You Know What? You Can Leave.

There’s a viral video that surfaced recently of a hockey coach having a chat with the team before a game. He tells the players that if they planned to use hockey as a platform to protest our country or Canada (as other sports have done), they could see themselves out.

Or rather, as he put it, “grab your gear and get the f**k out now because you’ll never see the ice in this arena.

It’s not an extraordinary request. Don’t talk smack about your country while representing your country in this arena. To paraphrase Uncle Rico of Napoleon Dynamite fame, “you know what people, you can leave.”


I mean for real, “The Squad” is basically Napoleon–“This is pretty much the worst country ever made…” 

Kidding aside, I thought about that coach a lot this week; particularly as President Trump, in now-infamous tweets, made references to certain lawmakers who ought to “go back where they came from.”

That is, of course, not the entirety of the tweets, and anyone with a shred of critical thinking can see that. But nonetheless, I knew exactly which parts would be cherry-picked and blasted to the four corners of the world as yet further “evidence” of what a stinking rotten racist the president is. I sighed when I read it,  out of dread for what was to come. Oh Lord… here we go. And like clockwork:


In context—which nobody in the media or “The Squad” can be bothered with—the tweets are directed at people who have spent copious amounts of time spewing hate for this country and its allies, while openly supporting its enemies. They happen to be “minorities,” yes.

So what? Being a minority means you can’t be called out for anything?

Whatever historical connection people want to place on his words, Donald Trump didn’t invoke race. He simply made it clear that if they so hate it here, they’re welcome to peace out.

There’s a big fat difference between telling someone to leave if they hate it so much, and telling someone to get out because of their RACE.

A BIG difference.

Here’s my bigger point here though: he did what virtually no other politician in recent memory has done; he stood up for this country. He fought back against the endless anti-American anti-Founding attacks on behalf of ALL people of ANY race, creed or color in this country who dare to love it as founded.

Just take a gander at the current state of affairs:

Actor Chris Pratt was called a racist for wearing an innocuous (and common, I might add) T-shirt featuring a Revolutionary War era-flag. Nike bowed to the almighty Kaepernick when he falsely equated the Betsy Ross flag with racism. Colorado State University is discouraging the use of the words “America” and “American” for fear that it will offend racial sensitivities. A liberal’s tweet about how white people like owning dogs because “deep down their miss owning slaves” went viral.

And that’s a sampling from just within the last month– and it’s all fueled by the likes of  The Squad.

Sidebar: holy cow, we live in an awful place. It’s really rather remarkable that the left wants more immigrants to come to this place of such deep-seated hate. But you know, political expediency. Amiright?

This is a cancer. This hatred of our own nation as founded is venomous, hideous poison that is changing our country before our very eyes. We’re throwing it away, people. We’re throwing away one of the greatest treasures ever bestowed on mankind.

And no, it’s not a “white” America. It’s a FREE America.

We did something different with this country—something that has led to more freedom, racial equality, prosperity and all manner of advancements than any other nation before it. But we’re supposed to hate all that because … slavery. And anyone who supports our founding is by default a racist bigoted hater.


WE are not the ones spewing hate and spawning violence.

We aren’t the ones chasing peaceful citizens (like Sarah Sanders and Ted Cruz) out of restaurants, and encouraging constituents to harass Trump administration members wherever they go. We aren’t the ones attacking government officials and innocent reporters. We aren’t the ones throwing milkshakes laced with quick drying cement at police and bystanders at political protests. We aren’t the ones throwing food at people whose ideas we don’t like. We aren’t the ones representing our country on a world stage and saying we’re not going to the f*cking White House.

We aren’t the ones spouting anti-Semitism on the regular (that’s Rep. Ilhan Omar).

We aren’t the ones fraternizing with Hamas & Hezbollah supporters (that’s Rep. Rashida Tlaib). We aren’t the ones talking about what a calming feeling we get thinking of the Holocaust (also Rep.Tlaib). We aren’t the calling the duly-elected president a “mother*cker” (again, ALSO Rep. Tlaib).

We aren’t the ones cheapening the aforementioned Holocaust by comparing migrant holding centers to concentration camps (that’s Rep. Occasio-Cortez).

We aren’t the ones telling minorities how to think politically, and labeling them as race traitors if they don’t toe the line (that’s Rep. Pressley).

WE are not the ones turning the social and political discourse in this country into a veritable dumpster fire. WE are not the ones who cannot have civil conversations without lazily resorting to RACIST! BIGOT! HOMOPHOBE! XENOPHOBE! JINGOIST!  

That’s the American Left writ large.

And yes, I’m sure someone could find someone somewhere on the right guilty of doing something stupid, or even outright racist. After all, we’re flawed humans. But unlike the American Left, our “side” or “party” or whatever you want to call it, would roundly condemn it. Which is more than what I can say for the likes of Ilhan Omar and AOC as they refused to condemn Antifa attacks. For the record… Omar actually laughed at the prospect. Yikes.

This is what we’re up against. This nation is faced with a swathe of people bursting at the seams with hate, who have somehow managed to corner the market on “tolerance.”

Barack Obama once told the minority party that they can come along for the ride but that they’d have to “sit in back” without so much as a peep from the Left. But in today’s America, Donald Trump is the KKK incarnate for suggesting that four congress members ought to consider leaving this wretched place they seem to hate so much. After all, isn’t that what the Left always threatens to do should they lose an election?

All he did with the tweets was play the role of that hockey coach … on a much bigger stage.

And I, for one, am here for it.

Mary Ramirez is a full-time writer, creator of, and contributor to The Chris Salcedo Show on KSEV 700 Radio in Houston. She can be reached at:; or on Twitter: @AFutureFree

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