. It’s simple economics, honey. Maternity leave is expensive. Believe me, I know—I paid for part of mine when I had you. It has nothing to do with suppressing women.” It might not have to do with suppressing women, but that is the impact. Discrimination happens during the hiring process— companies don’t want to have to pay maternity leave, or give that time off. Which is why there is a push for paid PARENTAL leave. Giving men and women time off will lessen the chance either sex is unfairly discriminated against.

    “Finally, it’s a lie that any of our human rights as women are going away just because someone whose politics these ladies don’t agree with suddenly became president.” Actually— he will be in control of many policies that impact the above.

    So Mary, when you tell your daughter what you’ll teach her, don’t say “I’ll teach you to respect your body. It’s a beautiful creation—and I’ll teach you not to cheapen it by dressing like it means nothing.” Say, No matter how you dress, your body should be respected and valued by you and others. Nothing you do can take away its value.

    Instead of saying “I’ll teach you that vulgarity doesn’t make you stronger; it cheapens you,” say I’ll teach you that your words are powerful, and you should not be silenced because of your sex.

    Instead of saying “I’ll teach you that raunchiness doesn’t make you impressive; it makes you look like a piece of meat.” say You are not a piece of meat. Period.

    Instead of saying “I’ll teach you that we are biologically and physically and emotionally different from men, but that doesn’t mean we’re less. It means we’re special. And you should celebrate that.” say, Our differences from men have made us historically marginalized. And that the work to celebrate our differences is ongoing for both sexes. This is why it’s so important to educate yourself and others about privilege and oppression.

    Instead of “I’ll teach you to be a woman of noble character, like the one in like Proverbs 31—an amazing, hardworking wife, mother and businesswoman who rejoices in all of her roles.” say I hope you find your passions in life, whether its motherhood or work or both, and that I hope you find a life partner who helps you achieve these dreams, and shares in all of these roles.

    Instead of “No honey, I didn’t march for you. But thank goodness, I don’t have to,” I can say one day “Yes honey, I marched for you so hopefully one day you don’t have to.”

  25. Mary, as a female combat veteran of the Marine Corps, I would caution you against looking down on and dismissing other women. It can be so easy, but what’s good is never easy. Consider those celebrating your words– is it the poor, ignored, the less fortunate? Or do you think the rich, leaders of corporations, and those in power are applauding you? I implore you to examine your actions. We will all have to look back on these moments and recognize our actions, and it would be a shame to stand on the wrong side of history.

    • With all due respect, doesn’t the fact that you’re a combat veteran in the Marine Corps sort of prove my point? I’m not dismissing women, by the way. I’m suggesting that we’re being lied to, and it is in fact that basis of lies that holds us back.

  26. So sad you naively believe you are equal financially, socially, educationally and in the work place to men. The bubble you have lived in as a woman must be one borne of privilege or pure ignorance. I feel sorry not only for you, but any daughter you may have or influence over any female you may have. Respectfully, a woman who has worked in a male dominated profession, that is highly educated, yet still treated less than equal to male colleagues.

  27. Not sure why I clicked on this article. I have been avoiding anything to do with the “women’s march” like the plague. Thank you for this. Very well written and would have been perfect if not for all the nasty comments left underneath. Unlike many of the marchers (and most of the women commenting, I’m sure) I actually deployed to a country where women are truly oppressed. Where she cannot even be in a room with men unless she is serving them. I urge all of the women in these comments to travel to Iraq and live a life of true oppression for awhile. And don’t forget your vagina suits! You’re going going to need to cover up! Cray Crays. Smh.

  28. This is such a ridiculous piece of nonsense. The dads should be just as responsible as the mother when having children. The assumption you make that women do not get paid as much is because they take time off to get in the kitchen and make sandwiches is absurd. I am privileged that I make enough my wife can stay home with our children, but never would I ever try and convince her or my daughter or my son that anyone should be paid less for doing the same exact job as a counterpart. If they are more qualified and do it better than regardless of gender they should be paid more.

    This is the backwards thinking masked by Christianity that drives people away from the church. Gods ultimate lesson from the New Testament was to love all and accept all. Let’s try doing that for a moment and give off your preverbial high horse that a women is not as valuable as man.

    • Precisely, Gabe. This is part of the reason fewer people than ever in American history do not associate with an organized religion. And those numbers will continue to rise. As an atheist, I’m actually good with that. I raise my child with kindness and she doesn’t need religion TBH

    • I’m in agreement with you Gabe. Jesus only taught us in a multitude of ways to love one another, and treat EVERYONE right. I will share this with my daughters so they learn how to deal with people who’s life view is so narrow that they are totally blind.

