It’s Islam, Mr. President. Your Silence Helps No One.

What else has to happen?

What will it take to conjure up a serious, un-forced reaction from this president? Or perhaps more realistically, what will it take for people to realize that this president’s lethargic responses time and again, just might MEAN something?

Silence, my friends, is not always golden.

Sure, the president made a statement: “It’s an attack on all humanity and the universal values we share,” and, since France is America’s oldest ally, the U.S. is “prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance the government and the people of France need to respond.”


“We don’t know the details of what happened … the situation is unfolding.”

Among other things.

Yes, he spoke words. People heard him. His responses have been audible.

I repeat: silence is not always golden.


And our president has been SILENT.

How many more times do we have to hear the bloodcurdling cries of Allah Akbar as these demons violently END LIVES?

How many more times do we have to hear this president declare that Islamic State isn’t the real threat (it’s the jayvee squad!) or even worse, that we’ve CONTAINED it—something he uttered just hours before the attacks swooped down on Paris?

How many more times must we have our noses rubbed in the Crusades (which incidentally, for better or worse had their roots in the attempt to quell Islamic forces) so that this president doesn’t have to acknowledge the clear, present and UNIQUE danger we face?

How many more bright young men like my brother’s friend James Foley must have their heads severed in the desert?

How many more women and CHIDLREN must be sold into sexual slavery?

How many more children must be crucified, tortured, maimed?

(I ACHED for my daughter as I wrote this. I LITERALLY ACHED. I was a thousand miles away from her and I couldn’t hold her; I couldn’t protect her—and even if I were there, what could I really do? While our president’s family sleeps safely under a blanket of security provided by very big men with very big guns, we sit outside with the wolves HE is now openly inviting in.)

WHAT ELSE needs to happen before this nation comes to terms with the fact that its president has shown immense apathy, disinterest, and even annoyance when it comes to beating back the snarling jowls of Islamic terror?

Apathy, disinterest, and annoyance—yup, you heard me right.

Prove me wrong.

7 thoughts on “It’s Islam, Mr. President. Your Silence Helps No One.

  1. Ironically, do you know what news channel ISIS uses in its recruitment propaganda more than any other? Which American made video clips help ISIS recruit new fighters more than any other? The apparent demand here for “tough talk” against “Islam” fuels the enemy and it only hurts us. I don’t understand the point of calling it radical Islam… What do we gain from that? I’d argue absolutely nothing. We actually lose. Even George Bush was careful to distinguish Islam apart from radicalism. As we ponder these questions and this blog post, let’s recall upon the fact that the failed Iraq war caused all of this.

    Tough talk against ISIS is not what will defeat them. They are far too barbaric and our version of “tough talk” will never match the levels they will take it to. They want the west to be an enemy against Islam. They want nothing more than to be able to portray us that way. That’s the point I don’t think you or the right wing in America understands. So, by defining a new set of right-wing-informed political correctness, we play into the recruitment efforts of ISIS/daesh, and we gain nothing. We hurt ourselves to prove a point not worth proving. The right-wing in America isn’t against political correctness, just as long as they can define it.

    Ultimately to win, must stop the ability of ISIS to recruit, which means creating a stronger bond with the young Islamic masses – particularly those who are impoverished, those who do not have extreme and radical views, but who are impressionable. They must feel like they have a place and hope in our humane world because without that, they are susceptible to becoming radicalized. We are fighting against the uprising of people who feel hopeless and Islam is disgracefully being used as a pawn by ISIS to drive their own horrific version of that uprising. I fear they are winning because posts like the one above fail to see that reality.

  2. Really Michael? Create a stronger bond with the Moslem poor, the impoverished?. How about closing all the mosques whose clerics (the recruiters) vomit hatred for the Infidel (the West, the USA) to their poor and impoverished and to their American university educated members, of which most come from the poor and the impoverished financed by American grants and scholarships. These Left wing radicals like you who worship political correctness can not see that Isis is Islam and Islam is a nation of many worshippers: You name them, there are too many for me to type. Arrest and send all those rabid clerics to Iran or to the land of Saad including their worshippers who instill terror and fear. Islam wants to establish a caliphate in America and Obama is allowing it. Their global ambition is to conquer all, all the world. They were so close back in the 7th century to conquer all but they came across the Christians, and Christ will not allow Mohammad to rule at that moment of time or ever. The defining outcome has already been revealed (in) the gospel of Christ. All we can hope for is to elect a true Christian man or woman to keep The USA/ North America free of these fanatical haters and most importantly seeing Obama leave,taking his ‘seeing EYE’ Valerie Jarrett with him. She is the common denominator for Obama’s existence and for his plan for Hope and Change. The reality is that fools like you john believe that Koran readers and followers do not believe what the Koran says, fool that’s what they live for, every word of it. Keep informing us Mary Ramirez, you are right on all the above.

  3. Solman- you prove you are incapable of intelligent conversation. However, it’s no surprise to me that Mary has followers such as you.

    Consider the recent atrocities in Paris. Who stopped the suicide bomber from entering the soccer stadium? A security guard, who was Muslim. How does your “logic” explain that?

    I feel bad for how America’s education system has failed you from learning logic and reason. I feel bad how you think you are a Christian but don’t have the ability to understand the teachings of Christ. Better luck to you in the future.

