So, What’s Wrong With ‘All Lives Matter,’ Anyway? via

I grew up thinking it was a no-brainer.

No qualifier, no asterisk, no nothing. A human is a human is a human.

But last Tuesday, as I watched presidential candidates asked to actually choose between “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter,” I realized that it’s not that simple anymore.

To an increasing number of people, saying that “All Lives Matter” in the context of the “Black Lives Matter” movement is offensive, insensitive, naïve and blind.

I’m flabbergasted — “all lives” doesn’t obviously include black lives?

For many, it’s just not that simple.

So what gives?

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3 thoughts on “So, What’s Wrong With ‘All Lives Matter,’ Anyway? via

  1. Good job! Clarity, common-sense and conviction, all wrapped up into one tight commentary.

    Mary Catherine Senander! Inc. 501-226-5690

  2. Awesome post, Mary. All lives do matter – especially to God. They matter so much that He took the burden of sin on his own shoulders. Keep writing and speaking out for the average guy and girl.

  3. I don’t understand why white people get offended by the ‘name’ of the black lives matter movement. Do you think white people are being oppressed? Is anyone saying that because black lives matter, others don’t? Would you feel better if the movement was called “black lives matter too”? Because I’m pretty sure that’s the point, to draw attention to situations where black people are mistreated. If you feel a need to start your own movement about white oppression, go for it, but you miss the point arguing about the name of the movement.

    In wake of the recent terrorist acts by white supremacists, I just don’t see the need for any continuation of debating whether all lives or black lives matter because the framing of this particular debate is all wrong…it’s not an either or, it about drawing attention back to a regularly oppressed group. I don’t believe you were alive in the 60s, Mary, but talk to older generations of black people who experienced some of the atrocities of that time. Those tenets of hatred and ugly institutions of racism don’t disappear as fast as you or I might like.

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