  29. Baby bird, your mommy didn’t march for you but slews of women and men did world wide. Just like our ancestors that did before us for the continuance of basic civil and human rights. Baby bird, forgive your mother for her simplicity it’s clear she loves you, but ignorance is not bliss. You are the future of the world, you will find your way despite your mother’s misgivings. She can shelter you for only so long, and like any bird you shall leave the nest unprotected-that’s the harshest lesson you will learn because your mother failed to teach you how to protect yourself. Not acknowledging these fractures doesn’t delete from society, fire will still burn, and people will still take advantage of the weak, naive and uneducated. Shame to a mother that would set any child up for that. Fortunate for you there is a world still full of people that love and respect you regardless of your mother’s misgivings. That will keep watch especially for little birds as yourself so you won’t become victims of the evil in this world. Mary, get a grip on reality! You are setting your child up to be a victim of circumstance by filling her head full of delusions. You are leaving her unprotected because you fear reality. You cannot keep her in the nest forever, and as a parent it’s your goal to give her all the tools she needs to survive in a world that is forever changing. I didn’t march, I couldn’t for health reasons but I’m thankful for all that did. I stand behind the lines and do what I need to support the front, to continue the message. I live in reality, not the alternate universe you portray. They, we have your back….always will.

      • Right, because there are and have been people that have fought so you aren’t inhibited. Mock people all you want, look down your nose at others that continue to stand up for your rights. Turn your blind eye, but some day your daughter will learn the full truth not just the alternative world you desire to portray to her. It will get harder, and harder for you through the years to keep up appearances and there’s nothing funny about it.

      • I am so confused as to why the people who marched ( especially those with their “suppressed ” daughters) think it’s ok for the “celebrities” that spoke to do so with such obvious displays of hatred. Not to mention the vulgar language. Oh, and who of the suppressed and demeaned attending might actually take the thoughts of Madonna seriously. I don’t care if you march, I don’t care if you feel differently than me and I respect your right to feel differently than me. What I don’t appreciate or respect is you taking the time, effort and resources to march only to pay homage to such vulgar and angry celebrities spewing the language and displaying the deep hatred they did. Is that what you want your daughters to learn? Would that behavior from your daughter make you proud if you saw her on that stage behaving that way? Would it make you proud if your daughter actually thought that blowing up the White House is the answer since Madonna said she’d thought about it? If you want to make changes and insure your daughters are treated fairly, equally and with respect, then don’t allow them to lower themselves in the first place. Because I didn’t see any “role models” on that stage in Washington that I would want my daughter to aspire to. And please afford me and those of us who do feel differently than you the same respect……to not agree with you. That is our right.

      • I’m glad you feel fufilled, and I myself feel like I’ve had lots of opportunities. But then when I read something like this “Texas Lawmaker: Jail Time For Abortions Would Make Women ‘More Personally Responsible’ For Sex” “They know that they have a backup of ‘oh, I can just go get an abortion,’” State Rep. Tony Tinderholt said. (NY Magazine) It’s not just the woman’s responsibility to ensure pregnancy does not occur. In a world where online dating involves mostly requests for sexual encounters, when teenage girls with little self-esteem are pressured into sex, where men can get Viagra, but there is talk of womens contraceptives not needing to be included in any upcoming national health plan, where women are afraid to report rape because they think they won’t be believed, there is a discrepancy of how men and are treated. When I want to buy a car, and my husband tags along, and the dealer immediately assumes he will negotiate the buy instead of me, then the sexes are not treated equally. The sexism is sometimes blatant and sometimes subtle, but it still exists. I didn’t march, but found your remarks condescending.

    • I love this! This article could have made me throw up. The only reason she can write all these mommy this and that is all the women before her marching, and rallying for women’s rights. Just because this mommy is privileged enough not to feel the sting of others realities doesn’t make it untrue for so many.
      The article does make the odd decent point I will give it that, but for the most part it screams religious holiness, and neglects every other woman.
      As a woman in a males industry who almost lost her job because of being a chick, who works with so many of these women’s husband’s. It would shatter you almighty souls to hear the words out of their mouths.
      I didn’t march, but not because I didn’t need to, but because I was busy with my baby girl.

  30. You’re a fucking idiot, and, I suspect (by the pathetic overuse of cute talk), a man. Women do not have the same rights as men, or three million PEOPLE would not have marched. All you morons who voted in these dicks without brains are about to send our country up in flames. Good thing you don’t really have a daughter you care about; there won’t be a free country left for her. Enjoy the show, jackass.

    • Thanks the language. And yes, this blog and my radio appearances are all an elaborate hoax to cover up that I am indeed a big fat misogynistic slob.

      Thanks for playing tho 🙂

      • Awesome response! I just wasted 20 mins of my life reading through these crazy comments. So glad I scrolled a little longer. Keep up the good work, Mary! Clearly your voice is needed.

    • I have two girls of my own and I applaud this letter. Yes, women do speak this way, and I don’t find the ending as “cute”. I find it as a well put together list of things I too will teach my girls. I also applaud you for stating your own opinion, but I agree with one thing said in this letter that you could apply to yourself.
      “I’ll teach you how to disagree strongly and firmly- but honorably.”

    • I do have a beautiful smart, well educated mother-of-two woman who is my daughter, and we CHOOSE not to march!! If you have a daughter I can only hope she’s a nicer person and has a cleaner mouth than you!! I cant wait for the new that’s coming to this country oh guess what “march” all you want cause some of us “voted” Trump for President!! I guess yall will have to march for the next 4 years least!!!