    • John, I said Islamic clerics (IMAM’s) whose mouth speak but hatred of the West and the USA, of the fanatical haters who wants us to submit to their doctrines. These are the rabid cleric’s and followers who pray Allah Akbar to Europe and the USA in their mosques in these very countries in which they live in. It is they who I specifically detailed. I did not say every Muslim, for I’m aware of those who stood up for peace and have sacrificed their lives to save other non-Muslim people. They also served honorably with our military forces in the Middle East and have died and been assassinated by the Islamic Regimes for doing so. I say lets get rid of (sent back not killed) these very extremist clerics and followers that are in our country (ies) back to their country of origin. Lets us not be duped and played a patsy by CAIR, ADC, Southern Policy Law Cntr., and many Muslim Islamic organizations who cover up for the Radical Islamist and their atrocities toward Christians in their countries and toward their own Muslims who advocate a western style of government and some sanity back in their countries. Mary is right, Obama’s voice has been inaudible to the afflicted. I know I falter in my daily life, thank you for reminding me, but my hope is to reach that righteousness that is in Christ. I know I’ll struggle but I’ll get there, but can you tell me, has Obama said anything right about the Founding Fathers, America, the Constitution of the United States or the Christians, the Bible or Christ without a jester? Teach him some logic and reason… I gotta go, just got an early a.m. service call. Thanks for your reply..

  4. Perhaps you did not articulate your intentions in your first reply… you said “ISIS is Islam and Islam is a nation of many worshippers.” You didn’t seem to narrow that pool before talking about arresting rabid clerics and didn’t specify which ones you deemed to be “rabid”. You seemed to suggest that the notion of supporting poor people, who happen to be Muslim, was a bad idea…as if that was the Christian thing to do. Perhaps we continue to push away and insult people of Islamic faith and close our borders to them…as if somehow this would stop the ability of terrorist groups to recruit people who want to hurt America. Maybe if we ignore the first amendment’s guarantee to freedoms of religion and close Mosques (selected by you? Donald Trump maybe?) then more young, poor Muslims abroad will start to support the American way and we will be safer. Overall, to the point of the article, you apparently agree that we must, at all costs, be sure to brand this terrorism as Islamic and the President must state Islam when he speaks of the terrorists.

    Let’s look at this argument from another angle and consider groups who claim to be followers of Christ and instead spew hatred and instill fear and terror (for example Westboro Babtist Church) yet, you do not insist that we emphasize Christianity as part of the problem. Isn’t the KKK a Christian organization? How about the planned parenthood shooter? Timothy McVeigh? Any murderer, domestic terrorist who claims Christianity as his/her religion. Jim David Adkisson? Paul Jennings Hill? Scott Roeder? Eric Rudolph? James Charles Kopp? John C. Salvi? You get the point….

    Are these “Christian extremists”? If so, don’t we need to make sure we emphasize they are Christian? Shouldn’t then people fear Christian leaders? Shouldn’t we start arresting Christians who speak hatred towards others? Perhaps we should arrest you and Mary for your apparent anti-American views that support these terrorists and your comments against the first amendment’s guarantee of free speech and religion.

    I might argue the problem is we haven’t branded the acts of the above individuals and other groups as “Christian” terrorism and our silence has helped no one. Is it because our nation’s leaders are overwhelmingly Christian that this extremism goes unbranded? Why aren’t we speaking out about the problems that Christianity causes, and the evil it apparently brews when you consider the aforementioned killers and terrorists. What’s the problem here, Solman?

    What a tangled web your logic weaves…

    And yes, Obama has said plenty about your list of items without a jester. That’s an absolutely absurd accusation and not worth time or consideration.

  5. Thank you Mary for communicating your views and well-placed outrage against the ongoing silence, and refusal for the White House to acknowledge, and place proper emphasis on the failure of the Islamic community at large to take action to counter the insane religious “Jihad” of ISIS. I believe in freedom of religion – I truly do. But this “Religious Right” as with all rights, come hand in hand with “Responsibility”. And that responsibility must be assigned equally and with the same vigor to each and every religion. The responsibility, I believe, for a religion to exist and be acceptable, receiving the same tax treatment and protections as every other religion, in our Nation, under Our Laws, it must instruct it’s followers in the ways of holiness, to the extent of that religion’s teachings in a peaceful and tolerant manner with regard to how one treats his or her fellow man – All of his or her fellow man- both inside and outside of said religion. I apply the same foundation to all religions, and to varying degrees, religions other than Islam also are guilty, from time to time of failing to employ tolerance of others who do not believe as they do – but no other religion that I am aware of teaches and condones actual physical violence, and death to those who choose not to believe or convert to their religion. If any such religion existed, I would as adamantly, and vehemently oppose it.

    For example, Christian religions during the Crusades were wrong, and should have been banned and not tolerated in a proper society. We have evolved as humans to a point where such things are no longer acceptable. One group of people cannot simply decide to enforce their beliefs on others to such a degree that their lives are destroyed or taken. It is violent to do so. So why, then, are we dancing delicately around Islam and refusing to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of it’s own religious tenets, and the interpretation of it’s teachings? Islam is not a peaceful religion. It is violent by it’s very definition. There are, absolutely, and most decidedlly some very peaceful, wise and elevated teachings within Islam. I do not dispute that – however the foundational beliefs and teachings of Jihad – that concept alone – invalidates all of the rest of the teachings as incongruous when the religion is taken as a whole.

    How hypocritical for the liberal thinkers to, one day, on one hand purport to fight for and believe in women’s rights to have a vote, to have equality, to have control over their bodies and their choices, and then, in the next breath to stand up and speak for social tolerance of a religion that teaches, condones and takes part in murder, shaming, physical mutilation and torture of women who choose to think for themselves and defy the rules their religion holds dear. We’re talking about a religion that openly practices “honor killings” and then demands that society stand silently by, as they follow their “Sharia Law”. This is pure evil, and we, as Americans, and especially, our president as the leader of our nation needs to stand up and say so.

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