Day 2: The 12 Reasons Barack Obama is One of the Greatest Presidents

(12 Reasons Barack Obama is One of the Greatest Presidents Ever, by Matthew Lynch)

1)   “He is for civil rights. He has consistently spoken on behalf of the disenfranchised, the underdog and the most controversial members of society -despite the fact that it was politically unpopular to do so at the time. His outspoken support of gay marriage is an excellent example. Gay marriage is, and has always been, a legal and civil rights issue -not a moral one as conservatives would have you believe. Obama’s open support of gay marriage speaks to his core values and his inherent belief that there truly should be justice for all.” -Matthew Lynch

No . . . the president is for political expediency. Without getting into a moral vs. “civil right” debate (as it pertains to gay marriage) in this context, we can still observe him flip, then flop, and then flip again on the issue of gay marriage. The American Thinker puts it well:

“Just over four years ago, during the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama was part of the winning policy debate in America, disapproving of gay marriage.  That moral debate, consistent with America’s history, was won “with that.”  In fact, Barack Obama was quite the Bible-thumper on the campaign trail.

Barack Obama was for gay marriage (1996) before he was against it (2004 Senate race; 2008 presidential race) before he was for it again (2012).  But during his tenure during which he was against it, he based his opposition to it on “that.”  The “that,” of course, was his alleged Christian faith.”

Gay marriage aside, Barack Obama has inserted himself time and again in racial situations where involvement was unmerited, pitting American against America each time. Recall Trayvon Martin, and the “If I’d had a son he would have looked like Trayvon” comment that incited a firestorm of racial tension,  or the Sanford Police incident in which the President instantly took the side of the African American in the mix, calling the police officer’s actions “stupid:”

“The July 16, 2009, arrest of black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. by a white police officer caused such an uproar that the nation turned to its Healer in Chief to bridge the racial divide. Or not really. When the President was asked his opinion on the matter during a press conference a few days later, he remarked that he thought the Cambridge, Mass., police department had acted ‘stupidly.’ The apparent side-taking — Obama later backtracked, explaining that he didn’t mean to imply that the arresting officer, Sergeant James Crowley, was stupid, just that the entire situation was — coupled with questions over why the leader of the free world should be compelled to mediate a minor local law-enforcement issue, filled the empty late-summer airwaves with anti-Obama rhetoric.”

Martin Luther King Jr. was for Civil Rights in the truest sense of the phrase. Barack Obama is for revenge . . . whether it’s against the non-minorities, the rich, the traditional values crowd . . . and anyone else he feels has historically “wronged” those he sees as the minorities of this nation. His attitude and actions indicate no less. In fact . . . he’s said as much.

Sneak Preview of Day 3: Barack Obama, One Race, and the most unified America in American history.

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