    • the language you use is not great but the point is exactly right on and I believe you are right about every thing you said

  31. All of you women (and I use that term lightly out of generosity) that marched did NOT March for ME! You don’t represent Me or my Daughter’s. You all ave your panties ruffled over things Trump has said years ago in private, locker room talk! And don’t even try to tell me you women never talked like that, even said things similar about men, because you would be lying if ya did. Trump is not perfect, and I don’t agree with a lot of what he say’s, but I would rather have an inexperienced business man as MY President, than an over qualified politician!!! What about Bill Clinton and all of his scandalous behavior? I mean, come on a blow job under the Oval Desk must count for something. The man was Impeached of his ACTIONS, not his words!!!! What this “WOMAN” wrote in her story is every bit true, but you bitter bitches that “hate” Trump for whatever reason (your blaming him for things he hasn’t even done yet) but your OK with Bill Clinton? Hypocrite’s Much? Grow Up and stop blaming MEN for your own faults! Your only limited by your own imagination. Oh wait, that would be plagiarism against Michele Obama! Everything you are complaining about that you say you don’t have, you already have. If you would just STFU and get your heads outta your asses and took a good look around, you might be able to see that! You all claim your fighting for women’s equal rights, but your ok with killing innocent future women by abortion? Lord, I would hate to see what would have happened had Hilary won the election and set HER VIEWS in motion as laws pertaining to abortions. Under her leadership, it would be just fine and dandy to KILL a newborn baby born OUTSIDE of the womb up to two hours old!!! Christ Almighty, that is just flat out LEGALIZED Murder! People can be prosecuted for Criminal Homicide of an unborn child (which means murder) but it would be ok to “KILL” a 2 hour old baby and claim it was an abortion? GTFOOH! How do you all sleep at night knowing this? Never mind, it would be the same answer as too why you all are ok with Billy “BJ” Clinton, your on his same level of disgusting!!

    • Great comment, it amazes me that they look right past I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN, what a disgrace he is, and yet people act like they are the best thing, why because they, are Democrats, and pussy whipped. They can excuse behavior like that but can’t accept that someone made a statement years ago that was not acted upon, but is supposed to be valid today, give me break, Hypocrites. Between the media, and not checking facts and listening to all the bashing and hate, it sickens me to know how entitled and victimized people think they are which is all disgusting. People have choices, seems like many are making ignorant ones. Maybe the President needs to really get a higher education in place so these people can raise their intelligence level, I’m talking the supposed adults here. Lets see how the POTUS does and then we can give a mature, intelligent and calmer response if its not in our best interest. But in the mean time act like an adult instead of child throwing a temper tantrum because you can’t have your way. It’s apparent actions speak louder than words and the man is doing what he said he would.

    • All the false hoods in your statement make me sad. I don’t agree with what BJ did but, he isn’t our currently sitting president. What Trump bragged about doing, actually happened to me. So, pardon me if I don’t think he was just having “locker room” talk as they have courted you graciously into repeating. I’m ok with accepting what you called me, a “Bitter Bitch” because you know nothing of being violated and watching the man who did it to you go free because it wasn’t rape, just assault. You know nothing of having that affect every aspect of your life. This “Bitter Bitch” prays it never happens to you or anyone you know. Try supporting people instead of throwing stones.

      • I know all too well what it’s like! Over 5 years of abuse when I was a child (age 9, 10, 11, 12, & 13) and he was never brought to justice. But I don’t hold ALL men responsible for what one man did!!! Where was all of your fighting and concern when Bill Clinton was President? Yes, I am going back to Clinton again, because what he DID was entirely much worse than what Trump ever said but there was none of this protesting and complaining back then!!! You need to get a life and stop trying to bring other women down to your pathetic level. You want something, go get it! You want equal pay, earn it! Stop thinking the world owes you because your female! Your only limited to what limits you put on yourself.

    • Sorry, Teddy, but you are using an unsupportable argument. You can’t point back to Clinton and try to defend Trump. Unfortunately for you, they rise or fall together. Bill was accused of one rape and two instances of sexual assault. One of the instances of sexual assault was shown conclusively by Ken Starr to be fabricated. Both of these allegations were made years after the alleged incident happened and only after he began running for the highest office in the US. We don’t know whether these allegations are true or not. And I would not presume to dismiss them. But the problem for you is that Trump is in a way worse situation. Trump didn’t just do “locker room talk”. That is just a misogynist’s excuse to dismiss his bragging about sexual assault. However, it isn’t just talk with him. Over a dozen women came forward and accused him of doing exactly what he bragged about. He was said to have sexually assaulted each of them. Further two women have come forward and actually started to sue him for raping two 13 year old girls. They dropped the suit only after Trump supporters started issuing death threats against them. Finally, Trump admitted on Howard Stern that he used his position as owner of Ms Teen Universe to go into the dressing area and force naked teens to talk with him as he ogled their bodies. Several of these victims confirm that it is true. So, now you are in a bad place. If you want to claim that Bill is guilty of one rape and one instance of sexual assault, then you have to then admit that Trump is serial sexual predator with at least 12 women as victims, a double child rapist, and a sexual predator that victimized untold number of teen beauty contestants. If you insist that Trump is innocent of these charges, then Bill is also to be acquitted. Why? Because there is no difference between the situations surrounding these allegations except for only one of them (Trump) actually bragged on tape about it. Tsk tsk.

    • Billy ‘BJ’ Clinton had consensual sexual relations. DJT, on the other hand, bragged about assaulting women, walked in on them naked and watched them without their permission, cheated on multiple wives, and has said on more than one occasion that women are less than men. There is a big difference.

    • Ugh, so would you be okay with Trump joking about grabbing your daughter by the pussy? I doubt it. Funny you bring up Bill Clinton’s infidelities because he and Trump have that in common. And Trump is on gold digger number three by now. How Christian! I also love your comment about hating overqualified politicians and loving the inexperienced. Out of curiosity, would you apply that same logic to a doctor? GIVE ME THE MOST UNQUALIFIED ONE! I HATE ELITIST DOCTORS! Honestly, I can’t imagine what your own IQ is. Actually, I probably can given the amount of your spelling errors and random capitalization.

    • “Under her leadership, it would be just fine and dandy to KILL a newborn baby born OUTSIDE of the womb up to two hours old!!!” – what is this? Is this something you read somewhere or is this just something you’re worried about? Is this a real thing?

  32. Loved this!! Thank you for you wise words. I’m curious –
    To those who feel the need to express disdain towards this beautiful expression of opinion and viewpoint,
    (Wait- wasn’t your march supposed to support all women…?)
    *Why do all who “marched” assume that those of us who disagree with the march are priveledged or happily living in our la la land of luxury?? Sooo very false!!!
    *Why didn’t you march when your president Obama was in office?
    If you are so unhappy with women’s rights in America, why did you wait until now to march?
    If Obama was your man, why didn’t you ask him to hear you?? Why didn’t you ask him to take away taxes on feminine products?
    (Though- those taxes come full circle when used to help fund WIC, free healthcare, etc)
    Again- why did you wait?
    *Also- all the bashing of our current president is mind boggling! Do you remember the lies of your love Clinton?? “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” And Hillary, who defended those you find so immoral & disgraceful.
    I’m shocked by the ugliness expressed by those who don’t like the beautiful words shared.
    All women have rights & all women have a right to be heard!! Not just those with filthy mouths!!

  33. This is wrong. You are swimming in privilege if you believe this article. Just because it isn’t a problem for YOU doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  34. I love the way you explained the view of almost every woman I know. The problem is the loud mouths are mostly the only ones heard. If you don’t want to make a spectical of yourself you are not heard. Again I agree with the way you explained the way most of the rest of us feel. Thank you for saying it in such a simple way.

  35. First of all you don’t know what you’re talking about because Trump isn’t trying to line his pockets at all! In fact its just the opposite. He’s NOT taking a salary, his son in law isn’t taking one either. Also any monies/profit that is made in his companies from any foreign companies is going straight to the TREASURY to be given back to the people! So get your facts straight before you start trying to ruin a man’s character, a man who is doing more for this Country than ANYONE ELSE EVER HAS!!!

  36. This is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have read in a very long time. All I must say to you, Mary, is “thank you”

  37. Beautifully said! I don’t have any little girls, but I have girl cousins and this is exactly what I want them to see!

  38. Reblogged this on Waiting For Hello and commented:
    My Dearest Girls,

    Mommy didn’t write this, but it sums up my feelings wonderfully. Mommy had many friends marching and though I support their rights to march I do not agree with their cause. These are my reasons.

    As you ladies become adults I hope that you will both take the time to do your research and become informed before forming your own opinions. Know that whatever they are they will not be agreed on by everyone and that is ok.

    I love you both and hope you both become strong, independent, women.



  39. White privilege at its finest. People like her are oblivious to the world and would rather lie to their daughter instead of tell her the truth about how the world really is. Shame.

  40. I work in a department that is mostly men. I have worked in this department longer than all but one of them. They all make more than I do. Don’t speak on things you know nothing about just because it doesn’t happen to you. Try to lift up women instead of being one of the millions that don’t. We aren’t asking for anything but fairness. What purpose did your little “baby bird” letter serve? Unite in Sisterhood of those that sat quietly and want others to make me feel better about it? We are continuing to fight so our rights don’t get taken away. What are you fighting for?

    • Funny, I worked in a dpt of mostly men in a male dominated field….one where many PEOPLE have a mindset that women shouldn’t work in that field…still got the job no problem. Still was treated with respect…possibly even favoritized. My efforts were recognized. The fact that i am a female was applauded, and i happen to know for fact that i made the same amnt or more than my male counterparts.

  41. THANK YOU!!!!!! Brilliantly articulated for those of us who have been dumbfounded by the vulgarity of the Wonen’s March.

    You will no doubt be attacked and bullied for this piece of simple truth. I’m sure your intelligence, loyalty, and worth will be called into question. Your opinion will be chalked up to priveledfe instead of personal interpretation and experience. Ignore the hate and stay true to your values, although we are quiet there are more of us who support you than those who won’t (over 30 million in fact).

    I will be sharing this with my young daughter.

    Again. Thank you.

  42. Hi, it’s great that you haven’t experienced wage discrimination, but I have! I even went so far as to look up reaching out to a lawyer, but I found that the cases are rarely won because companies can just claim ignorance. When I did finally have my wages adjusted I was told that multiple women in my company also has theirs adjusted because of my complaint. This was in 2015 people. I don’t think it’s malicious, there has been research done on people’s subconscious bias. It’s the subconscious bias that we have to change.

    I work in the engineering field. While your article is correct that women are being educated at the same rate as men (or more), when I was getting my degree, less than 10% of the class were women. On top of that, a majority of women drop out of the engineering field 3 to 5 years after graduating. And I know why, it’s hard:. there are no female mentors, there is little to no maternity leave, men around you prefer the opinions of other men to yours. You’re constantly trying to prove yourself and going home and thinking, why do I even bother.

    It’s great that you haven’t experienced these things, but for you to claim that everyone who marches is lying about the need for equality just feels like a betrayal. I’m actively fighting and before now I felt like I was completely alone.

    • Going into engineering is a choice you made. You could’ve chosen to go into another field that did have female mentors, better paid maternity leave, and better working conditions.

      Congrats to you for fighting for the better wages and causing other women at your place of employment to also receive better wages.

    • It’s great that you are fighting for equal pay. But Trump did not cause that problem. And he never said he didn’t believe in equal pay for women!

  43. Thank you. You took the words right out of my mouth. I strive every day to be this woman. God Bless you.

    Karenjune Kay

  44. WOW!!!! Mary, thank you…I couldnt have verbalized all this. It is all in my mind but couldnt find the rifht word. You did and I thank you !!!

  45. This is great and I am definitely sending this to my daughters! People need to remember these issues were around before Trump was even born so placing the blame on him for women being raped,high crime and unequal pay is unfair. Do you really think if Hillary won the crimes would stop and there would be Peace, Love and Happiness worldwide? Sadly there will always be punks harming people no matter what party is in the White House. For the lady blasting Trump for not taking care of children outside the womb: first of all maybe that person should have used protection or she could have always put the baby up for adoption and a loving family would have even paid for her expenses and the baby would have a chance to live. Second, about SNAP, Medicaid and the other government assistance programs, not to do away with them but screen people more so people aren’t taking advantage since those programs are to help people not let some people who don’t want to work be slackers. I work in the medical field and see pts on medicaid driving new cars, Coach purses and just had pedicures but my hard earned money is helping them not work while I bust my butt and drive an older vehicle. Also mandatory drug testing to keep their benefits. I gladly didn’t march and those ridiculous women do not represent me. I would have loved to be in the March for Life if I lived closer.

  46. You are amazing Mary! It is refreshing to see that some who don’t agree with you are reading your blog! Just maybe some of your wisdom will permeate their indoctrinated minds! If they feel the need to comment it means the truth is seeping in!

  47. Wow, this is a privileged piece of bullshit. The people who NEED paid maternity leave and cannot afford to take any time off are the very people who can’t “go get a job at Netflix.” Good for you, you worked hard, we all do. Not everyone who works hard is rewarded in the same way. “Pick a career path that leads to leadership” – yeah, again, you are saying this from a position of privilege. Some people cannot ever go to college. Some people are lucky if they are able to finish high school. Some people have to take jobs you yourself wouldn’t deign to take. And I know, you’re thinking “I would do whatever it takes for my family.” And I’m sure you would. But the only jobs open to you wouldn’t be fast food or low paying manual labor. People who sit back because, from their point of view, things are fine, are the people who let atrocities happen. I’m glad you think that if you work hard every door will open to you, but for many people, especially women of color, this is not the case. I’m glad you are in a position where you know your daughter will be afforded the same opportunities as you. Many women don’t, and they are fighting to change that. I’m sure you’re offended that I am saying you’re privileged, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t. You simply can’t see it because you haven’t truly had to fight for it. You probably think you have- but you haven’t.

  48. LOVED THIS! I have 3 daughters, and a son. And this is exactly how I feel! Thank you for writing this, even though you are going to get a lot of hateful comments for it, which I wish was not the case! Know, at least that I enjoyed it!

  49. This is exactly how I feel about it, thank you for putting it in to such eloquent words! Funny how, if you don’t agree, you’re suddenly ‘privileged ‘. Been accused of that a few times already. So I lost my rights because I’m a woman, yet I have more rights because I’m white. So, do they cancel each other out then?

  50. Wow! You realize, of course that women like you didn’t march to get the vote? That women like you considered those that did vulgar and loud and crass? That women like you thought that it wasn’t ladylike to march or to vote or to demand a voice?

    Please add that to your letter and don’t forget to add that you didn’t march for all the people that weren’t as lucky as her to have been born into privilege.

  51. Very insightful, love that this mother is intelligent enough to see the lies, and wants teach her daughter how to be a strong successful woman, and lady!!! Kudos to you mom!!!

  52. I like your words ! It is what I believe also! At 64 years of age and the travels I have taken around the world ! Women in the us should thank about the women in other countries that could use there help!

  53. Sadly experience has opened my eyes to inequality and glass ceilings and the like which do exist currently in the United States of America, and I like most professional women I know resent this authors ignorant assertion that if we’d picked the right career we wouldn’t be up against it. If I were so privileged to be a stay at home mommy who never had to go out into the world where I needed to work harder and bring more to the table and get compensated less than my male counterparts, I think I would still not align with the author – who clearly never experienced or got educated on real issues along this vein that still exist in the US. But what’s worse, is that none of the women with this shortsighted platform seem to care at all about women’s issues abroad. If we don’t teach women’s issues we won’t solve them and if we’re to be more intelligent and more global we cannot close the doors and windows, we cannot eclipse and dismiss women’s issues. IMO, the author does her baby girl and all girls and activists a disservice in putting together this passive aggressive attack on free speech.

  54. Thank you for your thoughts and words, you have certainly opened yourself up to countless ridicule for having a mind and opinion of your own.
    To those who are slamming the author of this blog, just remember, she has full control over which responses she allows in. I applaud the fact that she has let everyone have their own facts and truth be heard.
    it’s obvious that the media and propaganda publishers have truly done their job. The divide on both sides is immense and very tragic.
    Yes, you have a right to march with silly hats and offense hats, yes, you have a right to march and scream/write epithets that you feel resonate with your ideals, yes you have a right to have your voice and concerns heard, yes you have a right to defend what you feel is important to you and your view of what is unjust.
    Just as the writer is this blog has her right to disagree, about anything.
    We live in a country that allows us the freedom to assemble and protest.
    Do not mistake that for the right to tell someone they are not untitled to their own opinion on a blog that they pay for with their own funds.
    Debate ladies and gents, don’t misalign.

  55. I absolutely love this. It is spot on. Well written, articulate, and truthful. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece!

  56. It’s shameful so many can’t see how good this letter is. And that people can be so cold hearted and hypocritical to talk about rights but not include unborn children. Murder is never right. Unborn rights are human rights too!

  57. I am so sick of hearing people whine about Trumps comment about grabbing someone because they let him a statement he made years ago. Why arent you same people out their protesting Miley Cyrus, Florence Henderson, Halle Berry, Madonna just to name a few of the women who their are pictures of grabbing men by the privates.What about Hillary Clintons interview with Lena Dunham talking about Lenny kravitz penis. Wheres the outrage on that. Lets teach our daughters that we are not pieces of meat and shouldn’t be treated that way by walking around naked and lets justify this by saying its ok because we are protesting. The issue is woman are marching because they want to be treated the same as men which in theory is fine, but that not whats occurring. You want a man to be punished because of statements he made but are perfectly ok with woman saying similar things. If you want to be seen as a intelligent individual dont dress up in a vagina costume because to be honest you just look stupid. Getting respect from others starts with respecting yourself stop walking around with your butt, boobs ever other part of your body. Its fine to protest for something you believe in but think about the way you doing and the message you are really sending across.

  58. This is everything I thought during the “march” (and still think). All I could do was shake my head and wonder what decade these women are living in, because it isn’t this decade! They act like men are never abused, or aren’t taxed on items that they use exclusively (like condoms), or that some men make less than their women counterparts for the exact same job (typically because the woman has been there longer or has more experience).
    =) Bridget |

  59. Dear mommy,
    You are wrong. The wage gap is not a myth. Studies have been conducted that show when women flock to a that is traditionally male profession the wages for that profession go down. Women statistically ask for raises more often than men and get denied more often than men. Just because a few women managed to sneak past the glass ceiling doesn’t mean there isn’t one. More women go to college because men have the option of getting a higher paying job without going. Women are gatekeeped out of certain professions because they are seen as weaker. As for the women taking time off for the kids, women are still expected to be the care givers and fathers the bred winners. If it’s a single mother what is she suppose to do? You obviously don’t think she has a right to child care so someone has to take care of it.

    I won’t get into the abortion argument that you implied. But just know the the UN declared it a human right recently.

    You are calling it a lie for the tampon tax because 7 states, some of which repealed the tax this year, don’t have the tax. Now mommy, we both know you would be having a fit if Christianity was banned in all but 7 states. Let’s stop pretending that is even close to fair. And while no Rogan and Viagra are not equivalent to tampons because they are OTC and birth control is not taxed, we don’t really have anything to compare it to. Men do not have liquids oozing out of them in mass quantities every month. Men don’t have anything that they NEED to have like we need feminine hygiene products. If you don’t buy soap, razors or whatever you will be OK. Might not look or smell nice but you will be ok. If you don’t have tampons or pads? You will be dripping blood.

    It’s a shame men’s issues do not get more attention however they deserve their own time and not sharing the time of another issue. Men are perfectly capable of doing their own march and organizing. I hope they do not receive the same treatment women do when they march.

    More women are in college because that is the only way they can get a decent paying job. Men can get one without going. Also mommy have you noticed since women started going to college tuition has skyrocketed?

    Oh mommy, you are so silly. Did you know we have had more American women become real Princesses than women have become supreme Court Justice? Did you know that Saudi Arabia has more women in power than we do in Congress? Or that there are more CEOS named John that there are female CEOs? Of course you didn’t. That’s why you are under the illusion that women are equal.

    Mommy I don’t understand why everyone can’t have access to child care. I assume you don’t like abortion and for many women knowing that their baby is taken care of that they don’t have to sacrifice their careers and wellbeing of their future children by having this one would certainly decrease it. Having that net would likely have less children up for adoption too. Is a few extra dollars not worth making sure a child has a home? Why do only women who are lucky enough to get a job with a company that has morals able to have a happy child? I don’t understand why you are so selfish mommy.

    Mommy, the president doesn’t have the power to take rights away but he is encouraging it and making bigots feel more comfortable. He is a dangerous person and ignoring him is a mistake. But that said our rights are not going anywhere because people who are more caring and smarter than you are not going to allow it. You don’t need to March for me because there are plenty of others doing the work for you.

    But the funny thing is mommy. This isn’t just the US marching. This March happened all over the world. But you are trapped so far into your bubble that you didn’t see the world for what it is. Only the lies that you were told.

  60. This is the most detrimental and embarrassingly privileged article I have ever read. It’s like she read only half of each of the articles she cites because she leaves out any information that would weaken her stance. Example: men are victims of domestic abuse every 37.8 seconds in the US. However, she failed to mention that women are victims of domestic abuse every 15 seconds, over twice as often, and are three times more likely to be killed by their male counterpart than vice versa. Both instances of abuse are serious and should not be taken lightly or dismissed, but any argument that leaves out information to make your stance seem more legitimate is shameful and immediately discredits it. I pretty much found examples of this throughout her whole article, but I don’t have the energy or space to point out every single one. Yes, women have made major strides in achieving equality over the past years, but there’s still much more to be done. I can’t even imagine what kind of person you’d have to be to willingly downplay the struggles women are still fighting against, to confidently assume that because you don’t personally suffer means that no one else does, or to still be blind to the subliminal and obvious denigration that women are subject to.

  61. I look forward to the day when your daughter grows up, has a mind of her own, stands up to you, throws your words in your face and says “Why Mom? Why didn’t you stand up for me? Why didn’t you stand up and resist the man who destroyed America?”

  62. How sweet it must be to look down from an ivory tower and ignore the concerns of ALL women based on your individualized experience. You’d do better preparing your daughter for the real world that’s unpredictable unless she follows the straight trajectory of White, upper-middle class, heterosexual, Christian that keeps all but her ankles covered. Even in that path, a male more privileged than her because he carries a penis may feel the need to show his dominance.

  63. Wow. Never seen a post quite as full of lies as this. For your poor daughter’s sake, I hope you wake up and read a book.

  64. This is the way it is. And you nailed it! As I grew up, my mother and father told me that I could do whatever I want when i grow up. That’s where it all started. I wanted to be a teacher, & then narrowed it down to wanting to be an art teacher. And Mom & Dad encouraged me all along the way. They never told me I couldn’t do something because of my gender. We all went church every Sunday. And after church, we would go as a family to grandma’s to visit as a family. I ended up getting a degree in construction & making a good living. Nobody has told me that I couldn’t do something because of my gender, except to go to the other gender’s bathroom. But I am so ok with that. The opportunities have been there, are still there, and will continue to be there. But they don’t usually fall right into one’s lap. Every person must make choices & take action. What do you want to do? What kind of training do I need? There is funding out there for your education. You have to do a lot of leg work. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement, but few take advantage of it.

    Don’t blame your circumstances. Don’t blame the government. Don’t blame it on your gender. Don’t blame it on anybody or anything but the choices that you make.

  65. Oh, honey. What you dont realize is that the better paying jobs are male-dominated because they were designed that way. You will never convince me that money and capitalism are more important and worth better pay than education, mental health, family strength, caretaking, and other female-dominated workforces. It was males that decided that those positions arent worth as much. People choose careers based on their skill sets. Women generally have a different skill set than men and the net worth of those skill sets do not match their necessity, wouldnt you say? Economics for maternity leave?? Are you serious? From a pure business/economic standpoint, we are creating your consumers and your workforce, so a little respect and time for that is not an unrealistic expectation. As for wearing clothes, women have figured out how to turn the tables by dressing provocatively and getting men at their weakness. When did we become responsible for their reactions? Control yourselves.

  66. I love the way you put this and the misconceptions you address. The American people have been lied to for so many years that many can’t find the truth any more. So sad. I didn’t and wouldn’t march either. We need more Proverbs 31 women in this world!! Hold your head up high and remember that those that persecute you do so for His sake.

  67. I hear you. I did not match either, and I do not agree with some of the tactics of said March; however, gender inequality is still very real… As is racism. Slavery has been gone a long time, but racial inequality still exists. Similarly, gender inequality still exists. Why? Because of gender stereotypes, and they work both ways. Yes 60% of earned degrees go to women and women now make up 47% of the workforce, but only 36% of first to mid level management positions are filled by women. And yes, some women may choose less hours or lower positions to make time for family but not all of them do… I hate to think that all those degrees are being thrown away. Across the board women generally make about 17% less in the SAME position. Statistics show that women actually ask for less pay for the SAME positions. I believe this is because society groom’s women to be less aggressive and to expect less. It works both ways. While women are often paid less for the SAME job, men are given less flexibility with scheduling. Men are awarded for assertiveness, women viewed as bossy. And because of this, they often do not fully assert themselves or their ideas in the work environment. Women who respond with empathy arenurturing, men are sissies. This often leads to problems with how customers and employees are dealt with. There is a social construct that assumes men will bare the majority of financial responsibility even though in most families it is now shared. There is a social construct that women will care for the children even though that can and should be shared as well. Just look American advertisements and you will see this illustrated. Here’s another one, a 1% increase in gender equality, meaning all people are heard and welcomed to voice their opinion and respected in the process, generates a 3% increase in profit for the company… These studies wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t real. All individuals need to feel free to break the constraints of gender-based expectations and develop the strengths they as individual do have.

  68. Thank you for writing this commentary. I could now have worded this better. I have had many discussions with my daughter and sons over the last year trying to explain what has happened to our country over the last three years. I love all of my children my sons and daughter enough to have a discussion with them about opinion vs. fact and what my experience has been as a professional female I was very ashamed of what was displayed at the women’s march and by whom they chose to speak. Note I voted for Obama twice and President Trump I’m not alone. There are many of us.

  69. I marched for you, too. I marched because I served 24 years in the Air Force and was constantly compared to Melania Trump’s naked photos. Because I did my job well wasn’t enough. I didn’t look like her while doing it. I marched because when I retired and was hired by a good company, a man I had worked with in the service was hired at more pay than I. This despite the fact that I had outranked him, had a college degree when he didn’t, and had staff level experience which he didn’t have. Later he went on to have an affair with a customer which was highly embarrassing to the company. This man was told never to return to the customer’s work place so he was allowed to resign. I too am happy you never experienced this. I’m happy you think it doesn’t happen in our wonderful country. That means you were protected and sheltered. When I was 24 and joined the military I never imagined women would still be paid less, still be compared to strippers, still be grabbed by celebrities by the time I retired. I pray your sweet, sheltered baby never experiences them because, sister, they are no fun. Even if you believe that women in the US do not suffer these things you seem to understand that women elsewhere do. Why you did not feel the call to support them is beyond comprehension. So I marched for you and your beautiful baby girl. I marched because I want her to be able to do her job to the best of her ability and not be judged by her looks. I want her not to be shamed by some paternalistic old white man who can afford to send his wife to spas in Europe to have her “problem” taken care of. I want her to have what you don’t have and I want her to know who earned it for her. You’re welcome.

  70. What you wrote is the problem with this country in a nutshell. You have been programed like a good sheep to tow this misogynistic drivel and tragically want to pay this poison forward to your daughter. I hope are prepared for the millions of sons and daughters who are being taught to be human and think for themselves. You are a disgrace and it is my most fervant hope that you learn to step outside your privileged white christian bubble and visit the “American Carnage” that Trump and the American Taliban that is the Republican party are forcing on all us real everyday Americans. You might actually learn something about yourself and who you should want to be.

  71. Amen to this discourse on women! The most sensible viewpoint I’ve read in a looong time! And so true! We are what we make of ourselves. It is so disgusting to see these people (men and women both) still crying and complaining about this election. It is so immature! And self-centered!

  72. Have you actually bothered to talk to someone who marched? It horrifies me what kind of far right wing propaganda you’re spewing and that other mothers with little girls might be inclined to feed this brand of toxic crap to their own children. I marched for my daughter because I, like the majority of the country, see the blatant misogyny falling out of Trump’s mouth as an enormous threat to women’s rights. His actual promises to shelve programs and laws that have made a positive difference in the lives of many, particularly women, are what we reacted to. That you don’t understand that means you’ve readily lapped up hastily strung-together propaganda thrown out with the hope that some people will be just pessimistic and naive enough to believe it. If you don’t see a problem here, you are in the ever-shrinking minority. Let that sink in for a moment.

  73. Just wait until your daughter chooses a field that is ripe for the type of experiences you think don’t exist. This is absurd. You’ve let your innocent girl down,m. Good thing she’s too small to know the difference for the time being.